I never thought...
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wannabemom - June 10

I never thought I would be going through the whole process again. You never think that it won't work, then BAM! I have gone through 3 IUI's, 3 IVF's, and now we are moving on to ICSI...Augh. There should be abbreviations on how it feels. SUX. I have to start taking birthcontrol pills, then on day 21 start lupron injections. It feels that for everyday wasted I am getting closer to that 40 year old mark. Has anyone else done lupron injections?


etosha - August 8

When i had my last child out of the two i already had i decided to tie my tubes against everyones advice. being a single mom i felt i was spreading myself to thin i figured in time i would get married and reverse my tubes,not thinking ten years later the prices would change so much, now i'm married been together seven years my oldest is almost 18yrs he has no children of his own and i'm stuck. I never thought that it would be this hard i even got as close as going to an IVF appointment only to get there and they tell me my insurance won't cover me cause i tied my tubes.The crazy thing is i did get pregnant two yrs ago lost it, doctors couldn't explain it cause afterwards i had a laporotomy done and my tubes weren't nowhere near each other.My husband says we are blessed to have three beautiful children already so if it doesn't happen it's ok.Yeah, but i won't give up i"ll find the money and i'll pray for a way. Who knows maybe lighting will strike twice in the same spot and i'll get pregnant again.


wannabemom - August 8

People that have children easy, don't get it. I have a brother that has 4 girls and 2 sisters that both have 2 kids each. They all decided that they were happy with what they had. My oldest sister won't even talk about my meds or whats going on, calling me crazy because I already have a 9 year old. She doesn't get that I always wanted a large family. I want my child to have a sister/brother to know how awesome it is to rely on eachother. I can always count on my 2nd sister to be there for me through everything. I love them all, but a sisters bond is special. I wish people would just support me without giving me the ok...enough now..how much more are you going to do?? I am going to be receiving my 3rd blood test results today and I am scared out of my mind. I already had 3 miscarriages; and I am so nervous I can barely breath.....


etosha - August 9

god bless and good luck to you and your family wannabemom,it will happen stay positive and most of all stay strong.


wannabemom - August 9

I will keep the faith. Things seem to be different this time around, so I have to stay positive. Wednesday (8/15) is the1st ultrasound, so until I see something I am going to keep one foot in the door and the other outside. Good luck to everyone!



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