failed attempt
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beyond - May 18

Hi ladies
thank you so very must for your support. i got my results and it was negative. this is my second attempt. I am thinking of changing doctor because my doctor i feel does not communicate with me very good. I have learned about grades from looking on the web not from my doctor. I hope to find someone that would take time out to really explain things to me. I feel it is all about money with my doctor offices.


WantsBaby2 - May 18

I am so sorry about your failed attempt. Was this an IVF attempt? Nothing is worse than a negative when you are wishing so hard for a baby. Just be good to yourself and come here often for support. Be sad as long as you need to. I hope you feel better soon.

I know what you mean about doctors offices and money. They seem to want to drag things out forever with more tests, surgeries, IUI's, etc..... They say they don't want to waste our time but do they really mean it? In the meantime.....we and our eggs are just getting older. :(

Take Care,


tiggerpounce418 - May 18


Sorry for the negative. I agree you should switch doctors if you don't feel your dr is taking the time to talk with you and give you all of the info.

In my own experience, I found out about PCOS from this website. I mentioned it to my doctor, and that's when he told me that he is treating me as the cause of my infertility is PCOS. I had to get the info first from the web, then he gave me the info after I asked.

I am set to see an RE on June 10th for a consult; but hoping for a bfp before then!

Anyway, best of luck.


Debie - May 18

Sorry about your failed attempt. If you feel your doctor is not giving you proper service, please change him/her and do so fast. Nothing can be frustrating more than a carefree doctor especially at this trying time of our lives.

Good luck



Fortyfour - May 18

Beyond -- sorry about the neg test. It is so hard to be constantly dissapointed. Are you doing ivf or iui. You can do a profile on yourself so we dont have to keep asking you questions. Thanks


shaz - May 18

Beyond - Sorry for your pain. It's so very hard to deal with.

I changed my doctors as I didnt feel comfortable with my old one. I felt just like a number. I went to a new clinic and got pregnant on my first cycle with them. I think it's so important to completely trust your doctor.

Good luck with finding a new one.




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