Family Feud
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tiggerpounce418 - May 4

Ok, so I have to vent. Thanks for listening in advance. ;)

When I first started going through infertility tests/treatment, etc...I just told my mom & my sister. I wanted to tell them b/c I talk to them often and I wanted someone to talk to about it. Also, my sister could somewhat relate, since she had a hard time getting pregnant (although nowhere near what we're all going through).

Well, my sister ended up blabbing this to basically my whole family (extended family). People would tell me that they heard about it through my sister, so on & so forth. At the time, only 2 people told me so I thought that's all she told.

I just found out tonight that my whole extended family knows (the rest of them didn't say anything to me about it to this day). Last night my mom & my sister had a big fight because my sister (according to my mom) told my mom that she felt it was HER place to tell my grandparents since they didn't know yet. My mom said she told my sister it was NOT her place and she should not be talking about my private business. If it want to tell people, that's my choice, not hers.

Anyway, I confronted my sister about it, and she basically denied the whole thing. She did reveal, however, that everyone in the family knows and everytime they talk to her they ask about me and how I'm doing. Why they don't ask me, I don't know.

Ugh!!! Isn't this hard enough with the monthly heart breaks we go through with the BFN, after months of raging hormones, timed intercourse, blood work, etc?!?

I'm not going to fight about it. She knows how I feel now. Thankfully I'm not on the hormones now, or I'd probably be a lunatic! I don't really care if people know. I'm not trying to hide it. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed. It's just that I don't want people talking behind my back. And if I want to tell someone, that should be my choice. People that I'm not close to, I don't want to talk about it to.

Just had to vent this one here....thanks again.


Fortyfour - May 4

Wow, I would be upset also. There is nothing like people knowing a secret about you and you dont know they know. Its a wierd and disturbing feeling. I wonder why some people think it is their duty to spread info about others. I hope you feel better about this soon and are not on the hormones. I know I would want to smack her if I was hormonal. Take care and keep in touch.



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