Anyone want a clomid cycle buddy?
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deedle1006 - June 2

I am back! Three years ago I was on this site daily getting support while going through the process of ttc my son. I have pcos and went through several cycles of clomid with my ob/gyn who did nothing to monitor the effects and of course didnot do and IUI. I changed dr and went to an re. After one overstimulation cycle of gonal f (total 36 eggs) we tried again and got the BFP.

DH and I have sinced moved and started the process all over again with a new re whom I love. She has me on metformin and I have actually had af 3 times and lots of baby dancing w/ dg ;D, but no luck. re wants to try clomid the right way before we do injectible again. I start my meds tomorrow morning.

Is there anyone who wants a cycle partner?

Good luck to all


liz - June 5


Congrats on your son and best of luck to you this time.
I began my 5 day stretch of clomid last Thurs (6/1). When are you starting your clomid?



deedle1006 - June 5


I started my clomid on Saturday morning. You are a couple of days ahead of me. Have you had any side effects from the meds yet? My DH asked about side effects and I told him all of them except for the mood swings...I don't want to make him oversensity to my moods. It always seems that when he is trying to be nice he bugs me even more.

Good Luck!


liz - June 5


This is my second month on the clomid. Last month I didn't notice to much of a difference. This month I was an emotional wreck Friday and Sat. cried for no reason, just kept crying. DH does not understand and hates the mood swings. If only they could understand exactly what it is like. ::) This morning I noticed that I am a bit more crampy and feel more bloated then normal. It is definatly do able, but is is a little annoyance. How about you, any side affects so far?

Is your re going to do an ultra sound this week and bw? I know some people just do it naturally. I have to go for an ultra sound Wed.



deedle1006 - June 8


Howdid the ultra sound go? I go in fom mine on Monday morning. We are going for the IUI as well. It is just easier to know that at least DH little swimmers go to where they needed to go at the right time.

As far as side effects I have not really had anything. I have been very tired the last few days. That could be from quiting caffine. I have been very hungry today. I haven't had cramping or bloating...yet.

I hope things are going well and I will keep you in my thoughts.



liz - June 8

Hi Deanna,

Things did not go so well yesterday for me. When they did the ultra sound they found zero follicles! All they saw was a cloudy mass. After my blood work came back they found out I already ovulated. This of course was way to early since Wed. was only day 11. They figured that I ovulated a few days ago and the reason is a letover follicle that was producing hormones. This cause my brain to realease the egg. ???

I am very discouraged and depressed. I was so hoping this month would be a good one. I am also very torn, I always ovulated regulary with no problems (day 14 every month, af day 28) now since I am on the clomid this happens. It is very disturbing.

How are you holding up? I will be thinking about you and your appointment on Monday. I sincerely hope everything is positive for you.

Please let me know how you make out.


deedle1006 - June 10

I am so very sorry to hear about your ultrasound. I have never heard of ovulating that early. I got a little moody today. (if you ask DH a lot moody today.) I am still keeping a very positive outlook. I have riden this rollercoaster ride before and as hard as it is, staying positive/optimistic helps on the days when you don't hear the news you were expecting to hear.

When trying for our first we went through an Ob/Gyn who tried to convience me that I did not have PCOS. My first cycle of Gonal F... I over stimulated beyond the point that they could even do a retervial to try an IVF cycle and alomst ended up in the hospital. I think I came to this site then about 3 times a day for support.

I will keep good thoughts and prayer coming your way.



liz - June 12

Hi Deanna,

I was thinking about you and wondering how your ultra sound went this morning. I am sure you were very anxious.

I am hanging in. I have my moments, I am trying so hard to be positive and keep the faith.

I had never heard of ovulating that early before. The way they explained it to me was that I probably had a left over follicle that had never fully developed and I did not ovulate it last month. They figure it was still producing hormones which caused me to ovulate early. It is all very confusing to me. I am even more confused because I am not sure if I want to try the Clomid one more month or move to injections. Its a tough decision and I go back and forth every day on what my answer should be.

I am praying for you, please keep me posted on how you are doing.


tracylee - June 14

I am new to this site, but I have found that I am going to need the support. I will share my LONG story another day, when I have more time! LOL! I am finishing my first round of clomid, had progesteron level taken on day 22 and it was only a 9. I am now at day 31, awaiting AF. Now I just want it to come so I can move forward onto my next cycle. I am also on metformin, very bloated. I am a thin person, so I have had people ask me if I am pregnant, because I look like I am! Not yet. :(
Had never been diagnosed as PCOS until two months ago. I have been TTC for 8 years. Anyway, I will finish my story another day, but I am glad to have found a place where i can vent and share! TRACY


liz - June 14

Hi Tracy,
Welcome to the site. I am glad you found it. I only found it about a month ago and let me tell you it is a wonderful support system. You get to see that you are definatly not alone in this sometimes long journey to motherhood.
I am sorry to hear about your bad cycle. Does your doctor have any idea as to why this happened? I was on Clomid for 2 months, the first (May) was a great cycle but no prego, the 2nd was horrible! I ovulated way to early, so needless to say that cycle was cancelled. I am awaiting af as well. Sometimes it is hard to imagine that you want af to come. Atleast this is how I feel, so I can move on to my next cycle.
I wish you the best of luck and feel free to keep us updated on your journey.


deedle1006 - June 14

Hi Liz and Tracy,

I have been very busy and did not get a chance to post. The ultrasound on Monday was GREAT! I don't even think I had the amount of focilles with gonal f. We did the ovidrel injection Monday night and this morning we had the IUI. I am offically in the tww now. I go Monday for my day 21/22 blood work.

Liz, my advice is to follow your heart. If you feel comfortable with the clomid give it another shot. I can understand your hestiation though.

I know it its hard to stay positive, but it does help me to see a light at the end tunnel. I will keep you posted as to how things are going.



tracylee - June 14

Thank you Liz! The docotr has not clue as to why this happened. I was obviously upset when he told me, but I will more forward onto the next cycle. Still taking the metaformin and upped the clomid. I was preganant, years ago, and that occurred after my second cycle on clomid. I haven't given up hope yet...

Deanna - Best wishes! Sounds very optimistic!



liz - June 15

Hi Deanna and Tracy,

Deanna congrats sounds like you had a great cycle. I know how tough the 2ww can be. I wish you all the luck in the world. I will keep you in my thoughts. Let us know how you are making out and if you need any support through these tough 2 weeks. Thanks for your support I am really trying to follow my heart hear unfortunatly my heart changes it's mind too much. :-\ I have an appointment next wed. with the doc about gonal f, I have not ruled out clomid but he had an available opening so I took it to get smarter or in case I need it.

I completly understand what you are saying. When I got my bad news last week that I had already ovulated I was devastated I could not even think properly when I was at the office. I got home, had time to think and came up with a 100 questions I had. I am not sure what the metaformin is for?? Could you enlighten me (I am still new to this).
I am glad to see you are not giving up. I know personally sometimes it is so hard for me, but I keep telling myself "it will happen"!


tracylee - June 15

Metformin is used with women who are PCOS to help them to ovulate. It is a medicine that is typically used in persons who have type 2 diabetes to help regulate insulin levels.
But, I am like you also, I was to caught up in the disappointment last week to ask any questions, just left and cried. Also, I have a bunch a questions to ask next time! I am at CD32, still awaiting AF. The doctor took my progesterone on CD28, when I received the results of CD22. He would've called if there was a "big" change, right????
And it will happen for you, there is a reason for things...I believe anyway! And you should go ahead and give the clomid a try, one more month. 3 months, seems to be what is recommended, anyway. Then move one, at least you've done what is preferred. Just my opinion. I've done clomid a couple of time before, three months here, three months there. Mood swings are awful, but it will be worth it in the end, right


deedle1006 - June 15


Thanks for the good thoughts! I used gonal f to concieve my son. I think it is great. I would recommend taling it over with your dr. The more information you have about treatments the better decisions you can make. If the clomid cycle doesn't work, we are going to go back to gonal f. We tried the clomid this time becasue my RE is also treating my PCOS with metformin. The metformin is used to help reduce insulin levels in my blood which will inturn help "normalize" all my other hormones. It has seemed to work.

It is easier to follow your heart when you have more facts. Good luck!



liz - June 17

Hi Tracy and Deanna

Thank you for the info on Metetformin. I had never heard of it before.

Tracy, I would like to think you doc would have called with any changes in for bw, however I have learned that if I don't hear I call them. I know I am a pain, but hey its my body and I want to know. Maybe you want to call them, it might make you feel better.

AF arrived yesterday for me. I have never been so happy about seeing her arrival. It isdefinatly a reversal usually every month she arrives I cry this month I am happy knowing that we can start over again. I decided to give the Clomid one more chance. You are right Tracy it is recommened for 3 months by my clinic as well.

I go for a baseline ultra sound on Tues. to make sure there are no cysts or leftover follicles before I began the Clomid this month.

The clomid is rough on the mood swings but yes I do think it is worth it. My dh always says he is moving to the garage because my moods are so erratic. Too funny!

How are you feeling my dear? I have been thinking about you and praying for you. I hope with all my heart you get that BFP this month. Do you have any symptoms yet?

Keep in touch ladies and tons of baby dust and prayers to all of us.



deedle1006 - June 17


Thanks for the positive energy! :D I am glad that you are lookig forward to starting a new cycle. Having gone down this road once to get my son and again to get #2, I can't tell you how important it is to keep positive.

I have had every symptom of pregancy since Wednesday morning. ;D I just have to keep busy and not think about it or I will be a basket case. The symptom that is most positive in my mind is that I have had heart burn everyday and in some cases so bad it won't go away with 2-3 TUMS. I ended up on medication during my first preg. DR siad it was caused by increase in progesterine. Problem is that the meds have increased the progesterone in my system as well. I go Monday for bloodwork. I'll know more then

Good luck on your new cycle :D I will get the thoughts and prayer coming.




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