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baby4us - May 4

The "wait" makes all of us a little insane!
Does anyone else get "Phantom" pregnancy symptoms during the waiting time.. and you go crazy wondering if you are indeed pregnant.. and then you get your period and are devastated???!!!

I swear each month I feel nauseous... and get some other symptoms.. I guess it is just my mind playing tricks on me... but it really is not fair.. then you break down and buy a hpt... only to have it confirmed negative!

And ahh... yes.. life in Canada... usually by May in Ontario the weather is perfect.. flowers popping up... but this year has been very cold, windy and rainy... thank goondess I live in the country and go out for long walks with the dogs to clear my head.

Good luck to eveyrone who is waiting.. I am on day 13 right now... and still baby making every other day... and trying to not look at the calendar!!


Lynne - May 4

I'm a putz...... it was neg this am but the old man gave me heck, it is really way to early for a hpt to register a positive. I know better but my impulsive nature took over ;D I'm not too down about it aslong as AF doesn't arrive I hold out hope. I'm not nearly as crampy this am as I have been these past few days, but I was sickly last night at dance class. I've got to get over the sick feeling, I have another dance class tonight and an SCA meeting after, never mind another dance class tommorrow night aswell. I have promised the old man that I will not test again until Sunday, he doesn't want me all depressed until we are sure that there is a reason to be :-\ ( but that is a whole 3 days away ).

Hi paige, we are doing clomid with timed intercourse it's been the most sex I've gotten in years ;D

Baby wishes to us all. Lynne


baby4us - May 4

Hey Lynne you are not a putz!.. we have all done hpt early.. and then kicked oursleves for wondering.. is it really a negative.. or just negative because it is early?????

Probably good that you are busy with all your classes... that will keep your mind off of it... but I do agree.. just try to think happy thoughts and wait until at least Sunday to test again.

Good luck to you.. I hope Sunday finds you positive!!!!!


Lynne - May 4

happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts
;D ;D ;D


paige - May 4

Well good luck Lynne. I was thinking of you when I woke up wodering if you tested. My hubby is making me wait till the blood test. What I hate about that is they don't tell you till 4:00p.m. on that Monday so you have all day to wait and it's my day off from work! Well it sounds like your getting some pregnancy signs. The only thing I have is my chest is getting more sore by the day but I don't know if it could be all the pregesterone building up. I'm glad to hear clomid is making your sex life great. Ever since this journey with a feww clomid scycles and three invitro and all we have gone through. Sex doesn't seem the same anymore :(but maybe if this is my lucky time it will go back to not thinking maybe it's the one time I might concieve naturally ;)Well keep me posted. And good luck to all of you waitng!


ElizabethS - May 5

lynn - I can totally relate. I tested way too early and got a negative, only to find out three days later that I was pregnant. The 2ww makes you so wacko.

I wish that the cost for IVF/IUI included 2 weeks at a health spa during the 2ww. It seems to be high enough to include some sort of special treatment.


paige - May 5

lo I so agree the waiting time sucks. we need to relax somehow!


Fortyfour - May 8

If sedatives didnt hurt the baby 2 weeks of sedation would be good for me. I could walk around with a stupid smile on my face instead of a wacko grimace. Take care all and good luck Lynne.


paige - May 8

I agree with that too. But if we could combine the combo that would be even better. I am so nervous I am one day away from my test and it is driving me nuts!! :o


helen22 - May 8

[glow=red,2,300]Good luck!!![/glow]
Sending baby wishes your way!!!


shaz - May 8

Good luck today Lynne and Paige, I will be thinking of you all day.



paige - May 9

Thank you both. I just wish I didn't hve to wait all day for the results!



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