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Laura69 - January 24

I'm 38 years old (I'll be 39 in April) and found out yesterday my FSH level is now at 30 (I've been crying ever since). I'm definitely going through premature ovarian failure. The only way to give birth to a baby, which I desperately want to do, is to seek out an egg donor. Has anyone gone through this? Or know anyone who has? I'm meeting with another doctor next week to discuss my options. I'm not sure what questions to ask or what to expect? Can anyone help me??


Marina - January 24

hi laura,
with egg donors you have the same risk involved as with your own eggs,because even in perfectly healthy woman only 30% of of her eggs are capable to become a healthy babies.So it's always risk involved no matter if it's your own or a donor's.And if you are going through pr. ovarian failure,your best chance to use donor eggs.I'm sure your doctors office got all info you need.
good luck!


lyly14 - January 24

Laura- I am sorry to hear of your news. I have not personally had to use donor eggs, but someone I work with just had a beautiful baby boy using donor eggs. She is in her early 40's and has struggled with infertility for over 10 years. They tried IVF with her own eggs about 8 times with no success. They finally decided to use donor eggs. The donor was 28 yrs old and they used her own dh's sperm. It took about 2-3 cycles but they now have a beautiful little one. It may still take a few tries, but you will get the chance to carry and give birth to a baby. I know egg donors can be expensive. I have heard of the option to do sharing with another couple in the same situation. When the eggs are retrieved they are split between two couples. You may have less eggs to work with but if cost is a concern it may be worth looking into. I wish you the best of luck!


Laura69 - January 24

Thanks Lyly14. I had no idea couples could share the eggs which could make it a little cheaper option. My doctor told me egg donation is usually upwards to $25,000, assuming no problems. That's a lot of money for my husband and I to handle on our own. I'll definitely ask my doctor about it next week. Thanks again for the information I appreciate it.



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