gonal f newbie here too.
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refinnej - August 16

hi. I haven't poked in around here in a while 6 months ago I started IUI's with Clomid oral 100 mgs a day 5 days with ovidrel for ovulation. My Dr. just decided this month to give up on clomid and go to gonal f with ovidrel. I am on day two 150 units a day and so far I feel nothing at all different. I hope this works. Good luck and keep me posted on any Gonal F side effects and news. Jennifer


lyly14 - August 16

Jennifer, I just finished a round of gonal-f after 4 months on clomid. I have to say I didn't have any side effects on the shots that I did on the clomid (moody hot flashes). The only time that was bad was the day I ovulated. 36 hrs after my ovidrel shot I was so bloated and had some pain, but it didn't really last long. The only other issue I had was I ended up having daily bloodwork and u/s after the first 3 days to manage my dosage. Good luck to you and hopefully you will feel as good as I did on the shots!


gatornurse - September 4

Hey ladies, I too am doing Gonal-F. Lily, I see you have done it before? How many follicles are you supposed to have, what is considered "good"? I'm CD 13, have one 16, two 15, one 14 and two 12. I'll have another US on Tuesday to see what to do.


lyly14 - September 5

Hi gatornurse-my Re told me he likes to see between 4 and 6 follies. They don't like you to have more than 6 because of the chance of multiples. The way they explained it to me is that 1 out of every three should be a good egg, although potentially they can all be good. Usually when the lead follies get between 17-19 they do the trigger and anything 15 or bigger should ovulate (at least that is what my RE told me). Sounds like you are doing pretty good. Have they checked your E2 level?


gatornurse - September 5

No E2 level, but should be getting one done tomorrow. My RE is a BFF of mine (convenient, huh?), and I am pretty sure she is going to have me bail out of this cycle. Too risky for multiples, but I'll find out tomorrow. Man, my lower abdomen hurts!!



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