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sooty - May 26

I feel so alone i have emailed this site awhile now with questions and never seem to get replys which makes me feel more upset and alone.


SHELLY - May 26

Hi Sooty!

I am new to this site too. Please don't feel alone
and upset. I would be glad to be your ttc buddy!
I feel alone all the time. All the women around me
are pg and me I just keep trying and trying ;)

I think we all feel overwhelmed a good bit of the
time with our hormones going crazy. My poor
ole DH he takes the brunt of my emotions.
I don't reply alot of the times because I am a new comer
to the site and their are so many ladies that
are really educated on infertility procedures, drugs,
terminology etc and I just dont know all the lingo
yet. I've been ttc for 4 years. and I'm 38 years
old. What about you? Any thing you need to bounce
off of me I will try to answer.

Stay with us. I need someone to help me too!

Shelly ;D


sooty - May 27

Hi shelly many thanks for getting back to me .Im ok today i think Im in the middle of my 2ww and my head is done in with it all this is my 3-4 iui i cant remember could be more as had some cancelled at last minute due to low count so iui wasnt worth doing.im living in jersey just small island off the uk.but i am irish lived here now for 17 years with dh now 5years I am also 38years old .tell me a bit about yourself where you are with treatment many thanks again .


SHELLY - June 2

Hey there Sooty,
I looked for your reply before and couldnt find it.
So glad I found it today. I'm glad you are feeling
better. I prayed for you the day I got your email.
This is such a frustrating process!!!!! It makes
you mad, happy, mean, moody and even cry
sometimes. I just had my 2nd failed IUI and I think
I'm taking a month off. I feel like the IUI thing is
just not going to work for me. I had endometriosis
and had a very large cyst inside of my left ovary.
I had surgery so I think I have a better environment
to work with. I am afraid of IVF. I know that will
really push the stress level way up. Tell me more
about what you are going through. What do you
think about IVF? I have to tell you too Sooty that
I found myself thinking about International adoption

Thanks friend ! ;)


FW17 - June 8

You're not alone!! I got pregnant very easily with my first child. I was diagnosed with dysplasia during my pregnancy (which they' couldn't treat because of the pregnancy). After the birth, I ended up having 2 surgeries due to an unusual form of cervical cancer. Now I have so much scar tissue that the little guys can't get through. After I'd been given the all clear to try again (after 1 year), I tried for 8 months then went to an RE (I'm 35). I did 4 cycles of Clomid and IUI (to get around the cervical problem) with no results. My DH is OK so in April I had laproscopic surgery to rule out any problems with me. I had very mild endometriosis that the doc zapped. I ovulate like clockwork and my tubes were fine. I took May off and now this month I'll be starting injections and more IUI. We'll do 4 then go to IVF. I'm frustrated (particurlarly since I know I can get pregnant and there's no diagnosed problem). I'm very thankful for my daughter but I feel that our family isn't quite complete--and that it's obvioiusly my problem--which has me very stressed and depressed, which doesn't help anything.


ledi - June 20

You are definately not alone. I am 34 and we are going through our 3rd IUI cycle with donor sperm as my husband in unable to conceive. This cycle we started with the clomid and follicle tracking to try to get the timing right. I had my IUI on 06/16 and am currently in the killer 2WW. It is very nice to find others that are in the same boat and hopefully we will all have BFP's very soon!


Kiki06 - August 3


Don't feel alone. This is my first time here and I can certainly share your pain. I've been feeling that way as well.

I just had my third IUI done last Friday so I am doing the 2-week wait. I was on clomid and I'm not sure if it's that or the stress of the process, but I have been on a emotional roller coaster.

I am ready to cry it seems at the drop of a pin. If this does not work, I think I'll be taking a break.

Anyone else feeling like this? ???


liz - August 3

Hi Kiki -

Welcome to the site.

Sorry to hear about your emotional roller coaster of feeling. :( I was only on Clomid for 1 month, actually it was 2 with a failed cycle due to ovulation on the second month. My emotions were all over the place. I was a wreck, crying on min. angry at the world the next.

I would have to say your emotions are probably related to the Clomid and also proably the stress of this journey. You are in good company here on these formus. I hope you can find some comfort in that.

Good luck to you through your 2ww. Feel free to let us know how you are feeling.

Take care,


Lila - August 3

Welcome Kiki
Good luck with your 2WW. I also had problems with the clomid and stress it really can send you on a wild ride. There were times I think my DH thought I had totally lost. I think he was afraid the empty room we have that we have been planning on using for a nursery was instead going to have to be padded and set up for me.

I did 6 months of clomid with 3 IUIs mixed in, unfortunately all were negative. Because of my age, 38, I have had to move straight on to IVF which I am hoping to start this month. I had several cysts from the clomid and one of them will not go away so hopefully that can be resolved after Lap surgery next week. Did you monitor when you did your IUIs? My OB did not do that so I do not even know how long we have been TTCing with those cysts. Very frustrating. Anyway I have been off the clomide and even with all the new stress of the pending surgery and IVF I have been much calmer and more in control of emotions so I really think the drugs play a major role in setting up that rollarcoaster.

To the other ladies I do not know if you are still visiting this site if you are:

Ledi: How did yor IUI go? BFP?

FW17: I am so sorry yo had to go through all that with
the cancer is everthing all resolved now? How are your IUIs going? Any good news to report i hope?

Shelly and Sooty are you still around? How are things going?


Kiki06 - August 4

Dear Liz and Lila,

Thanks so much for your caring words. It means so much to me to have truly caring people understand what the process is like.

Lila, my Dr. did two ultrasounds to monitor the follicle growth during each of my clomid cycle. I wish you all the best with your IVF. Please keep us posted on your progress. Remember, your sisters are all rooting for you.

May we all be showered with tons of baby dust.

BTW, just read a great book - Conquering Infertility by Alice Domar. It has som great relaxation techniques and we will all be able to relate to the stories.

Much love


Lila - August 6

KIKI how are you doing? Hope all is well in your 2WW - should be coming up on a test date soon yes? I will be keeping positive thoughts for you and please keep us posted.


Kiki06 - August 7


I am getting nervous - the TWW is almost over. I have been getting a long of pressure on my right tube. As they say, I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Best of luck to you. Please let us know how it goes.

I'll let you ladies know what happens with me............


Kelli - August 7

Hello Sooty, Shelly and Kiki
I am fairly new to this site as well. Just learning to really navigate. I have also been in your shoes. I am currently in the process of "restarting" IUI. I went through clomid and IUI in May. We were very lucky and became pregnant on the first try. Unfortunately it was a ectopic pregnancy. However, I am thankful to know that this can happen. I have had 2 miscarriages and one ectopic but am still very hopeful. I know that 2WW was the worst. I know that I dreamed I had every pregnancy symptom there was to have. I reality I guess I did. IUI is very difficult to go through. There seems to be alot of the mystery taken out of things. Luckily DH is sooooo understanding. He is always right there for me to yell or cry to. I will start my next IUI round at the end of August. Glad to know that there are some others out there to chat with, so keep me informed. When is the 2ww over?
Lots a thoughts and prayers are being sent your way.


Kiki06 - August 7


Sorry for your loss. It must be hard but I know you will get through it. It's great to have such a wonderful DH to help you through this. Per my therapist - couples that go through infertility have a lower divorce rate than others. I believe if you have a strong relationship and open communication, this crisis can bring you closer together.

Best of luck to you on your new round of IUI, remember we'll be here for you.

My two week wait ends this Thurs.......tick tock....


Kelli - August 7

Thank you so much for the kind words. You are right, infertility does bring couples closer. However in my friends case, I believe it is tearing them apart. Totally different circumstances.
I am so excited that you are getting close to your 2ww being over. What an exciting time. Any signs or symptoms yet???
Keeping my fingers, toes, eyes and anything else I can cross for you. I have a great feeling. LOTS OF POSITIVE THOUGHTS AND BABY DUST! ;)


Kiki06 - August 14

Hi girls,

Well, AF arrived Friday - on time and right before my anniversary. I am had a rough weekend. I knew I snapped at husband a couple of times. I am angry.

I've decided to take a break from the treatment for a while. I have some business trips coming up - which I am not looking forward to so maybe this happened for the best.

Good luck to all you girls and thanks for the support.



Ki Ki
Sorry to hear the news. I know about snapping on the husband thing. We have been through 5 IUI's
the first few on clomid then on injectibles i recommend if you try again go right to the injectibles. I wasted alot of time and money and seems to respond better on the injectible meds for the last 2 IUI. We are taking a break right now dont know which direction to go I turn 38 on friday times ticking away.. But IVF is so out of reach financially. I am thinking about going to another fertility doc for a second opion not because i dont like the one i have they are wonderful but i just need to know i am covering all options before thinking of spending anymore money.
Its so mentally exhausting and hard on a marriage somethimes you need that break just to start doing all the simple things in life you used to do before fertility consumed your life.. Hang in there alot of women on this site have luck dont loose hope..



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