caffeine and waiting
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baby4us - May 3

It is so difficult going through this waiting game. I am just waiting to hear back from my dr. as to when I will be starting IUI... so am trying to stay positive and do everything right. I am very healthy - exercise and eat well.. my one vice is that I enjoy my ONE cup of coffee a day. But I am feeling so guilty.. perhaps I should just quit caffeine altogether... I have read so many different reports that moderate caffeine is fine, etc. BUT.. if I am having difficulty TTC perhaps I should give it up... then again I just read that tea is great to help boost fertility.. yet tea has caffeine in it???

What to do? I just sometimes feel that during these stressful times... can I not keep the one thing that gets me going each day??


tiggerpounce418 - May 3


First, I would ask your doctor his/her opinion.

I actually read this morning that one cup of coffee per day is fine. You wouldn't want to have any more than that.

I don't really drink coffee. I prefer tea, which I drink TONS of green tea. Different kinds of tea have different levels of caffeine. Green tea & white tea seem to be low in caffeine. I have also heard green tea & white tea boost fertility. I don't know if that's true. I also recently discovered rooibos tea (red bush tea). It is caffeine-free and also has a lot of antioxident qualities, like green tea. Hope that helps!

Good for you that you are healthy, eat right & exercise. If only I could be more like you! :)


baby4us - May 3

Thank you for the wise words! I actually reviewed some earlier posts (after I posted my request on caffeine) and read the two previous caffeine posts... and you are right.. most likely 1 cup is fine... but do I want to risk it? I am drinking green tea right now! I do love it so I will try that in the morning in lieu of the coffee and see how that goes!

I will try the red bush tea.. I haven't actually heard of that.. but wil give it a try! be thankful you aren't addicted to coffee!
Thanks again and good luck with your pursuit of babydom!


paige - May 3

Heloo eveyone I don't know if this helps but I started drinking a tea called pregnancy tea and having one cup of decaff coffee a day. You feel tired but I heard that caffiene is one cause of miscarriage which really scared me. I also do decaf green tea they have it in manderine orange and other flavors. Let me know if you hear any more research on teas. i am going to do more and call the doctor since they are not fda approved!


Fortyfour - May 4

Hi, they show increased m/c rates only in women who have more than 3 cups of coffee a day. My doc said one was fine for me also. After I got pg though the coffee made me sick to my stomach so there went the cravings. Take care and baby dust to you.


meridithhasfaith - May 4

Hi All :)

I wish I knew about the one cup a day being okay as when I was going through my first cycle, I quit caffeince all together and it was as if someone unplugged me for about a week! Such a sloth! Since I am not officially on any meds yet, I am still enjoying coffee...perhaps I can tone it down to one cup a day and everything will be ok.

Thanks for the info you guys!



Lynne - May 4

I'm also down to one cup in the morning, it's my relax after getting one rat off to school and having dishes and the cleaning pretty much done for the day. I know that it is supposed to wake you up but for me it is my break time before the rat race starts over at 9 ( off to the YMCA, or over to the neibours so the kids can play, or into the garden to get it ready to plant, or to the basement to do laundry). I need a nap already ;D

Baby wishes to us all. Lynne


baby4us - May 4

I agree.. I think if you are generally healthy... one cup should be fine.. just check with your dr. - which I haven't done yet.. but I still feel guilty so I am only going to have the occassional coffee.. it is such a treat.. and well.. you need all the "treats" you can get during these "trying" times!

Good luck to everyone!


paige - May 4

Hey all I know one cup of coffee is okay a day my sisteris in fact six months pregnant and has several. I think I am just paranoid becasue it is my last cycle and I don't want to what if it. I didn't want to scare anyone with the caffiene issue. I gotta say not having it I feel horrible and at some point I am going to have to break down and just have some :)



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