anyone out there in same boat?
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bciervo - November 28

I just started injecting Menopur- anyone out there doing this too? Any success? We've been trying 3 years with one miscarriage 2 years we conceived on our own. I ovulate on my own every month and all tests are normal- DH has above normal sperm count. We have done unmedicated IUI's- about 6 or 7- doctor suggested we tried 2 more cycles or move onto injectables. (he is steering away from clomid now). We chose to move on- we were getting very tired of the IUI routine. We are hoping and praying this is our answer. Good luck to all of you out there trying. It's the hardest thing to go through.


alison29 - November 29

hi bc,

I am not in the same boat yet but i had some questions because i might be heading towards injectables at the end of January if i don't get a little miracle in the next two cycles. Have you ever tried clomid? Why he is steering away from that. Does he want to try injectables because there might be multiple eggs thus more chance for pg? I did two clomid cycles now am in two week wait for first cycle of Femara. We have not tried IUI yet. Dh i am sure will not like doing the "sample" collection in doctors office (I wish there was some way around that) wb if you can


bciervo - November 29

Hi- I thought for sure our next step was going to be clomid- however, he said new studies are showing that there is a better chance with menopur and that clomid was not going to increase my chances. There were several reasons- in my case, I ovulate on my own every month- so to put me on clomid he said didn't make any sense. Menopur makes more follicles- which I saw this morning... like clomid, but it doesn't affect mucus at all- I cant remember everything he said but he let it up to us to try clomid if we wanted. He really wanted us to wait 2 more cycles of unmedicated IUI"s - but we had already did 6 of them- .... It would be great if it happens for you before trying something new- I always thought it would work that way for me but it didn't. As for the IUI"s- it's not so bad at all- (believe me we have become pro's at it). We are lucky because we live a block from our doc's office- so DH can do it at home and run it up, then I go up about an hour and a half later for the insem. If you have any other questions about IUI, please feel free to email me- [email protected]


liz - November 30

Hi Ladies,

I don't mean to jump in on your tread but I wanted to add something about the injections. My re told me that and easy way to describe the difference between Clomid and injections is that Clomid talks to your brain which then talks to your ovaries. Injections bypass the brain and go straight to the ovaries. This avoids any confusion so to say with the brain. I know that sounds corny but it makes sense and it was so simple it stuck in my head. For me Clomid caused my lining to be thiner then normal for a possible pregnancy and it caused my mucus to be very thick. I was only on Clomid one month and moved right on to injections. I had once read in a bood I had (Making a Baby) that Clomid is like driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the break whereas injections are driving with both feet on the gas.

Best of luck to both of you!


alison29 - December 1

HI ladies,
Thanks for the info. Liz I like your analogy about clomid. I don't know why docs even try it any more (i Know it is less expensive invasive etc.) but geez my two months on it were a complete waste. My doc didn't check the thickness of the lining in weird way i hope that is why it didn't cause pg for me too. I also had no apparent CM even using robitussin. Thanks for your bciervo-you guys are lucky your doc is around the corner making collection less tramatic for dh the re i am starting to see at the end of January is about 20 minutes :( I hope the menopur works for you i am going to note your email because i might take you up on that when it comes time to move on.


bciervo - December 1

Alison- please do! I'm always in need of a buddy- I remember how confused and frustrated I was going into new treatments- so anytime, please just send me an email.
20 minutes isn't too far- I know that my clinic asks to have sperm deposits within 1/2 hr of collection. As long as you wrap it up in aluminum foil and put in paper bag, and keep in jacket on the way (to keep warm)- it might work for you to do it at home. Ask your clinic. I don't see my husband going into the office to do it either- however, so many men are there doing it all the time. So if he would need to do it there, it's such a common thing. Good luck to you.


alison29 - December 2

Hi Bciervo,
Thanks for the support. It is good to know that the clinics will allow "collection" at home that is what we did for the SA but i wasn't sure about at the doctors office. The lab for the SA was about 30 minutes away so i was hauling butt across town with the sample in my bra just thinking PLEASE PLEASE let me not get a ticket what cop wants to hear about that reason for speeding. I am sure he might do it a couple of times at the office but like yourself and many others that do the IUI i have heard of people doing up the 13 IUIs yikes. Why does it have to be so difficult for us? keep me updated too. When do you O this month? i could have just sent you this through your email oh well


fiso - December 4

bciervo, I took Clomid and Menopur and swore to do everything possible to avoid Clomid. the side effects are not very pleasant. I felt that something was controlling my mind, for the whole time of the treatment, I didn't feel myself, felt as if I wasn't in control of my mind, my thoughts. It wasn't a good feeling. No such problem with Menopur.
Got to say, I have a beautiful daughter today. So, Menopur must have worked!
Good luck to you.



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