Has anyone tried clomid?
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jiggidysgirl - December 23

I am new to this site and have been TTC for a year and a half. I am on my third cycle of clomid. Tomorrow is my day twenty eight to find out if I will be on cycle four.

The next three cycles the doc is going to add an IUI.

I see the doc on this site does not like Clomid. Does anyone else have any comments on it?

Thank you.


fiso - December 23

Hi Jiggidysgirl. Welcome to the site. I was on Clomid for my first IUI and I hated the medication! I felt so spaced out, that my body and mind had been taken over by something. I never had that feeling before and I was relieved when my doc changed the meds for my second IUI.
Hang in there.


jiggidysgirl - December 24

Thanks fiso,

What did the doctor change your medication to? Is it another pill. My doc says if I go to the shots I will need to get a different doctor.

I just found out yesterday that the ultrasound showed a cyst so I have to take a month off of clomid. I am upset and relieved at the same time. Clomid makes me feel so emotional already but I almost use it as extra hope that something else is working for me. I am thinking of adding acupuncture, if for nothing else to relax. I am also thinking of asking my doctor to do a laproscopy to make sure nothing else is happening.

I really don't know what to do. Seems every book I read and person I talk to has a different idea. I was glad to see this site.


sharron - April 10

after yrs of trying i was put on clomid and fell pregnant on the third cycle, when we decided to try for baby no two surprise surprise nothing so back on clomid only this time after a year and some side affects with my vision i was taken of them. had lap and dye found out nothing wrong so back on clomid praying it will work a second time. good luck to you all sometimes it works and sometimes not. {thirty three yr old scotland}




Getting a laproscopy sooner in this journey would be a wise choice just to rule out things and to not waste any time. I was on clomid and tried naturally with no luck added a IUI with my second round of clomid no luck. tried another pill called femara (which my doc doesnt use anymore) no luck, tried 2 more IUI on injectible drugs, produced lots of follicles but did not get preg. the doctors seem to start you out on the mildest thing possible some people get lucky. but just get the laproscopy it will help speed up the process and point your doc in the right direction if you do have something going on. Mine showed all is well just unexplained inferility????????????? they have so much they can do while doing the laproscopy clean up scar tissues, unblock tubes ect.. and if anything it gives you a piece of mind knowing your spending your money on the right options.

good luck keep us posted


Lynne - April 11

Good afternoon, I was on clomid for 7 cycles last year...3 @ 50mg and 4 @100mg, it sucked. I was sick ( major migraines) and emotional ( even I coudn't live with myself). Now I have a new doc that figures that we will try a few rounds of IUI without meds since I do ovulate on my own, then yep probably back on clomid if we are still not getting anywhere. I am in my first 2ww after an IUI and will either test or get a visit from AF over the Easter weekend. This will be a fun holiday...

Baby wishes to us all. Lynne


jiggidysgirl - April 13

Hello all,

Thank you for the supporting words and ideas.

I did have the laparoscopy and I had an HSG done. Both looked great. I had a little endometriosis but it was on my ureter which they don't think would cause the fertility issues.

I like this news but then again it is frustrating because I still don't have a why.

I changed doctors because I can never reach the current one I have and when I have appointments it usually takes an hour to two hours to wait for her. I like her a lot but it is too much during this emotional time. The new doc I have is one that a friend used and she got pregnant.

Next cycle we are starting clomid 100 mg and IUI. So fingers crossed again.

Not sure if I am ready for the rollar coaster again. I have been kind of relaxing with all the procedures since I knew I would not get pregnant with all this going on.

Baby Dust to the rest of you...



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