Changing our minds...again!
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Kaz - May 27

I posted a week or so ago after my dh and I had decided to go ahead with our first IVF this summer. Well, a lot has changed since then! This weekend, my dh basically just told me he wasn't comfortable with the IVF, he needed more information, needs to talk about it more, is worried about possible long-term effects of the hormones, etc. Then he said that he is ready to start thinking about adoption (up to this point we hadn't really considered it, although I've always been somewhat interested).
Bottom line is, we cancelled the IVF cycle but are going to an IVF orientation next week to learn more. We are also seriously starting to consider adoption, and I'm actually feeling really good about it. I know we were extremely blessed to have our daugher 3 years ago, and as much as I always thought I'd be pregnant again (we didn't have IF issues with her), I'm beginning to see that maybe there's another possibility for us.
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement while I have been on this board. I will still check in and could very well be back this fall if we decide to do the IVF. I wish all of you the best of luck with your baby-making! Motherhood truly is the most amazing feeling in the world, and I pray that you will all experience it one day very soon!!!


WantsBaby2 - May 27

Good luck with your decision. Sometimes just making that decision is the hardest part. May God bless you and your DH on your journey to becoming parents again!

Feel free to come online with us and share your journey if you go the adoption route. I know we will definitely go that route if IVF does not work and we could use some tips. We would all appreciate any information you choose to share with us, and you have our support if you need it in the process! Take care.



meridithhasfaith - May 27

Oh Kaz, I am so happy that you feel good about this and DH is on board with you. That's the best way to do anything. It doesn't matter how your blessing comes to you, just please share it with us so we can celebrate too!

Take good care,




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