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Kittie - January 5

I am new to this site - having read it for a while, I thought I would contribute. I have enjoyed reading others contributions and all the kind words and thoughts. Thank you.

It seems like I have been trying for ever. Firstly when I was 29 for two years with my first husband. I am now married for a second time and am nearly 36 and have been trying for two years in this marriage - there's no reason why we cannot conceive, my body just refuses to co-operate. I have tried so hard - I lost 55 lbs last year, went through all the alternative approaches, endless investigations, perfect diets, counselling, read all the books and so on.

I have just started my second cycle of Clomid and hope and pray that this might do it for us. We benefit from IVF on the NHS here in the UK and it will be our turn in the summer.

I just feel like it has taken over my life and that despite our very best efforts it does not happen. Everyone says be positive and believe in it, but after years of monthly disappointment I find it difficult to believe it will ever happen. I have become tired of physically trying every month, despite having a fantastic DH who says it just takes time. New Year is depressing because I hope that things will be different for us this year, but I have now said this a few times and find I don't look forward to the year ahead now ???.

I'd love some encouragement - it's a lonely, desparate place as you all know!



michealjoy - January 5

Hi Kittie,
My wife and I do have two children, but they were definitely not easy to have.

She has very bad hormome problems and also PCOS.

Ovulex seems to be helping us so far.

Clomid was mixed for sure.

We tried the shots and we were going to use IVF, but ultimately, she did not even respond to that.

Keep thinking positively and I am sure you will eventually get where you want to be.



deedeela - January 9

HI Kittie,
Well i'm pretty much in your shoes.I just got back from the Doc today and he was telling me that i need to consider other options.I've been on clomid for over 2yrs(not even sure if that is good for me or not???).I have had a cpl of breaks from the meds but still...
I was able to get pregnant this summer but lost our baby in the tenth week.(I would of been 8 months by now)
For the first cpl of months we did the baby dance like mad people,thinking "If we could do it once we could do it again......well still waiting.I'm tired, frusterated and quite frankly i don't believe that i should have to pay for something my body should do naturaly!!!
My next option is a procedure called "Ovarian Drilling"(sounds wonderful doesn't it?).I have read that it works well with women that have PCOS.But if that doesn't work I think that we'll throw in the towel for a bit.I really am tired of feeling "broken" and having my hear broken month after month.
Beside the First Response pregnancy test company is getting way to much of my money!!!!lol
IVF is just not an option for me right now but my stupid dr was trying to "up sell' me on it cause of the cost.Well i'm not buying shoes I'm trying to start my,our family.The surgery won't cost me anything because of the health care system here in Canada.
I really never expected it to be so difficult...i didn't think that it would be 4 years of pain.
I know i didn't cheer you up ...but you're not alone and i promise you that the pain will pass.We just have to "keep on keeping on" and stay strong.I wish you the best of luck!!!


moosha21 - January 9

my story is pretty much the same i've been so depressed about thinking it will never happen and i know it isn't my boyfriend because he has 2 kids and i try to think positive but it just isn't working when everybody around you is getting pregnant so easy and it's hard to be happy for someone who has what you been so desperatly trying for sometimes i sit in the housse and just cry cause i think why me why can't i get pregnant that's what we were put here for to make offspring i don't know i'm trying to stay positive and think 2007 is my year better yet 2007 is our year soon girls i believe we wre going to have our babies hopefully we can pregnant and buddies ;D then instead if sharing our journey threw infertilty we can share them threw motherhood ladies it's going to happen if you think negative negative things will happen so let's kick this infertilty in the ass ;)



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