going for ivf #3
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karystos - May 30

I've done 2 IUIs -all BFNs ::)
I've done 1 IVF/ICSI with 2 good 4 day embies - BFN (food poisoning, and OHSS :-[
I've done 1 FET with 2 fair/good blastocysts -chemical pregnancy >:(

Now what? I'm going to go for IVF/ICSI #3. Why all negatives? Everything is perfect on my end except my age (38). My DH has low motility/morphology. I'm losing hope in having a child.
Anyone in my shoes? :'(


Alexa - May 30

Hi Karystos,

I am so sorry that you are going though a rough time I
have been there myself I have had 6 failed IUI's until I decided to move on to IVF my first IVF had been cancelled because I got sick the night before my transfer ended up in the hospital and they kept me there till morning and they cancelled my retrieval I was so upset after going through an entire month of BCP and a week of injecting....

I started the IVF process all over again had my retreival and transfer and received my first BFP after 2yrs of trying I am over 40, my point is NEVER give up hope it will happen ....



karystos - May 30

Your story is uplifting. Perhaps you went to a better fertiity center than me? Perhaps it's just fate. I wonder if they'll change my protocol this time around...


Alexa - May 30

Hi Karystos

What protocol have you been on for your cycles?
I can tell you that I was on Follistim 350 units and Menopur 75 units the first night and 150 units for the rest of the cycle which ran about 7 days for an Antagon I used Ganerelix and for me I think I had to take that for only 3 days prior to my trigger...for my trigger shot I used Ovidrel ....

They retrieved 10 follicles and also 10 eggs 5 fertilized
and the day of the transfer I had 3 remaining embryos for transfer 1 8cell A grade and 2 6cell B grade A grade being the healthiest...

This is the same protol I used in both cycles since I responded well they didn't want to change anything I did have to also take BCP's for 1 month prior injecting...

Perhaps you could suggest these medications if you were not on them yet! be aggressive sometimes you have to ask a ton of questions and make suggestions ..

I am here if you should need any support or help!
Have you decided when you are going to start a new cycle?



karystos - May 30

I was on the same exact protocol you described on my first ivf/icsi. I was overstimulated which resulted in ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. It was so bad that I thought I was dying. The dr said my body responded too well to the drugs, so this time they will have to give me much less. I had 16 eggs retrieved, 11 fertilized, 2 grade B embyros were transferred on day 4. 2 were frozen.
My FET I used the two frozen blastocysts graded B and B/C.
I don't know what I could do to make the embryos become better quality.
Thank you for your support.


Red - June 1

Karstos! I know it is disappointing as we are in the same boat. We had one failed IUI and one failed IVF (chemical pregnancy) so we can totally understand what you are going through. We are trying one more cycle in mid-June (once AF comes) with a new doctor. I felt totally the same that we had an A and an A- transferred and they told us we couldn't have had a more perfect transfer. I am just praying that God has it is our plans for children and can't change it if he doesn't. I hope you are successful with your next try and God blesses you with your little angel! Keep your chin up!


Iyiola - August 2

I am 36yrs and my husband is 49 and is is our 3rd IVF cycle (5 years and 6 transfers later,suffered from ovarian hyperstimulation which of course I was hopitalized. ) all I have to show is one 5 month stillborn and an etopic pregnancy. I switch doctors, medications. People are always telling me to stay positive, but according to my statistic, how is it possible. I am so ready to give up and learn to live my life childless. But something keeps pushing me to keep going.


karystos - August 2

Then lYola you must keep going! Listen to that inner voice!


Iyiola - August 3

Thanks...........I go in on Monday for the pregnancy test. I am trying to be an optimist, but I have been bleeding and cramping, doesn't look to good.



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