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mamanr - March 4


I haven't posted in a while. After my 3rd IUI ended in a BRN, my RE did a hysterosonogram 12/23/06 and found polyps. Due to the number of surgeries he had, I had to wait until 2/20/07 to have the polyp removed. He also did a laparoscopy while I was under to check for any other problems. Everything was normal :D.

My RE has decided that since Clomid didn't work we're moving on to injectibles - Gonal F and/or Follistim. I'm nervous about this since I'm not fond of needles. The last round of IUI, I had 5 days of 100mg of Clomid and then 3 days of Repronex injections. My poor DH had to give me the shots since I just couldn't do it myself.

I have three or more weeks to heal before the roller coaster starts again - the trips to RE for u/s and bloodwork, the emotional ups and downs, and the agony of the 2 ww. In Dec. I thought no, Lord, we have to take a break and wait for the surgery but now I see it was for the best to allow me to overcome some of the stress and emotions from the first 3 attempts. January would have been a nightmare if I had been going through a cycle with midterms too (I teach grades 8-12).

I'm just hoping that the first round of injectibles works and that my insurance will cover most of the cost of the drugs. I have insurance coverage for 3 IUIs left and am hopeful that this coming round will be "the one" :).



amyjoy - March 9

I hope this round is the one! I am waiting for my follicles to grow, I have one at 17mm and the others are at 12mm. Lining is still thin, 5mm. I did clomid on days 5-9. I go back Saturday and then hopefully all is better so we can do the IUI. This would be my 1st IUI. I wish you the very best!!!


amyjoy - March 9

Oh, the needles...I do Lovenox injections everyday and I hate it, but I am used to it. I always think that if diabetics can do insullin shots daily, I can too!



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