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tiggerpounce418 - April 19

I finally heard back from my dr this morning, on the results of the blood test to check my progesterone level after 1st month on Clomid.

He said the level should have been 10 or above. My level was 0.8! >:(

Next step is to take progesterone pills for 10 days (or until I get my period). On day 5 of my period, start Clomid 2x/day.

I asked him about Metformin for PCOS. He said he doesn't want to introduce my body to a lot of different medications at once. If by 200mg/day of Clomid (4x/day) I still do not have success, then he will refer me to a RE who can closely monitor the Clomid & Metformin together, and do IUI. But for now, he suggests we do the easy approach (just Clomid).

So, here we go again....and my breasts still hurt. I forgot to ask if the Clomid could cause that.


Lynne - April 19

Oh wow tigger that is a really high clomid prescription, my doc sugested that if a 50mg doesn't do it he will go to 100mg, 150 at the absolute most, something to do with over saturation of the drug in your system. Well I know different doc's have different procedures and he will do his best for you. He does sound on the right track with minimizing the different types of treatments all at once, who knows what effect mixing will do, we all have differing reactions to each treatment.

Welcome to month 2, I'm about 9 days in to this month's cycle... next is a week of planned intercourse yippeee.... the things we do. My breasts also went through a sore period, I'm guessing it's the hormonal changes in our bodies as the drugs do their work.

Baby wishes to you. :)


tiggerpounce418 - April 19


Are you doing IUI? Or just the Clomid? This is your 2nd month of Clomid also? Sounds like we're in the same boat.

I read that 150mg should be the max also (3x/day), but I guess my doc feels 200mg is the max. Different dr's do seem to vary slightly with their procedures. I found that even w/ what days to take the Clomid & what day to have the hsg done. They're all pretty close though.

Just saw you're from Alberta, Canada. It must be beautiful right now. How's the weather? Canada is my favorite place to vacation.


Fortyfour - April 20

Tigger - are you going suppositories or progesterone shots? Take care


tiggerpounce418 - April 20



Lynne - April 20

Morning Tigger, we are just doing the clomid pills with timed intercourse ( even written on the calender..), my doc has me doing the day2-6 protocol, makes that first day a bit hectic with the running for a prescription and all. I found that taking the pills in the evening works for me but then i only have to take one a day for now. I hope that we don't have to go to 100mg the 50mg already drives me insane,( but that could be just the old man.). Also we had to do the hsg on day 7 so that we were forsure not pregnant for the test ( no sex during that week either ( totally takes the fun out of my week).

On to the weather, sun shining, guys working on a roof next door, I'm going to spend most of the day outside observing ;) , I've got the yard work started and hopefully the garden will be ready to rototill in a couple of weeks to get ready for planting ( may long weekend at the latest). Well i should get a move on I've got a to do list from h*** to get done before the old man gets home tonight. Baby wishes to us all. :)


tiggerpounce418 - April 20

I am also doing the Clomid w/ timed intercourse. This month I start 100mg Clomid. I noticed that I was more crazy at the end of the cycle, but I don't think it was bad on the days I actually took the Clomid. Did you experience that, too? Or are you just crazy on the days you take the Clomid?

Have a fun day ;D


SamanthaS - April 21

I'm a little late on this response.. but I am sorry this month was not successful for you. I hope the next months hold something very special for you. I know what it's like to feel let down(not near as well as you probably do) but i believe everything is the way it is for a reason.. I wish you a tooooonnnnnn of luck in the upcomming months!


page - April 21

Hey Tigger gosh it gives me flsh backs hearing you talk about clomid. I think your chest tenderness is most likely the flucuation of hormones. You should also ask you doctor about taking an estrogen pill which I bielieve starts around day ten to start thinning your fluid down there. If you donj't take it your fluid can be so thick that the sperm cannot travel to even reach the egg. Also they should always have you on progesterone on all these clomid cycles without it the pregnancy will not hold just like with invitro. The reason I think your doctor is upping you slowly on the clomid is you have an extreme high chance of getting cysts taking clomid. The higher the dosage the bigger risk. They will probly up you slightly each month. They say you usualyy will get pregnant within six months of taking it. I hope this helps I know a lot about this issue if you have any questions. Good luck


tiggerpounce418 - April 21

my dr is increasing the dosages slowly. 1x/day on mo 1. 2x/day on mo 2. same for mo's 3 & 4. if by mo 4, it's still not working, then i'll go to a re.

i may go to re before then actually. on univ of pa fertility clinic website, you can submit a question to their dr's. i stated my situation w/ all the details and what my dr has me doing. i asked them if they think i should continue through mo 4 and then come in, or come in sooner. i feel loyal to my dr & i really like him a lot and am really confortable, but i hear univ of pa is the best in the country AND they have a specialist on pcos, which is my infertility cause. so, we'll see what they say.


Lynne - April 21

Morning tigger, my old man says that I'm harded to deal with during the 2ww then while I am taking the pills, so who knows if it is the meds or just stress. I cry at the drop of a hat, have less patience with the kids lately ( I think they have just learned how to push my buttons), no drive to do house work ( there's a suprise, as if I ever want to do house work), and I have a sex drive that would put a rabbit to shame ( the old man avoids comming home if he can). What a month so far day 11 and no end in sight...

baby wishes to us all :D


paige - May 3

I really wish you the best of luck. Let me know how it ends up. I really wished it would have worked for me but i have too many other issues that kept messing everything up! ;)



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