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fiso - February 3

Didn't know where to put this, so I decided to start a new topic! Just got the phone call and it's a BFP!!!!! I'm sooo happy but at the same time can't wait for Monday to have another blood test to confirm that the numbers are going up big time, and not slow like last time.
DH still doesn't know, he is coming back home in half an hour!!!! Thanks for your support in the past 2 weeks. Will be back later !


allegonda - February 3

Hello Fiso,
That is wonderful news, thank you for keeping us posted so soon.


jacki - February 4

Great news FISO!! Thanks for sharing!



Mahogany Heart - February 4

You Go Girl!!! I'm so excited for you.

Supernatural Baby Dust to all.


hopeful2006 - February 4

Can u please tell me exactly where to put the ticker on your profile. When I did it it made the whole thing spread out and look aweful. I put mine under WebURL - that didn't work - so then i put it under I have my own Pic - that is when it showed up but made the whole page look terrible.

Help ???



Karen123 - February 4

Fiso, What fantastic news!!!!!!!! Congratulations and I wish you the VERY best of luck and TONS of baby dust! Karen




I am so sorry I am getting your GOOOD NEWS!!! late I havent been on the computer lately and have alot of catching up to do.
I want you to know when I read your email i was crying and smiling at the same time with happiness for you and hope for me. (It was a good cry). I had my laperscopy last Friday and they removed that dermoid cyst on the left ovary (which they didnt think was stopping me from getting preg) and the doc didnt have to do anything else. (no blockages, no scar tissue & no signs of endo) we have our 2 week follow up at the docs this friday and he is going to go over everything and make a new plan. I guess its that unexplained infertility (do you or anyone else have and advice or questions i should ask my doc now that he is saying everything is in working order?) I had 4 failed IUI"s 2 on clomid, one on femara and the last one on injectible meds which I had 6 good follicles. I read in a book recently that infertility is like a drug addition in a sense because you cant quit (with each new drug or the next visit to the doctors you think you found a new hope to hang on to and another shot at making a baby.)
Again I wanted to say how happy I am for you fisco you give me that hope to keep me going.
Congrats to you and your husband & keep me posted ok?



fiso - February 6

Tickingclock, good to have your back!!! I missed you. I'm glad for you there wasn't anything else but the cyst. Now, take it easy because you will need all your strength to start a new treatment again. Do you have any possibilities of doing IVF instead of IUIs? In my case, it worked better. I agree with your book, you get addicted to it, because you live on hope. And every month, you think that this is going to be THE month.
I went for my 2nd blood test today, one more on Wednesday, and we will know for sure that everything is going fine. After last time, I'm very cautious! But at the same time, I physically feel different.
Will keep you posted, glad you are back on the site. Take care of yourself. Fiso



I understand the cautious part but I have a good feeling for you dont worry wed will be here before you know it try to relax you dont need the added stress.
I have a feeling my doc is going to push IVF on my follow up visit on Friday. It's the financial end of it that just seems out of reach for us right now. About a year ago I switched jobs and took a big pay cut. I thought the stress of my old job was keeping me from getting preg needless to say a year later no baby and no money either. How did your doc approch it with you after all the tests ect it was just told to you as "unexplained infertility"????????????
I almost wish they did find something during the laperscopy to justify something. I know you did some accupuncture and was thinking of doing that myself. How often did you go? My husband says I have a hard time relaxing even without my old stressful job. Guess hes right.

Talk to you later & will be thinking about ya wed.



Shara - February 7


Way to go girl, I am very happy for you!! I know your dh is ecstatic. I hold you in my prayers - Good Luck!! ;D


fiso - February 7

Tahnk you Shara. It's my way to send all of you some hope.

I will feel better tomorrow, after I get the other blood test results. I'm afraid to be happy right now, even if I feel P/G.
I also told my doc a while ago, that I wished we knew what was wrong. It would make it easier to accept it and to fight it. But since all the test showed nothing....They told me that in my case the IVF was a better option for me. I responded well to the meds, 17 eggs this time (38 last time, that was soooooo uncomfortable). I'm pretty sure the acupuncture helped too. I'm taking pre-natal vitamins but also 1000mg of Omega and 50mg of CQ10. It was recommended to me by the acupuncturist who specialises in women's health.

The unexplained infertility is not that unexplained, my age, 40, is a major factor. We were very lucky to have an insurance covering the treatments. I know the cost of it, it's crazy. My doc said that sometimes, people with insurance buy too much meds (either they get PG or they stop everything), in this case, they donate the meds to patients who can't afford them. It would be worth it asking your fertility center.

I meditate, love to read, and listen to my body. But it took me years to be able to do that. It's so easy to get wrapped up in stress. Be good to yourself. It's important.

Will give you more news tomorrow! Sophie


norma - February 14

Hello everyone. I'm a guest here, am 30 yrs old dh is 35. I have been ttc for 2 years, went through 5 failed iuis first with clomid (gave me two big cysts) then with injectables and finally went for 1st IVF in Jan 06. Just got a BFP!! Very excited, only dh knows. I have some leftover meds, I wish I could give them away-trying to offset IVF expenses. I have 10 vials of Bravelle (75 units) ex. 2/07, & 9 vials of Repronex (75 vials) ex.11/06. I am selling these at 50% of what I paid for them. If interested you can e-mail me at [email protected]


TICKINGCLOCK - February 18

Congrats Norma

I am in the same boat with the IUI thinking about a 5th attempt next month. IVF might be out of reach right now our budget just doesnt make it possible but still trying to maybe swing it in the near future. I am glad to hear another success story. Gives me hope.
Best of luck to you keep us posted




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