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Miller - March 31

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to know if anyone is using the drug "Clomid"? I`m on it now for 8 months with no joy!!! Ìt`s really starting to get me down. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for the past 20 months but it feels like 20 years!!!


sarah27 - March 31


Welcome to the site! I am not currently on clomid but might have to be in a few months if this iui doesn't work. I know it feels like forever when you've been trying that long. Hang in there and if you ever need more support just write. There are lots of women on this site that are taking clomid or ovulex that can help you.

Take care



amyjoy - April 1

I used clomid for our last IUI. Have you been using it for 8 months? My Dr. doesn't like to use it more than 6 cycles. I have 2 cysts on my left ovary from the clomid from the last cycle, so we have to wait for them to go away. Hopefully they will be gone by the end of April so we can do anouther IUI in May.

I know it feels like 20 years! I completely understand! I feel like my whole life is a waiting game right now. I waited to get to this point and now everything is not working. I try and keep myself busy, but it's been a bad week and I have been so consumed by everything lately.

I had some side effects from clomid. I had hot flashes all the time! I couldn't sleep, I would just sweat! And I was a bit crabby.

Are you going to try clomid again? Are you doing an IUI with the clomid?


naz - June 10

Hi am new at this so hope am going about it right!Have used Clomid for 1 cycle but no luck yet.My doctor has given me only for 3 cycles.Starting the 2nd one today so wish me luck.Trying for a baby has been very emotional.We have been trying now for over 3 years!!!


djh2700 - July 19

I am starting my first IUI. I take clomid for the first time tonight. I'm more concerned about the menopur shot next week. I guess I'll have to call the office because no one told me how to do that. I had my lap surgery to fix everything on 6/27. I was glad that my doctor recommend IUI with drugs. For some reason it makes me feel proactive. I know it's crazy but I have such a good feeling about this cycle with treatment. With the testing I've had done, the surgery and now all the drugs (because I taking several for hormone imbalances) I feel like we're really on the right track. I've had pretty good luck with the other hormone meds so I'm hoping I can handle clomid too. Although the side effects really don't matter, if that's what it takes. Good luck to all of you too!



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