End of the 2 week wait!
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Hi Ladies
Tomorrow was supposed to be the day the doctor wanted me to do a preg test. Guess I will have to save the test for next month, my IUI failed got my period today! I feel so numb I couldnt even cry.. I cant take the frustration & disappointment anymore. Life just sometimes isnt fair is it? You have all these wonderful women on this site who want nothing more than to have a baby and you stop and look at all these people who have tons of children and dont even want them. Just heard of a girl around our neck of the woods who has a son (who her mother raises) and got preg again recently delivered the baby (and the baby was addicted to cocaine.) sorry to rattle on as always... I will call the doc in the am to plan my next adventure ...


Fortyfour - October 15

Darn it Tickingclock - Sorry about the BFN. I dont understand the world most of the time when it comes to who gets to be moms so easily and others dont. Take care and good luck with the next cycle. Baby dust to you.


silli_kitti - October 15

BFN sucks!! I'm so, so sorry. The world is unfair, but we have to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I hope next cycle is the one for you.

Sending load of baby dust your way........


WantsBaby2 - October 15

I am so sorry. No... it isn't fair how it comes to easily for some women. I wish you lots of babydust on your next cycle. Just be sad all you need to. It's a painful thing to deal with month after month. All that hope for two weeks and then nothing.

Vent all you need to. We are all here for you.



SMS1129 - October 15


I know how that feels...it totally sucks!! But keep trying because it does happen for a lot of women on here. It takes patience and faith, but it is so worth it.

I wish you the best, keep us posted on your next steps.




44, Silli Kitti, Wantsababy2, SMS1129:

Thank you all for helping me hold my head up. I went to a big october fest today crafts, food ect.. walked all day and everywhere I went babies & preg women -strollers everwhere! I think instead of the oct fest it should have been called the baby fest!!! ok I'm not going to get myself down I will try again-to do whatever it takes...
Thanks again for all the support you ladies are so strong I admire all of you!!!!


sblanton2 - October 16

I am so sorry it did not work this time, I know how you feel about the people having babies who do not want them. I know several teenagers who are pregnant right now who do not have a clue what it takes to love a child and raise it for its entire life, one of the girls is due in Jan. and has not even bothered to buy anything for the baby, thinks everyone else will do it for her. She told me being pregnant was great cause she gets a lot more attention....Needless to say I wanted to smack her, she is in for a reality check come January.
I hope the next cycle is your turn to move down the boards, keep believing...it will happen....



shansy - October 16


So sorry to hear it was negative...I completely understand the frustration and sadness. It does seem like everywhere I go there is pregnant women, so I empathize with you about the Octoberfest. :-\

Hang in there the best you can.


baby4us - October 17

So, so sorry for your BFN.. and that you had to endure the baby-fest! there is nothing worse than getting out to a function to get your mind off baby-making and fertility treatments... and lo and behold... babies everywhere....

I agree too about the unfairness of who gets pregnant,, if I see one more young person SMOKING while visibly pregnant.. I am going to jump out of the car and strangle them.. I just find that incredibly unfair!

What will you be doing next... are you still going to do a few more IUI's? BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Karen123 - October 17

Tickingclock, I'm so very sorry for your bad outcome. I wish you all the best. Karen



This site has been a true life savor.. I truely admire all of you... for all your support and strength.. It helps during these failed cycles to keep dreaming your dreams..
I will try again went to the doc today started clomid again he feels that I am responding well to the same treatment and wants to do another IUI around the
26th or 27th depending on how the follicles look. I am praying for good follicles and trying to RELAX...
gina :)


Fortyfour - October 19

Good luck Gina, I hope the next time is the one. Darcie



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