Anyone going through or have gone through gonal-f treatments?
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JasJulesMom - July 26

Lyly-Do not get discouraged. Your RE will eventually find a gonal-F dosage appropriate for you. That is what my RE assured me. He said it was just finding the correct dose for my body. Stay positive!!!

Amjoy-Good luck with your IUI. We are just doing things the old fashioned way. Hopefully we will both get BFP in about 15 days. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us.


lyly14 - July 26

JasJules- My RE told me that they often have to adjust dosage depending on the body's response. He has been pretty good this way. Since this was my first cycle on the gonal-f he started me out on 150 for the first three days, then b/w and u/s . After the results of my b/w he raised it to 187 and that seemed to do the trick, so he is keeping me at that dose. I go back for more bloodwork tomorrow. I have only had 7 shots of the gonal-f so far. He was happy with my response after the increase. On wednesday he said my E2 was good. I will see what my E2 level is tomorrow afternoon and if my follies are almost ready to trigger. Hoping I can trigger by the beginning of the next week, if not sooner. :) I already had follies that were 12 and 13 on wednesday, so I will know more tomorrow. Good luck to you for a BFP.


JasJulesMom - July 27

Lyly- Gladto hear you are moving along. Sounds like your RE is doing the right thing. I did trigger yesterday and then bd yesterday today and tomorrow. I really hope to get BFP in two weeks. I will pray the same for you. Baby dust to all.


amyjoy - July 27

I did the trigger on Wed. night and then the IUI today. Leaving now for the Dr. office. Wish us luck!


lyly14 - July 27

Best of luck to you! Hope you get that BFP :) How many days after the IUI do you test? Just got back from the dr. myself. My lead follie is at 14 now just waiting for it to hit 17. A little nervous though, have a lot of follies over 10 now. My RE said anything over 15 will probably ovulate. Have to go back again tomorrow for E2 and sono. That makes 4 times this week alone! My arm is so bruised from all the b/w. I should be able to trigger by Sunday or Monday, so I am not too far behind you. Don't think we are going to do IUI this time. May have a bacterial infection and won't have the results until at least Wednesday. So I don't want to chance introducing any bacteria to my uterus.


amyjoy - July 27

My test day is Aug. 10th. I did the IUI today and dh had a great count...176 million! He said his spermies are wearing capes now because they are super sperm. :) Thank you very much for the well wishes. My E2 was only 187 on the day of trigger, but I asked again today and the nurse said that my lining was good and 2 follicles at 18, one at 17, and two at 15 is good. Hoping the 2 15's matured a little more from trigger to today. Several people in the office told me that they've seen a 14mm get fertilized and it is possible. Here's to hoping.

They IUI was a bit uncomfortable today. Took 3 nurses to finally get it. I guess I have a "very deep cervix" and a tipped uterus. This time they asked for me to have a full bladder so it will push my cervix up and easier to do the IUI. So I had to pee (bad), had 3 nurses poking and prodding, and there I was with all to see with my legs in the air. Oh well, it got done.

Have a good weekend!


JasJulesMom - July 28

Amjoy-Glad to hear the IUI went well. We just did bd for three days and dh is glad for a break.(Imagine that a man who is happy he does not have to bd for a few days.)Anyway I test on the 10th also. Hopefully we both get BFP on the 10th. I will be paying for all of us.

Lyly-Since you have opted not to do IUI this month are you going to bd or just wait till next month. Hope your test comes back neg for bacteria.

Baby dust.

14 days and counting!!


lyly14 - July 28

Amyjoy- Sorry to hear about all the poking and prodding, but it sounds like you had a good amout of follies and your lining was good. Glad to hear DH's count was good too! My E2 is now 756 and my lining is 12 and I have a ton of EWCM (more than ever). I go back again tomorrow for more b/w and u/s. Hopefully I will be able to trigger sun or mon.

JasJules- We are definitely not waiting so we are going to bd. I have come too far to cancel for that. Dr. said it will not interfere with anything. Have to sit next cycle out if things don't work this cycle, since we will be going away at the end of aug. There is too much monitoring to do and I think the trip will interfere, so it is now or never so to speak.

Hopefully you will both get the news of a BFP.


amyjoy - July 28

JasJules- *cheers* to us being in the 2ww! Hoping this is it for all of us!

Lyly- Sounds like yu will definately trigger Sun. or Mon. So you will be right behind us in the 2ww.


lyly14 - July 28

Ok now I am really nervous. Got the results of my bloodwork today. My E2 almost doubled since yesterday (1350) and I also have a lot of follies ( 4 at 16, 1 at 15 , 1 at 14 and 3 at 12). He told me to decrease the gonal-f and come back in tomorrow for another u/s and b/w. On a Sunday! Do you believe it? They don't even have office hours, coming in just for me!!! Six follies would be good but, If those follies at 12 get much bigger they will all ovulate with the trigger and I think he will cancel the cycle. He told me they like to see 4-6 follies. Plus with my E2 levels getting so high I am really worried about ohss. I guess he would tell me not to take the gonal-f instead of decrease, if he thought I was really at risk. Right? Do you think they will cancel the cycle ? Sorry for my ramble but I am just worried. Guess I will have to wait till tomorrow to see how much everything has progressed. Wish me luck.


amyjoy - July 28

During my 1st cycle I had to go in on a Sunday and I triggered with my E2 levels at 1430! That is a lot of follies and sometimes they do cancel due to overstim. I think it should be your choice though. I do agree that he would tell you to stop the gonal-f. Also with the u/s they can see of your ovaries are enlarged and that would be part of OHSS. Keep me posted! I think you will do the trigger tommorrow night!


JasJulesMom - July 29

Lyly-Sounds as though your RE is just being precautious you do not want to have a small litter. As far as overstim, my RE said the cycle would have to be stopped immediately, so if your RE just decreased the meds try not to worry.

Amyjoy-12 days to go and starting to seem endless. Try not to think about it but have an EPT ready to go. I might cheat and POAS a few days early.Keeping fingers crossed for all of us. Especially for lyly to join in 2ww.


amyjoy - July 29

JasJules- I always test the night before the beta. I don't like surprises and if it's negative, I can also be ready for the phone call. Sad, huh?


lyly14 - July 29

Okay I am up really early on a Sunday because I am so anxious. Have 20 minutes before I have to leave for the dr. So I thought I would check in. I really hope that I didn't ovulate on my own yesterday, briefly had some pain on the lower left side last night . Anyway I never felt the O before, so why would I start now. I would be completely devastated if we missed it :( Wish me luck girls.


amyjoy - July 29

Lyly- It could be the follies still continuing to grow! Don't worry too much!


lyly14 - July 29

Just got back from the dr. and it seems as though you were right. My follies were still there. I have 7 follies all around the same size 16-17! They really haven't grown much since yesterday. I guess that is what he was hoping for by decreasing my dose. Waiting to hear the results of the bloodwork this afternoon, so he can give me instructions. He said it looks like I will trigger tomorrow. Had to go to the hospital for the bloodwork today and they butchered my arm. Have a huge lump, blood collected under the skin and it's already bruising. It hurts just to bend my arm :( Just so stressed out from this whole process. Will be glad when I am in my 2ww. I hope this will be it for all of us! Not sure if I can go through all this monitoring once I go back to work in September and I can't do next month because we are going away on a cruise. So hopefully the gonal-f was the magic stuff :)



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