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Ran1971 - April 4

Hi Everyone

I am new to this a friend of mine (also going through IVF) told me about this site and I thought I would try it out.

My husband and I started IVF in 2005 after TTC for 2.5 years with no positive result. Thank god my second IVF cycle (2 frozen embs) was succefull and we had a baby girl who is our angel and she is almost 1 :)

We have just started again in the hope of having another baby (brother or sister) for our daughter however out of my 6 eggs only 2 made it to Blastocyst stage, I had one fresh transfer which unfortunatley didn't work (last Friday) and now I have one frozen one to try with.

I am so confused and stressed, I want to try the frozen embryo but I am so scared that if godforbid it doesn't work I then have to wait another month to start a fresh cycle and that takes a couple of months to work, however if the frozen transfer works then I wouldn't need to do a fresh cycle! I am scared also that the frozen emb might not survive the thawing process which means again I must wait!

I have been loosing sleep over this and trying to make a decision without regretting later on, what would u do if u were me?

Best wishes to everyone :)


destinybaby - April 4

Hi Ran1971,

Welcome, you will find a lot of support here. I am sorry your transfer did not work last Friday. :( If I were you I would not take a chance with the Frozen one I would do a fresh transfer. Also I would ask my doctor to give me some kind of medication to produce more eggs. I have read on some of the other boards on this site where this can be done (don't remember which board)

I can understand how you may feel trying with just one. Go with your gut feeling. Do you know the grade of the frozen one?

Hey I would do a fresh cycle just to have more eggs. I know you will make the right decision.

I will be starting IVF in about 2 months.

Baby Dust To All :)


Ran1971 - April 4

Hey Tia

Thanks very much for your reply and I hope all goes well for you when you start, you will be fine just keep positive :)

The frozen embryo that I have is actually at blastocyst stage which is most advanced.

I have had a chat to my husband tonight and due to finaces I think we are going to go with the frozen emb for now and if godforbid that doesn't work then I will do a fresh cycle but at least we have a couple of months to save for it!

Are you in the USA? I am in Australia.

Best wishes to all



Ran1971 - April 4

I was wondering if anyone has done a "short" cycle where you don't take the "Lucrin" injections on day 21 but go straight onto GonalF to make the eggs, and what that was like?

My last 2 cycles (both with Lucrin and then Gonal F) gave me 6-8 eggs and was wondering if this method would give me more?

Baby dust to all


Fortyfourfive - April 5

Ran -All I know is that you cannot control what will happen with the embryos and you just hace to go ahead and just do it. I wish you lots of baby dust.


destinybaby - April 5

Hi Ran1971,

How exciting, going through with the FET that you have. Yes I read that the blastocyst is a great stage for embys. I wish you supernatural baby dust. This could be the one.

Yes I am in the United States, NYC.




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