IVF anyone?
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Marina - June 25

Lyly,if you are bleeding,than it is your period if you are not PG.They can put you on a pill right now to save you a month waiting untill the next time.They can do it on 2nd or 3d day.But probably it's better if you meet with RE and discuss the results,and have this month to work out on what could be done different next time.
Sorry,hon.We'll be together again.


RB - June 26

Lyly, i'm so sorry hon but like i said before, maybe the 3rd try will be the charm. I am so glad you are jumping right back in and we are right here with you all the way!



lyly14 - June 26

Marina- The RE told me that my progesteron level is 20 so the bleeding couldn't possibly be my period. I am not doing any more progesteron shots so it should take a few days to a week for my levels to hit low enough for me to actually get my period. He told me to expect a VERY heavy flow, if I am bleeding that much! He really didn't understand what all the bleeding was, but maybe it has to do with the lovenox (blood thinner). I have an appt to go over every thing and make a new plan on July 7th. In the mean time he said I have to call with the start of the real flow and I start BCP on day 3. I will be on them for 3 weeks then I start stims. So I am on my way no waiting necessary.

To all my girls: Thank you for all your support!


Jules614 - June 26

Lyly - could the bleeding be something dangerous. If that is not your period, that could be nerve racking. Your doc didn't seem to have much of an explanation. What is a progesterone level supposed to be? How are you holding up emotionally?



Marina - June 26

Lyly,I got my period on 4th day after I was off the progesteron.So,you probably should be somewhat close,but if you are bleeding now,how 'd you recognize if it's a period came or you just keep bleeding from...they don't know what?That is strange,but could be lovenox and aspirin.


jenfrancis - June 26

Ok, Gals,

My nuchal translucency scan was fun! I love that they took so much time to look at each baby!

They were moving all over! The Baby B was being difficult tho, rolling over, turning his butt to the screen. I posted pics on my msn space.

Lisa they said Results for Down syndrome and trisomy 18 or 13 were normal.
Baby A - Downs - 1 in 4,165
Trisomy 18/13 - 1 in 6,529

Baby B - SINCE THEY COULD NOT GIVE GOOD MEASUREMENT WAS 1 in 1,991 for Downs and Trisomy 18/13 was 1 in 6,312

Baby C - Downs - 1 in 4,300
Trisomy 18/13 was 1 in 6,267

Whatever that all means I only care that they are NORMAL!
What a big relief, its not 100%, but better than I knew before!

Beth - I did not reallize you were using a donor! Great, so this should be interesting! Prayers it works!

Lyly - you know how I feel girl! I can not believe it, but I am so happy you are such a strong lady! I know this will be great! How many will you put in you think? You sticking with 2?


Jules614 - June 26

Jen - That is great news your babies arev healthy. Overall, that is the end result you are looking for. Congrads!



vw79girl - June 26

Jen, that is great. I am happy that yours came back normal too.
My downs came back 1:10,000 on both and they said the trisonomy is not accurate with twins and so on for me from my office. My neural tube defects came back 1:20 so then they did the u/s and everything was normal. :) isn't it a relief.

Reshma, hope you had a good u/s this a.m.

Jules...you get to see your little angel tomorrow

I go at 10:30 today for my anatomy scan LOL even though we know what they are already. :) :)


Jules614 - June 26

Lisa -

Good luck at your scan!



JasJulesMom - June 26

Jen- So glad all was well with your testing yesterday. When is your anatomy scan?

Lisa- Enjoy seeing your baby boys.

Julie- How are you feeling. You are getting close. Is everything ready. You must be excited.

Reshema- Hope all went well today.

Ronda- How have you been feeling?

Beth, Lyly, Marina- My prayers are with you. I want all three of you to get your miracles.


Jules614 - June 26

JasJulesMom - I am doing OK - my bum hurts fro the start of constipation and Kaitlyn leaning near somethng that affects it - this happened with Samantha and I got hemmorhoids! FUN FUN!



JasJulesMom - June 26

Julie- I had that problem with my son Jason. Hope it does not happen this time it was not fun.


Jules614 - June 26

I am going to pick up some colaids tonight...



bethnyc - June 26

Hi girls. At work so only have a minute.

Lyly - I'm so sorry about the BFN, but very proud of you that you are jumping right back in. The last cycle when I got the BFN, I was on progesterone shots and got my period 3 days after my test (so 4 days after stopping the progesterone). It was quite heavy. Let us know how your appointment on the 7th goes. I will be thinking of you...

Lisa - I hope the scan goes well and that your boys are good throughout it. I'm actually not sure what an anatomy scan is - want to explain?

JenFrancis - glad that everything went well. When do you find out what you are having?

Debbie, Marina, Julie, Ronda & Reshma - hope you girls are doing well.

Back to work...



vw79girl - June 26

Hi girls!
want you to know that I am eating a chix sandwich as I type this lol. :P

The boys both looked great. All of their organs are good. Kidney's, chambers of the heart etc. The smaller of the two is measuring: 19w 3 d and the larger of the two is measuring 20w so he is the overachiever lol. She said to consider me still 19w4d. So that puts both of them on a good schedule. We got a couple of really good pics of them today. I will post them on my live space and also my other site: www.easysite.com/fedorBOYS in case you don't have live space you can look there.
The little one was all over the place and the bigger one kept laying face down. The little one has shorter legs and wow the big one has really long legs just like Greg haha. Funny that the little one is being called Paul(which means little one) and the bigger one's meaning said something about the right hand of the father and that is Ben who is on the rt. side.
I am totally glowing right now, can you tell :D

She did see some gall stones in there and can't believe they don't bother me lol.

Resh, how did your appt. go?

Jules, sorry about the constipation, eat some prunes? or get some stool softener?

Hugs and hellos to all my other girls, Lyly, Jen, Ronda, Marina, Beth and Debbie.


Jules614 - June 26

Beth - I am ok - cats puked and I just stepped in it dragging it all over the house.

Lisa - Glad your appointment went well.

It's official - I got a hemmorhoid! I got one around this time with Samantha as well. My butt is on fire. I just shoved some tucks in it and had to buy Colex???





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