Babies Everywhere!!!
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baby4us - September 21

Today was insane.. everywhere I went.. there were babies and pregnant ladies... I thought I was going to lose it!

On my way to a meeting this afternoon.> I thought I'd stop at a few places to pick up some supplies etc. Every store I popped in to.. there were pregnant ladies... then I met up with a friend for a latte (decaf!) before coming home ... and there was a steady stream of people coming in to teh cafe pushing strollers, etc. I thought.. Is this a sick joke...

Then as I was heading to my car.. bam.. two more ladies with babies in strollers.. because it is of course such a lovely day and everyone is out and so happy! I sat in the car for a few minutes to gather my thoughts before driving away.. it was agony... esp. because.. I am on my 2nd week of the 2ww and I swear I am starting to feel crampy and tired... pretty obvious signs of AF's impending arrival!!!!! arggghhhhh


christina - September 21

hang in there!!! hope your days get better -

thinking about ya!


Fortyfour - September 22

Hopefully you are so emotional because you are pg. It is so hard to see pregnant women and all the children in the world. The day I went in for my bloodwork for my d/c there were 2 newborns in the lobby and 3 pregnant ladies sitting there with me for an hour. I just sat there and cried and wondered why I wasnt able to carry a child to term. You cant explain that feeling to anyone if you havent lived it.

Take care and baby dust to you.


memphismom - September 22

I know how you feel! :-\ I bought some used clothing from my church's clothing closet and they packaged it all up in a Mimi Maternity bag. I hope the poor volunteer couldn't read the disgust on my face! Here's hopes and wishes to you. ;)
P.S. I just ended my first 2ww with my period. I felt it coming on, but of course everyone said "It's cause your pregnant!". Again, I know how you feel.


silli_kitti - September 22

I feel your pain!

Just remember: that'll be you one day!

And don't sweat the symptoms, I've been through 5 2wws and anything goes during that time. Nothing is absolute until that blood test.

Good luck!


WantsBaby2 - September 22

Oh...we all feel that way! Everywhere I go I see babies and preganant women. I just look away. I was even paging through a Glamour magazine on my lunch break that someone left in the breakroom....and I saw an add for Mimi Maternity. In Glamour magazine?? ??? You can bet I turned that page really fast. It's everywhere. It's heartbreaking.


TICKINGCLOCK - September 25

Hi Ladies
I know the feeling well. A couple weeks ago i figured I needed a little lift so I decided to treat myself to a pedicure. Sure enough one of the women at the nail salon was preg. (I wanted cry) I thought if she was the one who was going to do my pedicure I was going to have to leave or request someone else. Lucky for me I got a man. Well today I tried another boost for myself I decided to go get my hair done. Of course my girl that shampoos your hair is preg she is due in Nov and here belly kepted bumping into me (as a cruel reminder). At random 2 other women came into the salon to she off new babies in strollers. Not to mention the girl that was doing my hair today had a new baby boy too. So here station was filled with pictures. All i wanted was a little pampering today and some peace.. Well on a postive note my husband and I are going to have our first IUI sometime next week.. I am excited but nervous if any of you have any advice for me about this process I am eager to hear.


baby4us - September 25

Hey Ticking CLock... I know all too well about the babies everywhere.. such a cruel reminder!

Good luck with your IUI!! My only advice... the IUI is pretty painless... but the 2ww is the killer.. try to keep yourself extra busy during that time.. because it will be the longest 2 weeks of your life!

Good luck and keep us informed!


TICKINGCLOCK - September 27


Thanks for the response. I noticed in your profile you were on gonal-f now. Were you on clomid or on gonal-f on your first IUI attempt? My doc has had me on clomid for the past 3 months, but this is only our first attempt with IUI. I am still learning all the fertility in's and outs. I wonder if the injectible drug is the next step if we dont have any luck this cycle.


Fortyfour - September 27

Gina -- Her pregnant belly bumping into you? too much!!!!! Good luck with your IUI. Vent to us anytime.


baby4us - September 27

Hi Gina... indeed I have been on 1050 ius of Gonal-F since the get-go... I have a very regular cycle and always seem to ovulate when I should.. so I am on Gonal just to ensure I have a good number and size of follicles every month (seeing as I am creeping up there in age... haha)

Clomid.. I believe is more to help regulate the cycle.. etc , etc... so it all depends on why you were put on Clomid in the first place... just keep asking questions!
Baby DUST!!!!!!


brittonbrunson - October 3

I'm new to your forum. We start the HMG injections /IUI (first round) tonight after 6months of ovarian surpression, one year of trying and 3 surgeries. I am thrilled, but I don't/can't talk to my family or coworkers about our infertility. I don't know what is more painful, people asking constantly, "When are you going to get pregnant?" OR when no one asks you anymore. People I barely know have the nerve to ask if we are trying to get pregnant, followed by how long we've been married as though having children is the only reason people get married. Some are asking just to make conversation, most are simply nosy. I usually smile and say, "oh, I don't know. When do you think I should have a baby?? or "when did you have your first baby??" The first answer reminds them that my getting pregnant is none of their business and the second answer starts them talking about themselves.(a favorite topic) ;)


baby4us - October 3

It is always so cruel when people ask constantly.. .SO when are YOU going to have children... I have actually told people... It is NONE of your business!

Because it isn't ... and these past few years.. I haven't felt guilty about coming across as bitchy or anything.. if people only knew what was coming out of their mouths... as you said.. does marriage = children.. some people are perfectly happy with their decision to not have kids and shouldn't be judged... and then for everyone going through IF treatments,... it can be a horrible reminder...

Let us know how your October IUI goes...Baby dust!



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