I think I'm Pregnant
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tiggerpounce418 - April 16

It's hard for me to even say that, b/c I am so afraid of being let down once again. However, I think I am pregnant. This is my 1st cycle after the hsg & my first cycle on Clomid. We had sex at least once every other day during the week of ovulation. I know exactly when I ovulated (1 of 2 days) and both of those days we had sex. Tuesday I went for my blood work to check progesterone level to see if I ovulated. I have not heard back from the dr yet. Yesterday was day 28. I did not get my period. But, that's not really a big red flag for me, since the last 6 months my period has been late. However, since Thursday night my breasts have been extremely sore. I know you can get breast tenderness at pms, but that's not something I usually get. I think this is the 1st time I've had this happen. It has been pretty much constant since Thursday night. Soo...I'm waiting & hoping, but secretly really think this might be the month for me. I'm still scared of the bfn though. I decided not to take a hpt until I talk to dr, which will probably be on Monday. What do you think?


Jenni - April 16

I know when I was pregnant the first and most painful sign were my breasts being sore and painful!

I have to say that I am very happy for you! I am sure it is scary, but allow yourself to feel that fear and walk through it anyway. I have not been pregnant since my m/c, but I know that I will be scared, too. And, I know that it will be normal to be scared. Try not to belittle your feelings, but also try to know that this is an exciting part of your life!!! I pray that this is the one for you and for a very healthy prgnancy for you!!!!!! Be our inspiration and keep us posted! I am happy for you!!



lindsey - April 17

Oh that would be such AWESOME news Tiggerpounce418!!!!! ;D You know your body better than anyone else!!!!! Mucho baby dust!!!!!


meridithhasfaith - April 17

I don't know how you can hold off from an hpt! I would be doing those every 4 hours. lol

Take care and good luck with talking with the doctor tomorrow. I hope you get your baby without anymore fuss!

Let us know



TTC in SoCal - April 17

that's wonderful news!!!! please take a test so we can celebrate with you!!! :-)


SamanthaS - April 17

That sounds like a positive to me! That would be so great! Good luck!!


Debie - April 18

We are here and praying for your BFP. Hope the dr tells you what you are truly hoping for.


tiggerpounce418 - April 18

I took a hpt this morning, came out negative. :'(


BabyBound - April 18

Hey Tigger, I'm sorry you got a negative. Don't lose hope. You are young and it will happen for you soon.


meridithhasfaith - April 18

Sorry tigger :( All the ups and downs are frustrating. I hope you can find out why your cycle is late and get some help for that.

Take care,


tiggerpounce418 - April 18

Well, my cycles have been late. Dr says that it's probably PCOS. Blood results seem to reflect that. I also have other symptoms of PCOS as well. This was my 1st cycle w/ Clomid. Today is only day 31. So, probably w/in a few days I'll get my period. It usually is about a week late. I still haven't heard from dr though. I left a message for him this morning. It's so frustrating, to have the disappointment month after month. I also feel like a failure, since this is all my problem (hubby is fine). He doesn't blame me or see it that way, but I sometimes think like that. I also wonder if I should just give up on this dream. Today is just a bad day for me, I guess. My mom recently had a mammogram which showed something that needed further evaluation. So, today she is getting a 2nd mammogram done. I sure hope everything is okay.


TTC in SoCal - April 18

Tigger... I am sooo sorry to hear the results. Yes, this is a roller coaster ride and sometimes we just want to jump off b/c we can't take it anymore. I feel like you about failing my DH... we really aren't sure what our problem is, but male factors are part of it, according to the tests... i still sometimes feel like he got a defective model. Hormones can make us think crazy things, so just take a deep breath... you have more tries in you!! and... your hubby loves you for who you are... not your fertility status.
take extra good care of yourself today.... many hugs coming your way!!!


lindsey - April 18

I am so sorry about the negative result. That stinks! I felt like this was going to be the one for you. I cannot tell you how many tests I bought......only to get a -. I feel like you will get pregnant soon ---- it is in the cards.
Good Luck and try to be upbeat. I know it is hard at times like these!


TTC in SoCal - April 19

anything is possible!!! keep hope as long as you can... :-)


paige - April 19

Hi Tigger I have taken clomid a few times and I have PCOS. I never got a sore chest just moodiness and hot flashes. How long have you been on clomid?


tiggerpounce418 - April 19

This was my 1st cycle.


paige - April 19

I endned up doing I think about 3 before I switched to invitro. I couldn't continue it because of my PCOS Igot a cyst on my ovarie each time so they had to keep canceling the cycle. I know they say that you should only do six cycles and most of the time it takes a few for your body to adjust. Just hang in there you know I hate when people say this to me but if you stress or don't find ways to release it I truley believe it won't work. It has taken three years of going through this to learn how to try to not make it my whole life. Did they say you for sure have PCOSand why?



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