getting pregnant after mc
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Dahn - April 29

I got my results from my blood test today.....My hcg levels are back down....So my doctor told me to count that bleeding as a regular period......It was more heavier than my usual period but that is to be expected.....The good news ;D is that now I can start trying again and I have a solid day to go by as my lmp.
Thanks all for your responses :)


BabyBound - April 29

Good Luck Dahn, on you next cycle.


SamanthaS - April 30

Good luck dahn! Maybe May will be your lucky month! Baby dust to you!


Eileen - May 8

Hi Ladies-
I am 38 yo and misscaried on thursday & had to have a D&C after 12 weks of pregnancy. I spoke to my Doctor about how soon we could start trying for another baby he told me no intercourse for 7 days but after that I have the green light to try to conceive again. He stated the only reason they suggest waiting to conceive is so they can get an a fairly accurate date of when you conceived. God Luck To You All. Hopefuly God will Bless us with our Angels again.



Fortyfour - May 9

Eileen - so sorry about the m/c. It soooo hard. Are you doing iui or ivf. Good luck with the next try. I m/c with first pg at 10.5 wks. with ivf.


Shawna - May 10

Hi Everyone,
I had a m/c at 9weeks and I had a DNC April 25th. I bled for 12days and got a Urinery track infection. The infection either came from the DNC or about a week ago me and my fiance had intercourse with a Condom and that (rubber) could have given the infection cause I was still tender.
Hoping for a period soon, but my doctor said I can't start trying until 2 cycles have passed or there could be a chance of another m/c.
Has anyone else been told this?
Baby dust to you all,


Fortyfour - May 10

My doc said I could try in 6-8 wks after my m/c. But I was so physically sick and hormonally screwed up there was no way I would have. We waited 4 months and had a chemical pregnancy. Take care and I am so sorry for your loss.


Chelle83 - November 11

I am still in the process of miscarrying. My doctors want to wait until Monday to see if my body will do it naturally before doing a D&C. I was at 10weeks. On Tuesday night I had alittle spotting on the tissue after usinmg the washroom. I had just seen my doctor the day before and I was told everything looked fine, I was having some back pain and he said I pulled a muscle. So the night I had some bleeding I went to the ER. The doctor in there did a whole bunch of urine, blood and vaginal tests. He told me I had a UTI and a bit of a yeast infection that was causing the bleeding, but my cervix was closed and he was "100% confident" I didn't miscarry. But he booked me in for a ultrasound the next morning. At the ultrasound the tech didn't say anthing and the asked if I was sure of dates which I was, then she did an internal ultrasound and called in a doctor, who was very blunt in saying there was no heart beat and I had an incomplete miscarriage.

Now my husband and I want to start trying again soon after the bleeding stops. Is this crazy? We were so looking forward to this baby and are both brokenhearted, but we have both already come to terms that this was obviously not meant to be and there was something wrong, my doctor said nothing about trying again, just when we were ready and we both really feel we are, we have been talking for 8 hours straight about it. DO you all think 1 cycle is to soon. Does anyone know what the odds are of miscarrying again?


Octa - February 22

I had a missed miscarriage at 5wks3days. Had a d&c Jan 19 Baby died around January 4. They put me on birth control pills of which I stopped after 10days due to them making me sick. 4days later I started my period which was Feb 4, the bleeding lasted 10days with smearing the last 3. I am not sure when I ovulate. I had relations Feb. 21, can someone help me as to when I ovulate, and when to try? I really want to get preg.


Debie - February 27

Octa Hi

I'm sorry you lost the baby you want so much to have. Most doctors say to wait for three months before trying again,


Debie - February 27

Sorry my last post was sent unfinished. They usually recommend three months/ periods so that the body and hormones are somewhat stabilised and you are emotionally ready to give it a try again. I guess during that time one could also determine, using OPKs, when they are ovulating etc.

I wish you all the best next time around.


octa - March 1

Hi Debie,
Thank you so much for the advise. I still break down and cry because of my lose. It feels so good to know that I am not alone. I think I may be preggy already, I am not sure. I seem to be ovulating according to the signs. Let's hope for the best.


octa - April 1

Hi Debie,
I AM PREGNANT AGAIN. Had a d&c Jan 19. Thank you so much for your advice and encouraging words. I found out Mar 31st. This is for everyone. What I did... I went to the website and click on the calender. Here you can enter the first day of your your last period and then it will tell you when you are ovulation. Since I had a d&c I had not had a period, and I needed to know how many days in my cycle. I had to wait for at least two cycles. This way I can count. For example my first period was Feb. 4th and 2nd mar 3rd, So counting from feb 4th to the day before mar 3rd, that was 27 days. so that is how many days in my cycle. This calender was able to say when I ovulated, and give me an idea of when to ttc like crazy. I did this and alot of prayer. Girls God is listening, just ask and do some homework he will give you all. God bless, especially you Debie for listening.



Mich - May 11

Hi Gals

I had a miscarriage laste week. Apparently it was happening for a while and I just didn't know. I had a blighted ovum. I was devastated when the doc confirmed that the baby was no longer in the amniotic sac. The sac became oblong instead of being round. I do have a healthy son who is 3 years old and who helps me alot to get through the miscarriage. He was concieved with clomid and the pregnancy that I recently lost was concieved naturally. I have endometriosis and PCOS. When I found out about the pregnancy, I was convinced that this was my miracle baby, but I guess it wasn't. I had a DNC done the next day, and have been experiencing contraction pains ever since. Doc says that it wouldn't last much longer!! I really hope that I can get pregnant asap...That should heal me a bit, I hope...


fiso - May 11

Hi all, My heart goes out to all of you who just had a m/c. It is a very difficult time to go through, but don't lose hope. The important thing is to be good to yourself and listen to your body to know when you are ready to try again. Don't rush things. I've been in your shoes and it took me time to recover from the emotional devastation of it.
Tons of baby dust to all of you.


LisaLee - August 22

I had a miscarriage last year and my husband and I descided to try again this year. I was bleading early on within the first 6 weeks and my doctor did a transvaginal us and said it was a bad pregnancy again. I am sooo scared to try again because they say that you have a higher chance of miscarriage after 2 or 3 miscarriages. I did have to have a DnC for both. Does anyone know about this?javascript:huh()



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