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Ki Ki
Sorry to hear the news. I know about snapping on the husband thing. We have been through 5 IUI's
the first few on clomid then on injectibles i recommend if you try again go right to the injectibles. I wasted alot of time and money and seems to respond better on the injectible meds for the last 2 IUI. We are taking a break right now dont know which direction to go I turn 38 on friday times ticking away.. But IVF is so out of reach financially. I am thinking about going to another fertility doc for a second opion not because i dont like the one i have they are wonderful but i just need to know i am covering all options before thinking of spending anymore money.
Its so mentally exhausting and hard on a marriage somethimes you need that break just to start doing all the simple things in life you used to do before fertility consumed your life.. Hang in there alot of women on this site have luck dont loose hope..


Kiki06 - August 15


Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. You gave great advice - I may start back with the injectables. I hated clomid for how nuts it makes me :'(

I also wish you best of luck with whatever your next step may be. Don't feel like you have no time - I think we all do it but it creates a lot of anxiety.

Remember there is chronological time and right time - your baby is going to come to you at the right time. This has been giving me hope and comfort lately and I hope it will to you as well.

I've also been using some Alice Domar breathing techniques for relaxation - I basically take a BIG Buddha breath by expanding my stomach and counting slowly to 4 then exhale counting backwards from 4. You can say things like my breath is calm and effortless or I am at peace. I'm doing lots of this lately. I hope it can help you get through your journe as well.

Keep us posted.


emain - August 16

You aren't alone. I'm in the same boat. I did my first IUI this month-last week actually. I feel good-don't know if that is good or bad.
I'm 28 and my dh is 37. We have been trying for our first for just over a year now. Started fertility treatments in April. I had long cycles and was put on clomid and metformin. That fixed the long cycles and a day 21 test revealed strong ovulation. No BFP lead to a post coital that revealed hostile cervical mucus.
I had a ttc buddy but now she's pregnant. I'm totally happy for her but it seems that now she forgets what this side of the fence is like.


Kelli - August 22

So sorry to hear about AF. I was so hoping and praying for a positive. Hang in there.

All others,
Will start my cycle of clomid on Wed, Yuck! The emotions are bad enough but the weight gain is about to kill me. The days that I take it I want to eat everything in site. I am not a huge eater, except those days.

Be patient with friends. I know she should be caring about your feelings for TTC but now she has a new project. Pregnancy. We all share friends like that. We have a saying at our house "You celebrate with those that are celebrating and Mourn with those that are mourning." You can't blame your friend for celebrating. She is still a friend, she just has gotten caught up with the excitement. Reminder her that you are still feeling the pain of TTC. You might be surprised at her reaction. She may not realize that you are hurting. But try and enjoy her moment as well. Because you know how you are feeling. What would you be like if you were the first to conceive? Love your friend and try to celebrate with her. It may give you something to put your energy toward and not concentrate of ttc. May be just the break of stress you need. Since you are concentrating on something else, you may relax enough to have your own little miracle next month.

Sorry to ramble. I have been in the same situation as you. A friend conceived and I was heartbroken. However, decided to celebrate her news, conceived the next month. Unfortunately, mc. Hang in there. You have all these awesome women to vent to. We are here for you.

Anyone starting a cycle this week. I start clomid on Wed. Would love to have a buddy.



Kiki06 - August 23

Thanks Kelli for your support. I am alone on business right now - bad timing with everything going on so your support means a lot to me.

Good luck with the clomid - you can let out all of your frustrations with the side effects here - we can all empathize. Moreover, good luck with the cycle.


Kelli - August 23

I know how hard it can be, especially when you are out alone. All your thoughts are consumed by this matter. Thank heavens for computers. Hang in there.

Starting the clomid today. I know my dh will love that. I get hot flashes and mood swings. Trying to be aware of this but something just takes over my body. You know.

I have faith, and the power of prayer, that we are all going to have good fortunes ahead. Besides, with all this love for strangers, imagine what we could do with our OWN CHILDREN. God will bless each and eveyone of us with a miracle. Look - he already gave us each other.

Stay strong while on the road. Write when you need to. Love having people to lean on. Have a great day and remember we are all here waiting for you.



wannabemom - October 11

I understand....I just found this site and thought that I was alone. Your not...where are you at with IUI, IVF, chlomid, etc...?


liz - October 13

Hello Ladies -

Kelli -
I lost touch with you when the site was down. I just came across this tread and saw you were on. I wanted to say hi and wish you the best of luck this month on the Clomid. I will be thinking about you!

Wannabemom -
You came to the right place. The women here are wonderful, very supportive and loving. I have relied so much over the months on my family here at shared journey and I too hope they leaned on me. Best of luck to you!

Take care,



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