Intro/ question: Clomid every other month?
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Malinda - July 14

I'm new to this posting. I have done one clomid cycle (100mg?)-BFN. My physician does one clomid cycle then, one cycle off the following month. So, it's my "off" month and I think the clomid has thrown off my cycle. I should have had my period by now and I'm anxious to start my next infertility treatment. Has anyone had this experience?

Malinda 8)


tracylee - July 17

Perhaps your doctor is concerned about cysts. I have done 3 clomid cycles, and recently found that my ovaries are very swollen and covered in large cysts. Needless to say, no clomid for me next month! Just awaiting AF now!



Lila - July 18

I was on clomid for 6 months straight. In hindsight I wish I had done it every other as your RE is suggesting. I have two very large cysts and am concerned about the status of my lining. I started at 50 mg then 100mg and then 4 months at 150mg so I am scarded that this will be a long wait for them to go away.

As I said I think you are on a better track taking breaks each month - you can see if you are getting a positive response from the drug, but hopefully you can avoid the side effects.


liz - July 18


I was on Clomid for only a month. The cylce went well as far as follicle size and estrodiol, but I had other side effects. No ewcm, moodiness etc. The next month I began the Clomid again only to find out that I ovulated a week later. Apparently they believe that I had a left over cyst that when I began the Clomid my homones got all worked up and released an egg that was not ready.

I have never heard of every other month on Clomid, but again as the other women have said it could possibly be an advantage to you. The other thing is my doc does a baseline u/s on day 5 of my cycle when on meds to make sure that there are not cysts before beginning a new medicated cycle. Just a thought for you. Oh and yes not to confuse you my doc office did not due the baseline u/s when I had the screwed up cycle with the cysts. I guess they thought they could get away without it but no such luck. From then on I always have an ultrasound on day 5 to check things out.

Good luck to you.


tracylee - July 18

I also did not have basline u/s in between my clomid cycles. Just thought I should add that in as well. It wasn't until I went for my consultation with the RE that the cysts were found.



lonely79 - August 3

I started taking clomid 50 mg in March 2006. I did not take clomid in April and got pregnant. I just found out when I went to get my 12 week checkup and first sonogram that I had a miscarriage. I am not sure the cause of the miscarriage, but I sure hope it has nothing to do with the clomid.



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