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thornton716 - May 17

Hi there everyone! My name is Heather, I am 32 and dh Shawn is 29 soon to be 30. We are ttc #1 with no success. I don't ovulate and I am not sure why. My original OB/GYN thought I had PCOS, but a second doctor tells me no. I am on my third cycle of Clomid at 50mg. On my first cycle of Clomid get pregnant and had an early mc. Last on I didn't ovulate. So, I finally decided I needed to see an RE. I go to see him Thursday. Anyway, I am so glad I found this board. Seems no one around me can relate to what I am going through. I have been majorly depressed lately and haven't told hubby, but I think he senses it. I just want someone to tell me what is wrong with me. We have been trying for almost a year, so I guess I shouldn't be this frustrated right? Thanks for listening!



shaz - May 17

Welcome Heather,

You will find loads of support from lots of people who are going through similar things to yourself here. I think it's normal to feel depressed. If you are concerned about it I would go and see your GP. Good luck with your RE appointment. Let us know how you go.



BabyBound - May 17

Heather, I'm sure all you unanswered questions will be answered soon. Going to see an RE is a step in the right direction. We had been ttc for 2 yrs and found our answers when we went to an RE. Please come here and vent anytime. This board is full will a lot of brave women who been there and are still going through it. Keep your faith.


Fortyfour - May 17

THorton - good luck.


sherri - May 22

hi my name sherri and im 31 my husband k will be 36 this aug we found out last may that i can't concieve then in march of this year we found out that we have a good chance with ivf but its very exspensive though the dr. gives us a 75% of it working the first time and a 25% of it being twins. i am greatful as well as you are for finding this web site as people do not understand what we are going through!



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