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rflaker - February 23

I am new to this site. My husband and I have been dealing with infertility for over a year now. Each month is a big let down. After I ovulate I get so excited and then I get my periods. I feel like I will never be pregnant. I am a teacher and am around kids all day. It's hard not to be able to come home to a family. We have gone through all of the preliminary testing but the doctors have found nothing. I didn't ovulate for about 7-8 months but they think I am now on the right track with that. I asked the doctor if exercise can cause problems -- she assured me no but I was wondering how others felt. I work out 5-6 days a week but I have cut down my running to only 2-4 miles a day since we starting ttc. Thanks for listening. Hoping for some insight!! :'( :'(


allegonda - February 23

Hello rflaker,
Good to read your email, I know how you feel. It seems all around you everyone is pregnant.
I work fulltime too and have a job on my feet, nursing. I think having balance is important in life. I try to have relaxing days off and spare time. Best not to get to stressed at work or at play.
This site is really good and for support.
I do hope you will be blessed with a baby soon, baby dust to you...


baby4us - February 28

I think there are a lot of benefits with exercising. I was a regular exerciser while ttc-ing... but I believe like everyone.. once you start fertility treatments and the pills and needles and emotional roller coaster.. it is inevitable you slip a bit and .. I too gained more weight than I would have prefered.. it seems to be a fairly normal occurance though!

Anyway... Once I did get pregnant.. I was told... just walk and maybe some light swimming. I had some spotting/cramping scares in my 1st trimeseter.. so I cut everything out except the walking.. (and I mean a good daily two hour hike with my dogs... so it was still a good work out).. and I think the walking has helped immensely... albeit I am a bit slower these days!

So I think you really have to listen to your body. If you exercised at an intense level before ttc-ing.. your body can probably tolerate it a bit more.. but yes you have to be concsious of the impact and calories burned.. you need to keep your body strong and fit to carry a baby... and I believe pretty well anything in moderation is fine...



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