Failed IUI
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Hope33 - October 28

I just had my first IUI and it was unsuccessful. I'm so upset and disappointed. I'm such an emotional mess. We've been TTC for almost 3 years now. We're going to try again with another IUI but it just feels so hopeless.

I'm going to try accupuncture later this week. If nothing else I'm hoping it will help with stress, anxiety or depression. Anyone have success with accupuncture?


lenlance - October 28

hey sorry for the bfn. i was on femara 3times and only made one follicle all times got bfn. how many follicles did you have? my doc says the odds increase with increased number of follicles.


skylar19 - October 28

I had 3 failed IUI's before I became pregnant with twins, so don't give up, have them switch your meds or if you are not on meds try them, they worked for me. I just had a failed IVF my first and I know remember how upseting it feels. Very sorry for you, but don't give up!


Hope33 - October 29

I was also on Femara and only had one mature folicle and four small folicles. Hopefully I'll get more mature folicles this time. Thank you for your support and advice!


Brianandjena - November 20

HI everyone,
I just got my bfn on the 19th (yesterday ) I am doing uiu with clomid and trigger shot. I am so sad but not giving up. I am going for the ultrasound and the scrip of clomid again in a few days> i started my menstral cycle also so.. I am ready to start again.(hot flashes here I come). If anyone has had some possitive effects with iui I would love to hear them.


Brianandjena - November 20

oops.. that was a typo^ suppose to say iui..*blushes*


Brianandjena - November 20

skylar ,
did u take clomid? and how many folicles did u produce?


BondletMom - November 20

I've had 2 failed IUI's and it is so sad. I just expected the first one to work - it works for so many women, I thought it would for me as well. The second one I was numb, couldn't even comprehend that it didn't work. I was on Femara w/only follicle and wish I'd gone to injectible meds from the start as this last cycle I had 4 follicles (wrong ovary but hey, at least it's better than one!). So we'll try again next cycle...if it doesn't work even w/more follicles I know I will be devastated. :(


Brianandjena - November 20

I will keep u in my thoughts. I will pray for you.
I am getting ready to start my 2nd round. I was devestaed on the 19th when I got a bfn. AND now I am on my monthly..
Ps. keep possitive thoughts.


wewantababy - November 20

I am in the tww of my fourth IUI. We got pregnant on the second IUI but miscarried at 6 weeks. I have been doing Clomid and trigger shot and usually producing 2-3 follicles. We have been ttc for the last 3 years but only the last year with fertility treatments. Stay positive and keep trying.


Brianandjena - November 22

When do u test?


wewantababy - November 22

I am scheduled for a beta on Nov. 26 but I POAS this morning and got a BFN. Hopefully just too early. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Brianandjena - November 23

It is probably to early. I am praying for you.
Keep me posted
Baby dust to you.


wewantababy - November 27

Well, got a BFN on beta today. Will start another cycle as soon as AF gets here. It's funny how now I can't wait for AF to get here if I get a BFN. I am hoping that the 5th IUI is the charm.


Brianandjena - November 27

I am sorry to hear about your bfn. I have read so many times about it working on the 2nd time and also on the 5th time . Sooo *crossing fingers* Baby dust to you,!
I am going on the 30th I will keep u posted.


wewantababy - November 27

Thanks for the support. We did actually get pregnant with the 2nd iui but m/c at 8weeks. I am still hopeful that IUI is going to work so I am looking foward to another cycle. Never thought i would look foward to AF coming. Thanks again and good luck to you.



FeCC - November 28

Hi BondletMom, In fact I had even forgot about this site. I posted my message a while ago and got no answer.

I was surprise and happy for getting your response.
My 3rd round failed. I moved to another doctor that asked me for a million of tests. I did them all and nothing wrong was found. She suggested another round of IUI. I am 34 and ttc for 2 years. first 2 IUI was with Femara and 75u of Gonal-F. Only produced 2 eggs. Third cicle was only with 150u of Gonal-F and I onlu produced 1 egg... very discoragind. New doctor suggested IUI with 225 Gonal-F for 10 days. I am hopeful. I wonder I never get more then 1 or 2 follicles??



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