Hysto test
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Fortyfour - October 25

Well - I did my hysto test today and it went ok. Hubby was great to be there and hold my hand. I took 4 motrin and a Vicodin so no chance of much pain though. I had moderate cramping and alot of sweating. The doc was great and told me when I had my first one many moons ago they were using a tool (dont you love it) that had sharp edges on it. I said aha - that's what most of the pain was - something sharp cutting into my cervix or something.

The staff was great and the great news is that there is no scar tissue from d/c's and no other crazy things.

I also had ten more tubes of blood drawn. Yippee.


Latina - October 25

Ayy 44 I was thinking about you today..Im glad things worked well for you, but all that blood drawn yeeks! things will work out for you,s stay positive..
baby dust....


WantsBaby2 - October 25

Glad things went well for you. Wow, four Vicoden?...you must have been in la la land! One would put me over the edge! Step by step you will get to the bottom of all this stuff and find out exactly what you need to do to plan your strategy. Good luck!



Meg - October 25


I am glad your test went well. Thinking good thoughts for you :)



oneandonlymel - October 25

Fourtyfour- Glad everything went well and your hubby was there with you, keep me posted.


baby4us - October 25

44 - I was thinking of you all day on Monday! I am glad it went well.. it is over with.. finally! and you've got to love the constant blood letting that seems to go hand in hand with IF! When are your blood test results back?


Karen123 - October 25

44, I am SO glad that your test wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. What a relief! I'm sure it was still the pits but I'm glad it's over and now hopefully you will get some answers. I remember having 9 tubes of blood drawn and was thinking, geez, will I be able to walk out of here? Our bodies are amazing. Anyway, as always, my very best to you!!! You are thought of very often. Karen


Fortyfour - October 26

Wantsbaby2- It was 4 motrin and one Vicodin. Ha!! I would have been comatose with 4 vicodin.

Thanks for all your thoughts - I felt pretty good today, just tired.

Take care all.


silli_kitti - October 26

So glad the HSG went well and another thing can be ruled out.

What blood tests are they doing now?


Fortyfour - October 27

Special immune testing. The first testing was for blood clotting disorders. Now they are checking for antibodies to different things.


silli_kitti - October 27

Moving right along I see!

Its too bad they couldn't do all the bloodwork at once. If I remember correctly you had the other b/w done a few weeks ago. I'm so impatient though, I really can't stand waiting. Then again, I guess they can't take too much blood at once.

Hope those answers come quickly so you can get started again soon!


WantsBaby2 - October 27

OH.....It DOES say one Vicoden! Haha, I was wondering!! I took one once for a bad sinus infection...because of the headache and all. I didn't get up for two days! That Vicoden is powerful stuff.


Fortyfour - October 27

Silli kitti - Hi, I have my RE who does not believe too much in immune problems and he ordered all of my blood clotting tests. I am using Dr. Beer to do all my immune testing. If my RE really doesnt believe in the results of Dr. Beers tests I will probably change docs or do things without his consent. I am not going to let arrogance get in the way of my babies lives again.

Take care all.


oneandonlymel - October 28

fourtyfour- I agree if your RE doesn't go along with the results I would find another! In you situation I would think he would want to rule out everything possible before you get pregnant again! I hope you find answers so you can get pregnant again and stay pregnant!!!!!!!!


silli_kitti - October 28

My RE also finds RI to be a very vague and inconclusive science and does not put much stock into it. When I brought it up after my m/c, he kind of giggled and said I don't have immune problems. I asked "Are you sure about that?" as I wrote in my notebook (I take notes of what he says when I visit with my RE). He then went off on a tangent about the controversy, how there are two camps, those who believe and those who need more proof, blah, blah, blah. I didn't let him brush me aside, but I patiently listened to him and then I said "So, back to my question, are you saying I do not have immune issues?" Then he started saying "it is entirely possible that we all have immune issues of one kind or another," blah, blah, blah. I was damn well going to get an answer to my question and I was not going to let him avoid it. I asked for a third time "So, are you saying I do not have immune issues? Yes or no?" He finally said he couldn't answer that question. Then I repeated his very first statement "You just said to me, with a giggle, that I do not have immune issues. Are you now changing your opinion?" He said well on the record, I can't say one way or the other since it is such a controversial science that we need more studies, more conclusive evidence, blah, blah, blah. At least I got my answer.

After the consult, DH was like OMG, you go girl! Its a shame I have to be combative, but I'm not one to just do as they say and not ask questions, especially not after that very first monitored cycle where I ended up with a 39mm follicle on the day of the trigger and they tried to tell me it was a good cycle. I am a scientist too, I need facts and proof, not double talk.

Anyway, if I choose to have the testing done, whats it to him? It is at my own expense, and if he is right then at least we know for sure and I can put my mind at ease. But if he is wrong, and it shows I do have immune issues, that's a positive thing. I wouldn't hold it against him, just like I don't hold it against him that I fell through the cracks on the first monitored cycle. For me, its not about being right, its about having a baby and I will do anything in my power to achieve that goal. I am just using him as another tool to get there.

So, you do what you need to do, and don't let anyone bowl you over. They are not gods and they don't know everything.


baby4us - October 28

Indeed 44.. you get the answers YOU need (same for you Silli-Kittie)...

I will be inetesrted to hear what happens with the recent blood results...


Fortyfour - October 29

Thanks ladies - When I started giving patients ivig in the home 10 years ago for MS, polyneuritis and other problems, most of the doctors back then were scoffing at the treatments. Now, we give ivig almost as much as antibiotics to treat chronic diseases. Many peoples lives are improved by it. So when the doctors say they dont believe in ivig for immune problems I have to wonder if they are making that decision just on a financial decision or a scientific one.

I lie in bed at night and search my soul to find the answer on the right way to go about this. If something doesnt feel right or if I feel I need to follow through on something I will. With my second pregnancy I was so concerned about folic acid and baby asa. Now I know that is what I needed to help the babies. I also felt that the babies were making me sick. Now I find out they were. Why dont doctors listen to patients and there symptoms and not lump as all together in a group of statistics. I know its not just pg women they do that to. I see it every day.

Take care all and thanks for letting me ramble.



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