Going on 3rd IUI - Any Suggestions on what works
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ncordero33 - December 14


Hi there,

I am new to this forum but in need of someone to talk to who can relate. I have a beautiful daughter whom I conceived with no problems 2 years ago. Now at 38, for some unexplained reason, I have miscarried 3 consecutive times. So I decided to go to a specialist and was tested for a whole bunch of things which all came back negative. Good thing! :D

In any case, my doctor decided to do IUI and have had no success and I am frustrated, angry and confused. I will be starting my 3rd IUI tomorrow but I certainly want to take a different approach. Has anyone ever used an ovulation kit during the IUI cycle to determine the exact ovolation time? My guess is that my doctor is missing my ovulation period. When I take the HCG shot, my doctor said I should have relations the following day, then the next day after the relations, I have the IUI, then relations again the following day. How can we miss right?

Has anyone followed a different procedure and it worked? Have you used ovulation kits?

Help! ???


MagnoliaGirl - December 14

Hi :)

I can so relate to where you are! I am scheduled for my 3rd IUI next week, so I wish you lots of luck. I can tell you what my RE is doing with me, but it hasn't worked yet. I take Clomid on CD 3 through 7. I go in for an ultrasound on CD 10, 11, or 12. They measure the follicles and decide when I should have the trigger shot (I use Ovidrel). They usually have me take it in the evening, 36 to 40 hours before the IUI. They usually tell us we can have sex 48 hours before the IUI and then the evening after the IUI.

Best wishes!

Are there any success stories out there with IUI? I'm beginning to wonder if this is ever going to work!


bciervo - December 15

I'm wondering the same thing. Today I got the negative call- AGAIN. We've done several IUI's- this was the first one with Menopur. However, it didn't work. I start again on cycle day 3- last month we started on day 5. However, I only had one follicle come out of it- I have unexplained infertility. All I can do is have hope in the next cycle. I just don't know how much longer I can do this.


MagnoliaGirl - December 15

Hang in there, girl :) I know how you feel! Here's hoping we both get Christmas miracles this year!


kimberlyk - December 16

I have not done my IUI yet, probably won't do it for a couple of months but my RE went through the proceedure with me and they will have me do the trigger shot the at night, the next morning I will go in for the first IUI then I will go in the following day for another IUI, so maybe they are waiting too long to do the proceedure.


cantwait4baby - December 18

Wow...it's nice to find someone in the same boat as I am. I had my second IUI two weeks ago and I just started my period yesterday. No such luck once again:(
Sounds like we all are on the same schedule for the trigger shot and then the inseminations. I usually get my HCG shot 18 hours before the insemination and I get the inseminations on back to back days at the exact same time in the morning.

I'm afraid I have to skip out on doing any treatments in January because my ovaries were way too large to shrink back down to normal in time for me to start my Follistem shots. I'm pretty upset about it and starting to break down emotionally. I went ahead and scheduled an apt. with my RE in January to discuss moving to in vitro. I don't know how much more of this I can take without any success. My husband and I have unexplained infertility and I thought I would have conceived by now. It's SOOOOOO frustrating...

Good luck to you all!



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