clomid-how many follicles are the norm?
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jeni_turner - November 24

Hey all,

I was just wondering how many follicles are the norm or expected from clomid? I'm on 50mg this month and have only 1 that was "dominant". They say 1 is enough, but more increase your odds, right?

If this month is not successful, then they'll up my dosage. Does a higher dosage increase the number of mature follicles?


lyly14 - November 25

Hi Jellybean- I am not sure what the norm is , but I kind of had the same problem with the clomid. I ovulate regulary on my own, but started on 50 mg of the clomid and had 2 follies the first 2 cycles. The third cycle, I only made 1 so they upped my dose to 100 mg for the 4th cycle and I still only made 1. I knew someone else who made 5-6 follies on the clomid, so I think it is dependent on your body. But my doctor recommended we move on to injectibles because you should have success after 3 cycles on clomid and we already did 4. Is this your first clomid cycle? Some dr's aren't so quick to move you on because injectibles with IUI increase your chances of multiples. Hope you get the info you are looking for. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you. Hopefully one follie will be enough!


jeni_turner - November 25

Thanks Lyly,

Yeah, the nurse said they would probably up my dose if not preggo this month. I've read on various sites that upping the dose doesn't mean more follicles. We may move to injectibles. How bad are the shots?
I had a sono today to check for collapse, but it is still there and now at 26mm! I asked for an HCG shot, but they suggested I use a different ov test brand and wait until Tuesday.


Brianandjena - November 25

Hey, one my first cycle with clomid I produced 2 follies now I am on my 2nd round or clomid and I am going on friday to see what my body has done. I will keep u informed as to how many my body made. I am on 100mg of clomid(thats what he started me on)
I am frustrated that they wont give u that shot and be done with the guess work.
*smiles* maybe I need to go to the doc with you and tell them(im homonal) laughs.. keep in touch


lyly14 - November 25

Hi jellybean- Im sorry to hear they wont just give you the trigger, that must be so annoying and frustrating. I wish you the best of luck. The injections really aren't bad. I was on the gonal-f pen. It was easy to do and they didn't hurt if you did it quickly like a dart, if you try to go slow ouchhhhhh! I also had less side effects on the gonal than the clomid. I did have some bruising on occassion with the shot but it only happened like two out of the 10 or so days of shots. It may look bad but it didn't feel any different than the times that didn't bruise. Good luck and keep me posted on that follie.


jeni_turner - November 25

Thanks Jena & Lyly- I'm glad to know that you guys also think it's weird that they just don't give me that shot! I feel like I'm asking for gold! Anyway, thanks for the support. I'll keep you posted and you do the same! :)


lyly14 - November 27

Hi Jellybean- So what happened with your follicle, did you use a different ovulation test? Were you able to do another IUI? I know how frustrating the whole process can be. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and wishing you the best.


jeni_turner - November 29

Hi Lyly,

I had another IUI Monday. Follicle was still there, but only slightly bigger. Follicle collapse documented yesterday (Wed). I have a blood test 10 days from now!! :)
Oh, and I had a VERY positive ovulation test Monday afternoon. I had never had one show up positive in the afternoon or evening. The test line was even darker than the reference line and still that way Tuesday morning. Fingers crossed!
**Am I suppose to be resting? My 3 year old is very challenging right now...just wondered if that mattered!


FeCC - November 29

Hello jellybean,
What means follicles collapse?


lyly14 - November 29

Hi Jellybean,

I am glad to hear things worked out for you. Sorry that one IUI was a waste, but at least the timing of Mondays IUI was good! I wouldn't worry about resting too much. So many women get pg doing all their nomal activities without thinking about it. The best thing and the hardest one to do is try not to stress!!!! Do what you need to do to help you relax. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you. Keep me posted on how you are doing.


KaraLehann - May 18

I just started Clomid today, and I need to hear from those who have taken it as well as those who conceived with it and had a baby or multiples...please I feel so alone...

Email me at KaraLehann1985 at


Baby Dust and Love to all!


diane544 - November 11

I am currently on my first cycle of 50mg of clomid.
I had my first follicle sonogram yesterday. I had two to the right measuring 21mm and 19mm, and one to the left measuring 18mm. Husband and i are a little scared about the chance of multiples. Can you ladies who conceived tell me how many follicles were fertilized?



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