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hope as cassandra - September 24

Ladies, did anyone catch this show on TV last night? It was on @10. I thought it was a little far-fetched. I am glad though that there is something out there that addresses something about infertility in mainstream society. I did find it hard to believe that a dr. wouldn't know if the surragate was already pregnant before a transfer. Wouldn't her hcg levels affect her blood tests which I know I had to take right before my transfers.
Maybe, maybe not. I can't expect too much from this show seeing that it is television! Have a good weekend girld! cassandra


pj - September 24

i saw it. i was hoping someone would post about it. i found it quite far-fetched as well (do you really think a nurse could get a sperm sample from the doctor without him knowing it? and speaking of sperm samples, did you notice the volume in those specemin cups!?). i think dh was distracted by my constant comments about how "that's not how it goes", and "didn't anyone with a clue about infertility even consult on this show?"
i am glad that t.v. is doing what it can to raise awareness about these issues, but i wish they would get the facts straight. i guess we have to start somewhere. hopefully this show will last long enough to have people really look at what they think about these treatments and develop some compassion for those of us going through them.
through with the rant. whew!


hope as cassandra - September 24

Hi PJ! I completely agree. The opening scene was a bit much and I am glad my dh didn't see it. That was his worst fear about doing IVF. I didn't notice the levels in the specimen cups. Funny observation PJ! Also, I wonder next week if the dr. will use another mans sperm for that lady. I don't think they can do that. It's not ethical without her husbands knowledge. Oh well, HOLLYWOOD. cassandra


Fortyfour - September 26

I fell asleep before it came on. It would be nice for people to know more about infertility. I dont want people to think it so easy to get pg and stay pg though. It should prove interesting.


silli_kitti - September 26

I didn't watch it.

Whenever I have a free moment, IF is all I can think about. Its there when I lay my head on my pillow at night, its there when I'm in the shower first thing, its there when I'm alone in the lunch room, its there when I'm mindlessly cooking dinner or scrubbing the toilet - you get the picture. Its enough already. I don't need and don't want IF issues for entertainment purposes.

Besides, I think I read that they don't consult with RE's or IF clinics for medical accuracy. Is that true?


Meg - September 26

I thought the show was completely hokey and unrealistic. Although I have only been to our one fertility clinic, and it is not a high profile clinic like the one portrayed in the show, I have never experienced anything like they proposed in the show. I highly doubt they consulted w/ fertility Dr.s or clinics otherwise they would know that sperm is frozen in liquid nitrogen in canisters and no one would ever be able to switch a sample that easily. You would think they would have a security system on such a facility!!!!

I don't think the show will last b/c it doesn't depict infetility accurately in my opinion. Besides, I think for the many women having difficulty conceiving, there are still way too many p/g women on the show. When you can't get p/g, the last thing you want to see are p/g women even if they did get p/g from infertiltiy treatments, b/c you wonder if that will ever be you. I know prior to ever having a successful p/g, I didn't want to see ANY p/g people. It just made me feel sad and depressed. I am not saying people who got p/g through ART didn't give me hope and I was very happy for them, I just didn't want to see people p/g on TV, life, etc. I was excessively hypersensitive. Also when you live infertility, the last thing you want to do is watch a fictious show about it. I always just wanted to escape from reality.



Fortyfour - September 27




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