Confused about Clomid
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barrett - November 15

This is my first time on this board....

I had a m/c in April. My periods were fairly regular, but I was experiencing some abnormal bleeding about a week after my period ended. My doctor said he thought it was my body getting rid of "bad eggs." He put me on Clomid to regulate my cycles and stop the irregular bleeding. It worked for the bleeding, but now I don't think I'm even ovulating at all! I have gone through 2 cycles of CLomid and not one OPK that I've taken has come out positive. The last cycle, we tested from the day my period stopped until I started again with no positive result.

Has this happened to anyone else? Can clomid ever prevent ovulation?


lyly14 - November 15

Hi Barret- Taking clomid does not ensure ovulation, but it wont prevent it either. I did 4 cycles on clomid and was monitored with bloodwork and ultrasound. I was told to use the opk and never picked up a positive on the kit. I know that I ovulated but didn't see the surge. During one cycle I went in for an u/s on a wed. and they saw two nice size follies, they told me to make sure I was testing for the positive. I tested twice a day that day (wed) and the next (thur) and it was negative. I went back for another u/s early friday morning and the follies were gone. Blood test confirmed I already ovulated. I never had a problem with the kit before I started the clomid, but for some reason the kits aren't always reliable when you are taking fertility meds. You usually ovulate about 5-10 days after your last pill (if I am remembering correctly) But to avoid missing ovulation my doctor prescribed an ovidrel shot to induce ovulation before my body did it on its own when the u/s and bloodwork showed matured follies. That way I didn't miss it again. Hope this helps.


jeni_turner - November 17

Hi barrett,

I have wondered the same thing about clomid. I took it for one month a while back and also found it hard to detect a surge even though I could clearly detect them before I started clomid.
I just posted a question about having a shot given to make you ovulate so you don't miss it. We're scheduled to have our first IUI this month, so I don't want to miss it!



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