Egg Quality
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coll1964 - April 8

Can anyone tell me for a day 3 transfer what would be the best cell count. I had 2 embies that were 8 cell grade A and 2 that were 7b's. Is 8A the best they could be at day 3?
Last month was my first IVF and I had one 8B and the rest 6 A's. I am hoping that the 8A's will make the difference.
I hate the dreaded 2WW, it makes my mind go all sorts of ways! Thanks in advance for your input. :-\


meridithhasfaith - April 8

Hi coll1964

I don't know for sure but I think with a 3-day transfer, 8 cells is pretty darn good. Of course it isn't a guarantee. I had 2 embryos transfered back, one a 3-cell, one a 4-cell and both D quality (the worst) and I becamse pg and had a healthy baby 7 years ago. I am sure that the more cells, the better it's developing which can mean the healthier it is. It is too bad our tummies aren't a crystal window in which to watch and find out what's happening. The 2ww will be over eventually and you will have your answer. Good luck



Fortyfour - April 9

Were your embies fresh or frozen?


lindsey - April 10

Meridithhasfaith ----- great idea about the crystal window for our tummy ..... mabe you could patent it! ;D


WantsBaby2 - April 10

Hi Coll,
Good luck with your 2ww. I will throw lots of baby dust your way for a ++++++ at the end of your long wait! Keep us posted.



coll1964 - April 11

Thanks Meridith & Wantsbaby, the embies were fresh. I had my b/w today for progesterone level and Friday will be preg. test. I am feeling like I am getting my period though but am hopeful for once the signs are wrong >:(
The most frustrating thing is if the eggs are good quality and I had my uterus checked last Oct. for endometriosis (sp?) etc, why am I not getting pregnant??
My DH is thinking that if this one does not work that we should push for a day 5 transfer see if the embies are going to blast. What do you all think? Thanks again.


Fortyfour - April 12

I think a 5 day transfer would be great, then you know they can implant. Good luck and I pray and hope that you are pg and that this long journey is over. Take care and keep in touch


BabyBound - April 12

colli--good luck on friday...keep us posted.



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