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Lynne - April 27

11 days and counting, I swear I'm going to shred every calender in the house. I keep hoping that I will join all the Lucky Ladies on this site who have had good news in the past few weeks but with all that's going on in our lives I think that the stress levels we have are hindering the process. I have purposely not bought any hpt's so that I don't do anything foolish like testing early ( which means I will probably pick some up tommorrow, am I sad or what). Baby wishes to everyone trying, and baby dreams to our mommies. Lynne


WantsBaby2 - April 28

Good luck Lynne!
11 days huh? It will be here before you know it! (easy for me to say eh?) I really hope this is the one for you!

If you are pg, you still must come onto these boards to entertain us! It wouldn't be the same without you! We would miss you terribly!

I will say a little prayer for you and keep my fingers crossed very tightly for a positive. Buckets and buckets of baby dust to you Lynne! Think baby.....think baby!



Fortyfour - April 28

Good luck Lynn, The longest wait. Baby dust to you.


oneandonlymel - April 28

lynn- good luck and I pray you have a BFP ;D


meridithhasfaith - April 28

Hi Lynne

Good luck to you. I hope you get the BFP you dream of. This 10 days will pass by quickly if we keep you company, right? So come here often. Take care



Jenny Lee - April 28

ARGGHHH, THE DREADED WAIT! I hope this wait has a very positive outcome for you and you end up with a beautiful baby in 9 mos!! ( I won't wish on you the nausea, and constipation, but when you do experience it, it'll be the best worst you've EVERY felt) ( hope that made sense. Many prayers, I'll be watching for good news. Jen


SamanthaS - April 29

Lynee... waiting does suck! I think most of us have been waiting for and wanting little babies for many years! So.. that makes that 10day wait look like nothing right? Ha, I wish it was that easy! I really hope you get your positive this month!... April has been so productive! I'd hate to see the baby rain stop! Baby hurricaines to you!


Lynne - April 29

Thank you every one, my old man is hoping for a BFP this time around because timing would mean we would deliver around his birthday. Also it would take the pressure off of him having to put out on a regular basis, ( you would think that it was hard work or something ;) ). Well I hope the time goes by fast, and with all the stuff listed on my calender it looks to be shaping up that way, holy cow I've got myself double booked somedays. Oh well it keeps me out of trouble. Baby wishes to us all. Lynne


paige - May 3

Hi Lynne I hope the best for you when is your test the 7th? Mine is the 9th. I think May will be a good month. Good luck. Paige


Lynne - May 3

Hi paige, would you believe that my test day falls on mother's day ( 8th) so I'll have to hpt and do bloodwork on Monday if that comes out good. I'm soo trying not to go out and get a whole case of hpt's and test every morning until then. I'm soo pathetic but the wait is driving me nuts ( of course I take it out on the old man so it is not so bad in some ways). If I get a visit from AF I am soo going to have a whole bottle of wine on Sunday evening. Baby wishes to us all. Lynne


ElizabethS - May 3

Good luck to all the ladies in the 2ww!!! I am throwing baby dust your ways! keep us posted.


paige - May 3

Well we are in the same boat that is why mine is on Monday too. The thing that sucks is if we get a hpt it might be wrong and there is no way to get a period till a feww days after knowing the results and stopping progesterone. I think were pretty screwed. I have been so tempted to get a test but just that what if it's wrong will throw me into such sadness. What time do you find out on Monday? Do you live in California? Are you feeling any symptoms at all?


Lynne - May 3

Hi paige, I would find out for sure on monday only if I tested + on Sunday, there is little point going in if AF visits ( I'm usually very regular and AF usually hits before I get a chance to test). If I get to go in and see the doc on Monday I will have the results before I left the lab at his office ( kind of convenient anyways).

I live up here in Canada, land of snow one day and 20 above the next, around here they say if you don't like the weather out the front door check out the back door.

As for symptoms, sore breasts, mild cramping, extreme irritability ( just ask my husband and the kids), My only problem is that these are also my period symptoms ( although these are much stronger than normal months so I am still hoping).

I picked upp some hpt and I'm going to try one in the morning, it's early but I picked up more than one ;D


paige - May 3

Hey you made me laugh. Is it always cold in Canada? Hey I never asked are you doing a natural cycle or invitro or something else? How long have you been trying? I want so bad to get a test but I'm trying to fight it. Everytime I want to get a test I just eat food. I am craving the caziest things at the moment ;D


Fortyfour - May 4

Lynn, Ihope you get a BFP. take care.


meridithhasfaith - May 4

How are you testing? With a beta at the dr. or an hpt? If hpt, do you see yourself waiting until Sunday? Positive wishes!!!!



baby4us - May 4

The "wait" makes all of us a little insane!
Does anyone else get "Phantom" pregnancy symptoms during the waiting time.. and you go crazy wondering if you are indeed pregnant.. and then you get your period and are devastated???!!!

I swear each month I feel nauseous... and get some other symptoms.. I guess it is just my mind playing tricks on me... but it really is not fair.. then you break down and buy a hpt... only to have it confirmed negative!

And ahh... yes.. life in Canada... usually by May in Ontario the weather is perfect.. flowers popping up... but this year has been very cold, windy and rainy... thank goondess I live in the country and go out for long walks with the dogs to clear my head.

Good luck to eveyrone who is waiting.. I am on day 13 right now... and still baby making every other day... and trying to not look at the calendar!!



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