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baby4us - August 29

It is cruel what we all have to go through... the waiting.. the testing.. the not knowing.. the dreams dashed.. it is just heartbreaking. Silli-kittie... you have had to go through all this waiitng and wondering and testing too much lately.. and I completely feel your despair...but you are doing the best thing.. be as informed as possible.. ask questions and demand answers...keep us informed about your journey.

Heidi.. best advice indded is to get an RE.. how isolated in Maine are you.. I have felt somewhat isolated as I am a good hour and a half from the major city where I am getting my treatments.. and everyone I run into at the clinic live in the city.. so they don't have to worrry about getting up at 3:30/4am.. driving into the city when it is dark.. and you are exhausted.. then try to get home and work! it just adds to the stress that is already there..

So keep yourself informed -- there are so many great web sites out there ( esp. this one)


Fortyfour - August 29

Silli Kitti - Yes - My first pg that m/c at 8 wks started like that. I am so sorry about all the stress you had to go through lateley. It is so cruel.
Please keep in touch with us.

Heidi- I cannot believe you have had that many losses and still have the strenght to try again and again. I told my hubby I think one more m/c and I am done with this crap. I am too old to have these hormones upsets.

You should really get a RE that specializes in autoimmune problems to save yourself alot of trouble.

Keep in touch with us.


jazzyt103 - September 8

Hi ladies! I am new to this sight. As of last Friday I thought that I would be all done w/ the infertility forums BUT>>> DH & I were set to start IVF this month when lo and behold I got a BFP on Friday. Even got a positive beta on Friday. But Tues got another Beta done and just got the results yesterday. They are rising but not doubling. The Dr. said that I am in the "gray area." If there is something I dont want to hear it is gray area... I have been crying ever since. I have another test tomorrow.... Dr. said if he had to guess it would be that it isnt a viable pregnancy but to not lose hope... I was spotting brown for last 5 days but not anymore.... I am scared out of my mind...Just felt like I needed to let go of some feelings so that maybe I could quit crying!!


SMS1129 - September 8


I know what that feels like. Unfortunately (or fortunately for th e wonderful support it provides) many of the women here do.

I wish you the best with this pregnancy, maybe things will turn around for you. I know some women who started out low and then started doubling. Hang in there and keep coming back to this site to let us know how things are going.

Take care,



Fortyfour - September 9

Jazzy- I am so sorry for the pain and stress you are going through. I went through that trauma with my first pregnancy. I hope all is well.



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