bleeding after D&C.
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sasa - June 17

HI, everyone! So, this question is for those of you who have had a D&C.....after TTC for one year with 5 clomid cycles and 2 iui, I finally got preggo. Unfortunately, 2 months into the pregnancy, I had a miscarriage and had a D&C on 6/5. So, after the D&C, I spotted for about a week and then nothing. All of a sudden, yesterday, which was 6/16, 11 days after the procedure, I had some was more than spotting, more like a light period. Now, this morning it is just like spotting. Is this my period? How soon after the procedure do u get your period? Whats' going on here? I am anxious to begin trying again!




RabbitEars - June 17

Dear Sasa,

I am sorry to hear about your mc. I just had a D&C in early may due to uneven uterine lining and abnormal bleeding before AF. I had spotting for the first 6 days after the procedure. Then all spotting stopped for about a week. More random spotting the next week (this went on for about two weeks like this--unpredictable bleeding)...then AF returned at the end of the month, right around the time it was due anyways. Do you know where you were in your cycle when you had the D&C? My Dr. said spotting could last for a couple of days to 1-2 weeks after...
Hope you are feeling better soon!



Jade - June 18

Hi Sasa,
I had a d and c after miscarriage on May 30. So just a few days before you. I had light spotting for the 1st 3 days and then a heavy flow for a couple days after that. My RE said it may have been hormone levels dropping off and cleansing out your system. I about 20 days past d and c and havent gotten af yet. people with normal cycles usually dont get af until 4-6 weeks after d and c. Unfortunately I dont have normal cycles so after cd 35 I will start provera........ Good luck to you. How many weeks were you when you had your miscarriage??


sasa - June 22

Hello....well, firstly, I was a little over 8 weeks when I miscarried.

Second, I am not sure what is going on right now. I had the D and C 16 days ago. At first, I had spotting for about a week. This stopped and then 6 days ago, I began to bleed for 2 days like a very light period, followed by another 2 days of spotting....I don't know if it is possible that this was a period or maybe just the preg finally ending. I am so anxious to try again. My period is usually anywhere between 30 and 32 days, and I never miss a period, so I hope it comes along when it is suppossed to!

Thank you



sasa - July 8

hi, Jade.....just wondering if you got your period yet. I am about 32 days past the d and c and still waiting for it.


Jade - July 8

Sasa~ I got my AF on Friday. I had to take provera to get it though. You should ask your dr if you can take provera to start your cycle. I waited 35 days and then took provera.I dont O on my own so I knew I would be waiting forever for af to show on her own. But usually they say it takes 4-6 weeks to show up after d and c. Do you check BBT? IF you do and your temps are up then you know af should show up soon. Keep me posted.


karrot305 - July 31

hi girls, I had a m/c and D&C back in march. the Dr. kept telling me to expect alot of bleeding but it only lasted for like a day then stopped, then just like a lot of you I started spotting again like a week later, and really sporatic for a couple weeks. I didnt get my first period until 6 full weeks after and it was totally normal. then much to my surprise had a another shorter period/spotting just 2 weeks later. I think my body was very confused! then I got pregnant thinking I wouldnt because I was so abnormal and the dates line up now with the short semi-period. they wanted me to wait another "regular cycle" before ttc. oops! so just because youre not menstruating normally yet doesnt mean you wont get pg!




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