I need someone to talk to, First time on board.
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Princess24 - February 8

Well congrats I wish you all the best and happiness w/ you bundle of joy. Do you know what you are having? I can't wait till it happens to me. I think I'll probably feel like it's a dream when it finally becomes a reality. How is pregnancy? You doing good? Are you the type that has everything planned out and already knew what kind of birththing plan you wanted? I am so like that I have pretty munch the idea of what I want. I really would like to have a natural birth w/ a midwife and a doula. My hubby is not to sure on the doula he thinks that it will take away from him being my coach. I told him it wont so we will have to see.I actually want to become a doula I am probably going to start pretty soon. It has been a thought since Aug when my 2nd neice was born and i did alot for my sister-in-law.That was the 2nd birth I've seen and I did alot for her and I realized how much I really enjoyed it.
Well i gotta go talk to you later.


liz - February 9

Good morning,

Thank you very much for your congrats. We are having a little girl. I am very excited, but you sometimes it really does feel like a dream. When you finally reach the pregnancy you are in disbelieve, atleast this is how it was for me. I have been dreaming of this for so long that the reality sometimes dosen't seem real. Then she kicks me or I look in the mirror, or see her on an u/s and I know she is 100% real and she is ours. It truly is a wonderful feeling.

I don't really have everything planned out, I am just planning the old fashioned going to the hospital and having a baby. We have our birthing classes starting March 1st so I am getting excited and nervous at the same time.

Becoming a Doula, that is awesome. I wish you luck in that indevour. How cool.

When do you go back to your doctor? Are you any closer to making a decision? I was thinking about what you said with your husband being worried about the side effects of Clomid. As far as I know from my re's office and reading there are no known lasting side effects of Clomid. I don't believe anything that is dangerous to you or your little one if you conceived. My side effects were hormonal (always crying and often a little wacky as my husband called it), the decrease in cervical mucus and the thinner lining in the uterus, other then that nothing and I did produce 2 good follicles on that round but their was other issues with me and my hormones that are out of wack. It turned out I just needed more than what Clomid could give me. Clomid is a very mild fertility medication compared to some of the other ways to treat infertility. Please don't think I am trying to sell you on Clomid, I just want to share what I know about it. I actaully wish it could have worked for me but I again I have deeper problems than what the Clomid could handle.

Well I better run
Talk to you later


Princess24 - February 9

Good Morning to you, ;D

Your welcome for the congrats. A lil girl huh? So do you have a name picked out? I am so happy for you guys babies are such a special gift I cant believe people that take it granted or don't really care. I have a friend that works in an obgyn office as a receptionist and she says it kills her to see these young girls come in w/ a smile on there face and say "Hi I am here for my abortion"My friend says all she can think about is me and many other women that try and really want one and have problems.:'( I know it'll happen for me,hopefully soon. Well you'll have to tell me when you have your beautiful baby.

Thank you for wishing me luck on becoming a doula I can't wait to become one. I think it is right up my alley.

I should be going to the dr real soon I am switching ins.
to my husband's through work so waiting on the paper work. My husband and I have had much time to sit down and talk about clomid vs ovulex hopefully this weekend we will ba able to sit down and talk. We've had alot going on this week. I have a feeling clomid will make me wacky bcuz a mild birth control made me wacky and VERY emotional, my poor husband.

Well I have to go now,gotta go to the gym and work out. Nice talking to you



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