Frustrated & Tired of Waiting
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tiggerpounce418 - May 5

I am getting very impatient & frustrated.

My last period was March 19th. On Days 5-9 I took Clomid(1st cycle). I missed my next period, took a hpt and got a BFN. Results of the blood work showed my progesterone level was only 0.8 and it should be at or above 10. Based on that level, my dr said I probably did NOT ovulate at all. He put me on progesterone pills to bring on AF.

I am now 6 days past the last pill (day 10). I spoke to dr today; he said to wait until 2-weeks after the last pill. If still no period, take hpt again, then schedule an appt w/ him. *Dr on this board said you should have a flow around day 3-5 after the last pill. Also, why take another hpt if my progesterone level on blood work was so low that means I didn't ovulate?!

I'm getting frustrated b/c I just want to get my period, so I can start on my next cycle. Supposing I don't get my period by next Fri & I set an appt, that's about 1-1/2 month wasted time.

I made an appt w/ RE, but first available is not until June 10. My dr suggested I wait until after 4 unsuccessful cycles of Clomid. However, I feel like my problems are a little "over his head". He's just a ob/gyn (not RE certified). He is not even treating me for PCOS, b/c he said RE could regulate Metformin & Clomid use together. He's not comfortable w/ it.

So, here I am waiting for A/F....and not really getting the right treatment (it seems) and RE can't see me for another month! >:(


SamanthaS - May 5

Tigger.. I can relate. It's so aggrivating when you KNOW youre not pg and you can't get your af so you can start again!! Im currently doing the same thing. The first day of my last cycle way April 2nd and I tested (4 times now :-X) and it was VERY negative.5 days past But stupid AF just won't come!!!! We can share our frustration together. Let's jsut hope af shows up. I'll pray for you.. you pray for me! Be strong :-\


meridithhasfaith - May 5


I saw on another thread about women waiting for AF to show. I think it was 44 who said she got her period after going on bcp's. She did it after a miscarriage but I expect the result would be the same, bring on AF. Maybe ask her about it and then ask your dr.
I agree with one thing...time for an RE

Good luck!


WantsBaby2 - May 5

Is the clomid not getting you to ovulate? I had that problem. It just didn't produce the results they wanted. Perhaps another stim drug could produce better results. Maybe you should consider a fertility clinic as I am sure your ob/gyn is limited to what he/she can do. Keep your chin up. I know it is frustrating just waiting around. Take care.



tiggerpounce418 - May 5


i have an appt scheduled w/ the re for 6/10. i'm not sure if it's a problem w/ the clomid or not, since it was only my first cycle. usually they say to try 3 or 4 cycles before iui.


Fortyfour - May 8

Yeah, since I am never regular anymore I went on b/c after the m/c so we wouldnt have to wait and wonder what the cycle might do. I think you can take them only 2 weeks also to start a period but check with the doc. Everything seems to control our journey doesnt it. Take care all.



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