Caffeine Redux
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ubergorn - March 6

Did some research.

Coffee, black, regular: 120 mg
Black tea: 45 - 60 mg
Green Tea: 30 mg
Decaf Tea: 5 mg or similar trace amounts

And here's the beautiful thing:

WHITE TEA: 15 mg per cup

I was alternating between green and white tea while going through my stim part of my cycle. I love them both, but I'd never bothered to research what I was drinking half the time.

White tea is the least processed of all teas...a bit more expensive, but it has a fabulous taste, more sweet and sunshiny and less grassy than green tea.

And drinking it gives you so little caffeine, it's not much different than decaf. Even half a cup would give you all the flavor and none of that bilgewater aftertaste that decaf leaves behind.

Plus, I figure I can knock back cups at a four to one ratio with black tea.

I went off tea completely from my transfer to my first beta but now, I'm sipping my white tea blissfully, with my doctor's approval.

Trader Joes has a nice white tea.....


tiggerpounce418 - March 8

I love green tea and have continued drinking it. My fav is Tazo Tea brand, Zen type. It is contains caffeine. I have tried white tea, but have not seen it often. I will definetly try to find Revolution Tea, Honeybush Caramel. Sounds yummy....where did you get it?


TTC in SoCal - March 8

i got it at a spa originally, but you can order it online at:
they have lots of cool flavors and i think it is all organic.
happy sipping!!!


tiggerpounce418 - March 8

Thanks. ;)


sblanton2 - May 23

I have just gotten our consultation appointment, it is scheduled for June 6th, I have been an avid coffee drinker since I was 4 years old. I love the smell and taste of coffee cannot stand decaf. Anyway I have been gradually reducing my coffee intake and am now at the 1 cup in the morning stage. I decided it would hurt less if I start early.... :'( I love green tea, and hopefully it will help after next week( I go to zero coffee) Wish me luck!!!!


WantsBaby2 - May 24

Good luck with curbing your coffee. That has been one of the most difficult things for me. I have no get up and go now. Green Tea helps a little. Take care!


rosy - May 26

I have been off caffeine for 3 days now and think I am going to die!! How hard do you think caffeine withdrawal is on your body? Do you think it's better to drink a cup a day rather than go through withdrawal?


tiggerpounce418 - May 26


I think caffeine withdrawal is very hard on the body although I've never experienced it. I'm not really a coffee drinker. Just an occassional cup is fine by me. But, my husband used to drink a lot of regular soda. When he switched to decaf, he really felt sick. Probably one cup is better then "cold turkey" then maybe half a cup. Just my opinion. I'm no expert. Good luck and hope you're feeling better soon. :P


Fortyfour - May 26

Rosy, They say to cut down slowly and not go cold turkey. You can be off caffiene in 2 weeks if you cut back slowly. I used to drink 5 cups a day and now have 1 or 2.


Karen123 - May 27

Ok, it's the girl who knows nothing yet here. :-\ I asked about caffeine and alcohol during my consult and was told that since I only drink regular tea in the am and a soda for lunch, I'm ok. He said not to drink alcohol the day before the retrieval. Now I'm not a big drinker so I planned on cutting out the occasional drink with a meal completely but thought the caffeine was fine. Should I be worried about it? I would have to cut back slowly too since I just LOVE my tea and soda. I did stop my nightly can of soda just in case but now I'm thinking I should cut it all out? As it is, I'm going to struggle really hard to stop taking my Arthritis medicine. I want to do everything possible to make this work so if I have to cut the caffeine, I will certainly do that. Karen


sblanton2 - May 28

Hey Karen,
A lot of doctors will tell you some caffeine is ok, however there are studies out that show caffeine can have a negative affect on our fertility. Trust me I am a reforming coffee junkie(we are talking if I could have figured out how to put it in an IV I would have). It had no affect on me when I was 18,19 20.....having children, I drank a pot of coffee a day and still managed, just now that I am on the verge of needing a retirement home(joking) I do not want to take the chance that something so preventable could lessen my chances. Make sense? Most of us cut WAY back or completely until after pregnancy and then pick it back up as a precaution. Your doctor is probably right, you have to make the decision for you. I am sure a cup of coffee will not hurt but when we are putting out so much money and time and tears every bit helps. I hope this answered your question, I know I tend to be pretty wordy...LOL

Best of Luck!


Karen123 - May 29

Sylvia, thanks for the answer! You made me laugh. but seriously, You're right. bye-bye caffeine!!


Fortyfour - May 29

statistics show a higher m/c rate in women who drink 3 cups or more a day.


WantsBaby2 - May 29

Hi girls,
I have researched this and they say that even small amounts of caffeine during an IVF cycle can affect egg production. I believe this is after your begin your stim meds. Hope this helps!




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