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baby4us - April 14

My husband and I are just starting down the path or infertility treatments. I just met with my doctor this morning an dhe suggest we begin with IUI. Contrarily, my husband spoke to his urologist.. who said.. just go ahead with IVF.. why wait?
I don't know what to do??? Our fertility problem stems from low sperm motility...


BabyBound - April 14

Hi Babyrus,

Welcome the the site. My infertility issue is mild sperm factor. My dh motility is 35% and we just completed our first IUI yesterday. My doctor seems to think IUI will work for us. Our protocol is to do a few iui with clomid and then injectible drugs and if no success, than we move to ivf. Cost is sometimes a factor in making decision as well. Our insurance does not pay for ivf and we only have limited coverage for iui. Another thing I considered was if I wanted to go with the less invasive procedure first. These decisions are hard because we all want to be pregnant right now. Good luck with your decision and keep us posted. Baby dust to you!!


baby4us - April 14

Thank you baby bound... there are so many decisions.. and you are right,.. you want to get pregnant now... but you also want to make clear-headed decisions.

I was/am leaning toward starting with IUI because it is less invasive and less expensive... I subsequently called my doctor back and explained to the secretary my dilemma that started after my appointment this morning.. so my doctor is actually going to talk with my husband's doctor and get back to me.. I think once I have that information.. I can hopefully make an informed decison.

You mentioned Clomid in your reply.. I have read about Clomid having adverse affects on people.. how have you found it???

Thank you again.. and I hope you find great baby success!


BabyBound - April 14

All of this is still new to me I've not heard much negative about clomid. I know from reading the boards here, most of the women are on injectible and the doctors seemed to not use clomid, especially if you have no problems ovulating. I took 100mg cd5-9 and had three good size follicles on Monday, cd13. I didn't experience any side effects. I take my pg test on 4/27 and if it's not positive, I'll ask my doctor more about clomid controvesary. Again, good luck.


baby4us - April 15

thank you for all your advice!

I really hope your latest iui is the one! Please keep us posted!

Since my last post... our doctor called us at home last night and we discussed iui vs. ivf.. he still strongly suggests IUI... and because I am ovulating well on my own.. he doesn't think I will be requiring clomid.. so I am getting excited about this next step!

My dr. is calling the fertility clinic to see how quickly he can get me in.. so fingers crossed it will be soon!

Thanks again...


cassandra - April 15

baby4us, Good luck with the appt. Your'e in good company. A lot of women here are going through IUI Keep in touch.....cassandra


Fortyfour - April 16

Baby4us. I guess I would choose IUI if the doc felt there was a good chance you would get pg that way. IVF is expensive and no quarantee. If you both have no problems I would try IUI for a few months and then go IVF. Good luck and keep in touch with us.

Baby dust to you.



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