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Corina - December 9

I am so close to giving up. I am 22 and my dh is 24, and we have been ttc for 18 months or so. I started seeing a OB/GYN after a year, and after a couple months he gave me Clomid, and I ovulated, but didn't get pg, and haven't ovulated since. I just finished my forth cycle and my period was nearly two weeks late, and I stupidly got my hopes up. The morning I was to going to get a blood test I woke up cramping and bleeding. My insurance dosen't cover me seeing a RE, and the closest one is 100 miles away! There is more to my story, (but this is already too long). I would appreciate some advice and encouragement, please pray for me! :'(


Tiffany F - December 10

Hi Corina,

Please don't give up, you have come to the right place for support we are here for you, all the ladies here are very supportive. I no how it feels to want to give up with all this TTC stuff but we will all get our little miracles one day soon. You are still so young and there are other options.

Some women have sucess with Ovulex and drinking green tea, other women take Geritol Tonic it's liquid and you can find it at drug stores (walgreens, cvs, walmart etc..) I know alot of women who swear by the Geritol, my mom even said that alot of women use to use it years ago and they would get pregnant really soon. There are other things as well and I no some of the other ladies will leave post and give you some good information.

My insurance is very limited when it comes to infertility they only cover the first 2,000 and then after that they only pay 50% which is better then nothing but it can get really expensive, my first visit with the RE just to talk was 350. I had just had my 11th m/c and for some reason I would'nt stop bleeding and spotting so I had to go in and have about 7 blood test because my beta was taking so long to drop. Now I'm sure I probably only have about 1000 left and I still have to go in to have my progesterone checked and a biopsy, not to mention we just bought a home so my funds are so limited!

There are also vitamins and herbs you can be taking, sometimes we wait for the Dr to come up with the answer but in the meantime there are things we can do to try to help our situation, I do alot of research on the computer I don't no if you have or not but you can come across alot of good information, I was told I have a clotting disorder and I was taking self injections every night and I found out I don't have a clotting disorder. Which means the shots were serving no purpose I still had like 2 more m/cs while taking them.

Has your husband had a sperm count down? alot of times we as women automatically assume because we can not conceive it's us, but we can't forget our mates play a 50/50 part in all this, my husband had to have a count done and some other test to check his chormozones (probably misspelled that) or something like that.

And you were not stupied to think you were p/g when your cycle was two weeks late, I think we all would have thought that, try not to get stressed out I did that before and did'nt get a period for over 50 days! Now I do alot of praying and beliveing and I put it in Gods hands, he knows the bigger picture. Feel free to share your story we all have a story and we all share it, It makes you feel better to know there are other women who have been in your shoes and who are in your shoes, and alot of them have success stories, hope I have'nt misspelled alot of things. My husband leaves for work at 6:30am and I just decided to check in this morning and I'm so happy I did.

Corina feel free to write back we are all here for you, for questions, answers, venting, crying, laughing, sharing etc.. you have found the right place.

Take care and God bless you...I will continue to keep all the ladies in my prayers and you are included...hope to hear from you soon....Tiffany...PS: what state are you in? I hate you don't have a closer RE to you, maybe one of the ladies might live in or near your area and can help out with some advice...talk with you soon~

PSS: Thank God ladies I finally got AF this morning, I had the m/c in August so I had not had AF since July, I took the Provera and today was the 14th day from the last pill, if it had not come today I would have been sad and depressed! God is good all the time ;), hope everyone had a safe and blessed weekend!


Grace - December 10

Hi Tiffany
Your information to corina really benefited me to. You seem to have some good advices. Well my issue is different, my Dr. said I have scar tissue which has blocked tube, and the only way out is IVF. I did two IVF with last which actually failed just about 5days ago I had a BFP after my long 2ww. I always want to know if any body with scard tubes ever had a miracle by conceiving. My Dr. says I wll not be able to have kids because my tubes are bloked. after 2 failed IVF cycles I am so nervours to go for the 3rd and of course the last try by my insurance. I am now willing to try other staff over the counter, but I am afraid with the blocked tubes if anything will happen. My DH has gone through all tests and hes is fine. I have been depressed all week not knowing waht to do. Of course am a strong christian but with all this going on am even unable to pray. All I see is tears rolling down my eyes, I don't know what to do. Also is there any special green tea that you talking about, am willing to try anything. Thanks for listening.

Jmr, How are you doing. I hope to hear from you all.

Ginamarie, how are your doing. you not on line these days.

Florke how are you doing, pls let us hear from you, hope you doing alright.

All the best to you all grace


Corina - December 12

Tiffany, I am from Chico CA, thanks I am feeling better your advice helped, I will try some of the things you suggested. I am not familiar with all of the abbreviations, so it would help if someone would tell me what they are. I am also confused as to what the step after clomid is, and how far I can go with just my OB. My doctor has looked at my BBT charts, and some of my basic tests (to rule out anything obvious) I have had a lot of sonograms. All the doctor knows is my temp spikes at the right time, then plumets, so I am either not ovulating at all, or ovulating poorly ( whatever that means.) My doctor said it might be Luteal Phase Defect (I have had four miscarriges) but he won't give me progesterone, which from what I have read is a good treament. So someone suggested a natural progesterone cream, now I wonder if that hurt or helped last month AHHH! I am so young, I don't understand why I am having all of this trouble! No my husband has not had a sperm test yet, I think he is trying to avoid it, he's probably embarassed. Well I will definately pray for you Tiffany. I have to start dinner soon, and finish Christmas Cards. BYE! ???


Tiffany F - December 15


I am so sorry it took me so long to respond back to you, I did'nt forget about you I just been going through it, I will go in to detail at another time.

Well first things first, I have never been to Chico but I had a few friends that went to the university of Chico, I believe that was the name of the school, I am from California as well but I live in Florida now.

Okay you had'nt mentioned before that you have had 4 m/cs (miscarriages) in the past, most Drs start doing alot more testing when you have had 3 or more m/cs, there alot of test that Obs can do before sending you to see an RE, my Ob had me to have the HSG or what is none as the dye test done the actual name of the procedure is Hysterosalpingogram and that's where the insert dye into your tubes and all that stuff to make sure theres no leakage and that everything is good with your tubes and things up in there, you can look it up and it will explain in detail, you can also she a Hemetologist to have alot of blood work done they will check for clotting disorders, thyroids, and alot of other things he took like 13 viles of blood when I went to see this Dr, and I understand that your dh (dear husband) might be embarrassed, mine was as well when he went to his primary care Dr to have a semen count and something as done but he knows how bad he wants a baby so he had to get over it.

And about the Luteal Phase Defect I believe that is what I have, thank God I finally got AF (my period) so I can go in this month to have the Serum Progesterone test done and then 5 days later I have to have a Endometrial Biopsy done you can look that up as well to find out exactly what's done with this procedure.

I strongly believe once a women has had several test done and alot of factors have been ruled out and she has had 3 or more m/cs there is probably something going on with her progesterone (myself included) when you get time go through yahoo and look up a Dr named John Lee, he gives you alot of good information on progesterone, I was using crinone 8% (progesterone suppositories) but I still had a m/c, I'm sure this time I will be using injections, the natural progesterone cream is good and I ordered 5 jars of it from Dr Lee's website I have'nt used it yet because I believe I would need to use it along with injections and suppositories, I want it all if my progesterone comes back that it's low and I believe in my heart that it is.

Corina have you had any blood work done? it does'nt sound like you have a problem conceiving just a problem holding on to the pregnancies, like myself. When were your m/cs? and did you get p/g (pregnant) while using Clomid or not? just a few things I'm trying to piece together.

Well it's 6:10am I guess I'll go watch some of my Christian programs, I've been up since 4:30 I make my dh breakfast every moring before he leaves for work and he had to be there at 6am.

Hope I have been of some kind of help to you...look forward to hearing back from you, I will be checking to see if you've written back, sorry it took so long please don't give up Corina God is so good he will work it out for us.....Take Care~~~Tiffany~~~~


Corina - December 17

Thank You for responding, I am going to ask my Dr. to do some tests, I've looked up one's I think should be done, and printed them out to show him. About my m/c's I had 3 in six months, basically got pregnant after each m/c. We weren't really trying for those, I was even on the pill, but it still made me wonder if there was a problem. So I took a break and my reg. Dr. suggested I go on Depo Provera because I kept getting pregnant despite the pill, so I did for a while. When we decided to try I stopped the Depo and I haven't ovulated more than twice since. I know it takes a while for Depo to wear off, so I didn't worry too much for the first 6 months, and then I got pregnant and lost the baby right when I found out. Since my last post I had what my Dr. said was a missed miscarriage, so the blood test didn't show strong hormones, but I had all of the symptoms of an early m/c, well at least it means I ovulated for the first time in 6 months, with this one I was on clomid 100 mg and using progesterone cream. That's why I wonder if the cream helped or hurt? Well, I hope you respond, I don't know what else to write right now. BYE!


GINAMARIE - December 17

Hello Ladies,
Corina, Please don't give up, you are so young and have so much time. You have to think positive!!!!!!! I was also at the point were I was giving up and then I just went through another IVF cycle and I'm pg!!!!!! I'm still really early, so I'm scared of m/c again but I'm thinking really positive. I went through so much heartache and I hope that this is finally the end of my road!!!!!!!! I was 21 when I started having issues with my ovaries, so I know how you feel being so young and having issues. But please believe, its gonna happen in time!!!!! I wil tell you one thing, this site is the best thing I ever came across. The women hear are positive and really give me the strength to keep going. I also highly recommend getting your husband tested. My husband came back low count, so despite all of my issues he had some too. I will be praying for you and keep me posted.

Grace, Hello, How are you? I have been thinking about you? How are you doing? I doing okay, Thanks for asking, I was taking out of work because of my hypertension, so I'm on bed rest. I'm a nervous wreck considering that I'm only 6 weeks, but I'm praying that I hold onto this one!!!!! I would love to hear from you so write back and tell me how your feeling?


Grace - December 17

Hey Gina, glad to hear from you once more, thanks for cheaking on me, am doing alright though I have my moment of distress, am just hunging in. And how are you doing?, I guess fine, and hope you taking good care of your self, I know is a stressful journey, but stay positive, you do not need that kind of stress now. I am also praying with you. all the best ...grace

Jmr, Hi how are you doing, have't heard from you for a while. best regards and all the best...grace

florke, Just cheaking on you, its been a long time, hope you doing fine as well...grace


Corina - December 17

Hello Gina marie, I will keep you in my prayer's daily untill you are "in the clear" so to speak with your pg. If you have read my earlier posts you know I understand what a m/c is like, and I wish no one had to go through that. I pray that you'll be able to have a wonderful pregnancy, not 9 months of worrying. I don't know if you can take herbs with your meds. for hypertention, but if you can try "tension tamer tea" it is perfectly safe for pg women, and it has a double calming effect, just drinking tea is calming, and it's full of calming herbs. God Bless you, and your (very) little one too! Ha, I am a poet apparently! :D


Tiffany F - December 22

Hey Corina,

How are you? I'm so sorry once again that it took me so long to respond, I have been going through alot I will talk about that later, how is everything going? have you been to see your Obgyn? I have been so busy doing alot of last minute shopping and I vowed that I would not do it this year, but I have been out just about everyday this week, my husband is off tomorrow so I will finish up the rest off my shopping even though I hate to shop with him! I feel so rushed even though he really does'nt say anything, I prefer to go alone and take my time.

Did you do any of the research I was telling you about on progesterone and miscarriages? Like I mentioned before I think we are pretty much in the same boat, I will definetly let you no what happens when I take the serum progesterone test this month, I have to start checking to see if I get an LH surge starting Saturday and I will check until Wednesday, hopefully I get a surge if not I have to go in on Dec 29th to have it checked and then I'm suppose to go in on Jan 5th for the biopsy!

I pray all is well with you, just keep praying and believing and it will all work out, I will keep you in my prayers....take care and hope to hear from you soon...Tiffany~~~ ;)


Princess24 - February 5

Hi im new and wanted some advise. my husband and i have been trying for 3yrs & 2mths and so far no luck. the dr cant find anything wrong w/ me & cant understand why i have irregular cycles. they want to put me on clomid but i dont like the side effects that i hear. i just came across ovulex it sounds great but my husband is not to sure. he wants to know how well it works? is it worth it? im at the point where i am willing to try anything. I just want some input on what anyone thinks,so if you have any advise and can help me out pls do


liz - February 5

I have no personal experience with Ovulex. I have heard some women swear by it and others who could tell you how horrible it is. I have a friend who it did not work for. It really did seem to completly mess up her cycles. Since all our bodies are completly different there is no way of telling how it will effect you before trying it.

When I was faced with the decision to take Clomid I was hesitant as well especially after reading all the side effects it can have. Again, some women have no side effects and Clomid is a huge success for them while others have every side effect imaginable. I made the decision to try Clomid. After 1 unsuccessful cycle on Clomid and one cancelled cycle on Clomid I told my re I wanted to move on to injections. I told him I did not like the side effects of the Clomid, not just emotionally because that I could handle it was the fact it was causing me less cervical mucas and a thinner uterus lining, both will would most likely disable me from having a successful pregnancy with Clomid.

I do not regret trying the Clomid, but I am glad I held strong on wanting to move on! If I were in the same situation as you I would have to say I would try the Clomid for a couple of months or if you would happen to be like me and have the lining and cm issues I would ask to move on. Since Clomid is less expensive and less invasive then the injections it is almost always the way an re wants to try before anything else. You never know you could do wonderful on the Clomid and it could be just what you need to achieve you goals. If not there are other routes to go. As for the Ovulex I personally purchased it and could not bring myself to use it. Something inside of me told me not to to stick with the re's recommendations. I am very happy I did but who knows maybe Ovulex could have worked for me and it could work for you. I would think hard about it and let your gut tell you which way to go. I have found all to often it is out guts that really do know what is best for us.

Best of luck to you!

I forgot to mention if you do decide to try Clomid I would highly recommend you ask to be monitored with bw and ultra sounds during the cycle. Some doctors do not do this, mine did and it was a blessing. We knew what was going on, how my body was reacting to the meds, how many follicles we had and when it was time to ovulate. It made life a lot easier.


Princess24 - February 7

liz, thank you so much for your input i really appreciate you getting back to me. im gonna think about and talk it over w/ my hubby.

I have a really good dr and she already said if i go on clomid that we would do ultra sounds cuz i have had a cyst so they would want to monitor me. My huband isnt a 100% on the clomid bcuz he has heard not good things about it,but i know 2 women who were on it and they had no problems and have kids. Its so hard cuz i dont even know what to do i just want to be preg. and willing to try what ever. I also dont like to take drugs and i try to be careful what i put in my body and the other thing is i dont do to well w/ hormones, like birth control really messed me up when i had to be on it 4 my cyst. I dont know I guess I have to pray about it. i guess what i liked about ovulex is that its says its natrual.

Well Ill let you know what goes on and what i decide on. Thank you so much.


liz - February 7

I think you idea is a very wise one. Think it over, talk to over with your hubby and then go from there. You are faced with a big decision and you need to make sure it is the right one for both of you.

The other thing is maybe you could talk to your doctor and see what he/she thinks of Ovulex? I have never really heard a doctors opinion of it so it would be interesting to see what they had to say.

Please let me know how you make out, I will be thinking about you.

Take care,


Princess24 - February 8

Hey Liz,
Thats a good idea thank you. When I go back to the Dr I'll ask her about the ovulex.
So what made you decide to get ovulex and then not use it? Just bcuz you got that gut feeling and didnt use it? You werent a lil tempted to use it to see what the reuslts might be? So are you still trying? do you have any kids? I hope you dont mind me asking I just want to know a lil more about you, since you know a lil bout me.
Well Ill let you know whats going on when I know whats going on. Talk to later.


liz - February 8

I don't really think I had reason not to take the Ovulex after I purchased it except for the gut feeling I had. I know it may sound stupid but something inside told me not to take it so I decided not to and stuck it out and did exactly what my re recommended. Looking back I know it was the right decision for me. I am currently almost 30 weeks pregnant with out first. I have had 3 miscarriages in the past so it has been a long, long road. I still find sometimes I think it can't be real. I still spend a great deal of time worrying, which I am sure every women who has gone through fertility issues or miscarriages can relate.

Take care,


Princess24 - February 8

Well congrats I wish you all the best and happiness w/ you bundle of joy. Do you know what you are having? I can't wait till it happens to me. I think I'll probably feel like it's a dream when it finally becomes a reality. How is pregnancy? You doing good? Are you the type that has everything planned out and already knew what kind of birththing plan you wanted? I am so like that I have pretty munch the idea of what I want. I really would like to have a natural birth w/ a midwife and a doula. My hubby is not to sure on the doula he thinks that it will take away from him being my coach. I told him it wont so we will have to see.I actually want to become a doula I am probably going to start pretty soon. It has been a thought since Aug when my 2nd neice was born and i did alot for my sister-in-law.That was the 2nd birth I've seen and I did alot for her and I realized how much I really enjoyed it.
Well i gotta go talk to you later.



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