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Naomibeth - April 26

Just wondering if anyone who has done the IVF cycle with confirmed success has had any problems?


meridithhasfaith - April 26

What kind of problems?



Naomibeth - May 3

Well, I started bleeding pretty badly about a week after we found out I was pregnant. It didn't last long. It was such a freak thing. The Dr. sent the tissue into Pathology and said everything was fine. Now, last week when I went to the Dr. to get my hcg levels checked they told me that my levels had dropped and that I would be losing the pregnancy, which I did. I started miscarrying the end of the week. I'm so mad. Mad because I went through all this and was so excited because I got pregnant again and then it all got taken away. Mad because our insurance company allows only so much money in a lifetime to do IVF. I've never miscarried before this and it was the most awful thing ever. I know financially we won't be able to do this again and that hurts more than anything. yes, I have one beautiful little boy already, but I always wanted 2-3 kids. I guess I was just checking to see if anyone else on this site has ever done IVF/ICSI and has miscarried. It's such an emotional roller coaster. :(


Meg - May 3


I am so very sorry for your loss. Going through miscarriage is such a difficult thing. I don't wish it on anybody. I found it was one of the hardest things that I have gone through. I hope you are doing okay and allowing yourself to grieve over your loss. I understand how you are feeling. I still think of the babies that I lost :(

Our first time doing IVF/ICSI I miscarried. It was my 2nd m/c so they tested the baby, and the m/c was due to an aneuploidy (one extra or one less chromosome) We did a FET and got p/g w/ triplets and lost one at 11 weeks gestation. I did keep the twin p/g thankfully. We are going to do another FET hopefully in early summer, but m/c is a big issue w/ me. If it doesn't work or I m/c again, I am not sure what we will do. Financhially, we probably can't afford to do a fresh cycle, but we will see what happens. Our insurance doesn't cover infertility or meds, so pretty much we pay out of pocket. It is very difficult to give up your dream of having a big family and/or experiencing a term p/g again. It is just a very difficult road. Please take care and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers :) Meg


TTC in SoCal - May 3

Naomibeth.... I am so sorry for your loss. words cannot express the pain and there is nothing that will ease it except time. and it will get better with time. you will never forget and it will always hurt a little, but it will become more tolerable. i have suffered 2 m/c myself so i know this from experience. i have never had ivf, however. Fortyfour has had a m/c after ivf, so maybe she will chime in and tell you about her experience.
hang in there and just take a moment at a time!!!!


Fortyfour - May 4

Naomibeth, I am so sorry about the loss of your baby. I did IVF with donor egg and m/c at 10.5 weeks. I thought it was the cruelest thing. To finally get pg after all these years and then lose the baby. I was so sad, and so mad. I would not wish a m/c on anyone. Our insurance doesnt cover ivf so its all private pay. Take care and I hope circumstances change so that you can afford to do this again. Keep in touch if you need us.


Naomibeth - May 4

Thank you to you all for your support. I had to go back to the Dr. yesterday to check my beta hcg and everything came back "good" as far as #'s. My husband and I have decided that we may not do another round of IVF/ICSI. We have decided that he may have surgery and hopefully that will help his sperm count and we can conceive on our own. If it doesn't work, I guess we'll just really have to save our $$ for another round of IVF in the next few years.
I never imagined how emotionally draining fertility treatment could be until I was actually doing it. And now with the m/c I just don't even feel normal anymore. I'm getting better.........I just try to be realistic and hope and pray that we will get another chance.


Fortyfour - May 8

I was reading the other day that it may take 6 months after m/c to feel back to normal. Wow. Thats along time if you ask me. Take care



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