Anyone going through or have gone through gonal-f treatments?
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amyjoy - August 12

To be honest, I am feeling sick to my stomach most of the day. But, I've been reading up on what to eat and I drink 2 glasses of milk a day and eat a lot of calcium-rich foods because I'm worried about gestational diabetes with being overweight. I am not complaining and I was super worried in the beginning about everything, but I just keep thinking that God knows what He's doing and I need to let me do the work. Everything will fall into place as this preg. did. Don't be discouraged about the spotting. Maybe implantation bleeding?? If not, what are your plans for next cycle? Gonal-F?

JasJUles- Are you starting another cycle right away?


lyly14 - August 12

Amyjoy- I am pre-diabetic. My glucose tolerance test was high, but not high enough to be considered diabetic. I check my sugar a few times a day and take metformin 2x's a day. Foods high in carbs and sugar tend to make me high. If I eat them with other food groups and balance them out it seems to help. Just try to balance whatever you eat and you should be ok.

As far as implantation bleeding, it is unlikely. I always spot a few days before af, so this is typical for me. I posted on the other board about what to do next. There are a few issues (you can read them on there). I have no clue what to do now. Was really hoping this was going to work. I guess I have to suck it up and wait. Going to call the RE tomorrow and get results from s/a and see if we can do IUI with the gonal-f in September. I pray the s/a is not bad news.


lyly14 - August 12

JasJules-where have you been? How are you holding out? Good luck with everything tomorrow. Hope you get to try again right away. Let us know how it goes and if you will be starting the gonal-f again soon.


JasJulesMom - August 13

Hi Ladies-My kids were away all weekend with grandma so my dh and I took some needed alone time. We had alot of fun. Anyway, we have decided to wait a few months before trying again. I am going to continue taking the metformin and prenatals. I am also going to start a diet tomorrow. I have nevr lost the 70 baby lbs from my dd and she is four, so I am thinking that is definitely part of the issue. I have always been a bit overweight, but this is down rifgt ridiculous and extremely unhealthy. So hope to lose at least 30 lbs in a few months and try again. Who knows maybe after I get some wait off it will help with the PCOS. I am going to try and go without carbs 5 days a week. As for my dh he has promised not to drink beer for this period of time,not that he drinks much, but anything can help. He is in pretty good shape, but going to start to play basketball again to improve hid health. We are hoping this will all be a good recipe for a beautiful baby.

As for you ladies, I will definitely check in periodically and keep you up to date on progress.

Amyjoy-Good luck and enjoy what will be 9 amazing months with a huge gift at the end, let me know if you are having multiples so excited to hear.

Lyly-Goodluck tomorrow with the beta and s/a results. Let us know as soon as you do, I will be checking in on you tomorrow. Lots of baby dust to you.


lyly14 - August 13

JasJules-I wasn't even going to go for the beta today because my spotting was getting heavier, but the RE still wanted me to go. Figures, I went for the beta at 2:00 and AF came full force by 5:00. I didn't get the s/a results today either. The RE wasn't in the office when he called me and didn't have the results. The office told me he would get back to me tomorrow with the results. I pray that it is good news. We are going to take the month off from meds too. We are going on a cruise to canada out of manhattan on the 30th and wouldn't be able to fit in the cycle before then. I guess it will be nice to take a break and just enjoy ourselves. I hope the s/a was good and we can start the gonal-f with IUI for the September cycle. Glad you and dh were able to take some alone time together. Keep faith and keep us posted on how you are doing. I sent you a private message too.


amyjoy - August 13

My beta was 737 today. So it's rising and that's a good thing! :)

Go for u/s on Saturday!


JasJulesMom - August 14

lyly- I am so glad you are still positive, I really think that helps. I hope you and dh have a great cruise. We loved Canada. Is your dd going also, lots of fun things for kids on ships, although time alone with dh is great also. Keep in touch, I will be looking for your posts in September.

Amyjoy-Great news, so happy that is a great number. Let us knoe how the u/s goes. It will be great I just know it.


lyly14 - August 14

JasJules-Funny you asked about my dd. She wasn't supposed to come. I booked the trip for my dh's 30th birthday. When I told him about the trip he got upset with me for not booking dd. He told me he didn't want to go with out her. I wish I could say what a terrible man dh is for that, but he loves her just as much as he loves me. Alone time would be nice, but I can't fault him for that. It is not many men who could love a child that is not his own the way he does mine! I just wish so badly I could give him one of his own. Maybe one day, hopefully soon.

Amyjoy-The numbers look great! Can't wait to hear about the u/s.


JasJulesMom - August 14

lyly-it is great he loves her so much. Sounds like a great man. I hope you all have a great time and he has a happy birthday. I know soon you will have a beautiful child together to complete your happy family.


lyly14 - August 14

Okay I am so crushed right now. The results of the s/a were not good. Dh has such a hard time communicating, I have no idea what he is thinking. He was just silent when I told him that out of all 4 areas evaluated they all were not good. Low volume, low count, and poor morphology. RE mentioned one other area but I was so upset I don't even remember what it was, just that it wasn't good.


JasJulesMom - August 15

lyly-If you do IUI next cycle and the sprem is washed, wont't that help your chances. Why did RE say there was such a big change from this s/a. Didn't you guys test previously??? Keep the faith, it will be fine. Sometimes things we want the most are the hardest to achieve but they have the biggest reward.


lyly14 - August 15

JasJules- He has never had a s/a before. I went to the RE for multiple miscarriage eval and they said he didn't need to be checked because we had three pg's together already. He also told me that with the two previous post coital tests being good chances are his sperm were fine. No idea why the change. He wants him to see a urologist. He said we could do IUI but I heard that for men with low counts and low morphology it is not so successful. I think I am going to inquire about a procedure called ICSI where they inject the sperm directly into the egg during and IVF cycle.


JasJulesMom - August 16

I have heard of ICSI, does your insurance cover IVF?? Mine unfortunately does not. Hope you can do that I have heard it be sucessful.


lyly14 - August 16

Fortunately for me I am 100% covered for IVF and ICSI. I kind of feel like I am jumping the gun a bit, but I don't want to waste time and money going through all that and having failed IUI's. It is a bit more invasive and I don't have full details on what the IVF entails but I would like to find out. I think I am going to schedule an appt with my RE to talk to him about the procedure and see if he agrees that would be a good option.

How are you doing? You feeling okay about waiting to try. It is so difficult to deal with these issues and to have to worry about managing financially. I am so lucky to have good insurance, but the copays alone are killing me. I can't imaging what I would do if the meds and procedures weren't covered. I feel for you.


JasJulesMom - August 16

I am doing OK. Trying to keep myself busy. My dh is on a buisness trip and will not be back til Sunday, so I am kind of lonely. Although I still have the kids to keep me busy. Waiting makes me a bit nervous since I am not getting any younger. I will be 37 in January. Hopefully by then I will be ready to try again and be the new healthier me. I agree with you about wasting time, you should find out about the IVF, especially if you are covered. I wish I had that option.


lyly14 - August 17

That really sucks that so many health insurance companies don't offer fertility benefits. It makes things so difficult for a lot of couples. It's great that you are trying to stay positive and adapt a healthier lifestyle. Every little bit helps.



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