Anyone going through or have gone through gonal-f treatments?
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lyly14 - July 21

I'm pretty new to this online forum, but was wondering if anyone has had injectibles treatments with IUI before or is going through them now. I just started my shots yesterday and was looking to talk to some people who may be going through the same thing.


liz - July 22

Hello there, I used to be a very regular visitor and poster on Shared Journey but have not been in here in quite a while. My dd keeps me quite busy these days. Tonight I decided to hop on and see how everyone is doing. I actaully read your post to the Dr. and wanted to tell you I have been there!
I have had 3 miscarriages myself, all I got pregnant very easy! 1 ended at about 6 weeks, one 8 and the last one I made it to 11 weeks. Since it was my third they decided to start trying to figure out what could be wrong. DH and I went through lots of testing and what they came up with was I had low estrodiol in the second half of my cycle. I asked how this would have effected the pregnancies and they told me that I quite possibly was not producing quality ovulations eventhough I ovulated every month like clockwork! I was shocked by this all. After all this time I never thought I had a problem with ovulation!
They started me on Clomid May of 06, I hated it! I did it once more cycle which got very screwed up and I ovulated at day 5. I didn't want to waste my time with Clomid anymore and talked to my re about injections. He prescribed Repronex I started them that day (the timing was perfect), I felt great on them and produced a couple good follicles. Unfortunatly I got a bfn, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and went forward. Next cycle we uped the dosage. I reacted very well, I had 4 good follicles. We were sent home to start bding and pray for the best. 11 dpo I got my bfp! I was also put on Progesterone suppositories from the day after ovulation up until the end of my first trimester.

I had a long pregnancy full of worry from the past but in the end I delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

I am a strong believer in injections, for me they worked great.

I wish you the best of luck.
Baby dust to you!


lyly14 - July 22

Liz , I am so glad to hear about your success story. Thanks for your words of encouragment. Hopefully these injections will be just what I need :) Its been a real roller coaster ride.


amyjoy - July 22

Hi lyly-

Godd idea to start a Gonal-f thread! :) How have you been doing? Any side effects? I was feeling sick to my stomach most of the day yesterday but that night I felt great. Go figure. I went to the Dr. yesterday and I have 5 follies ranging from 6-11. I am hoping all grow to size so all willbe released at trigger time. I'm staying on the same dose, but adding cetrotide injec. tonight until trigger. The cetrotide keeps your body from ovulating on it's own. So I'm up to 4 injections a day!!! :( I'm sooo bruised.


lyly14 - July 22

Hi Amy-
I've been doing good so far. Yesterday I was feeling bloated already after the one shot! I go back to the dr. on mon for bloodwork and scan. I guess I'll get to see how many follies I have growing. What cycle day are you on? I'm on CD 5, started the shots on CD 3. My RE didn't mention any meds to stop the O. On my 2nd cycle of clomid we missed the big O and didn't even BD yet :( Thats when he started using ovidrel with the clomid cycle to make it more controlled. I was so upset that month all those scans and bloodwork don't know how we missed it. I went is for a scan one day with bloodwork, he told me to monitor with OPK and if I didn't get a + by next day to come back following morning. so I tested that day and next, (neg). Went back in the following morning and the follies were gone. Must have O'd the day after the scan. I think I O pretty fast after my surge. I wonder if I go quicker even on the ovidrel. We always BD the night after the shot and the next night like the dr. tells us, but I wonder if thats been too late. Who Knows? Sorry to hear about your bruising, I haven't had any yet. Yours is probably from the levenox, but if it helps :)


amyjoy - July 23

Let's see...I have to count...I am on CD8 today. It's about 1am now and I can't sleep, so here I am. Anyway, I go back today for u/s and b/w. My Dr. said with taking the gonal-f that we are putting a lot of FSH into us and the body may interpret it as time to ovulate, but the follies are not ready. I started the cetrotide today, but I continue on the gonal-f. You may want to ask about this. I always do the trigger and we don't bd on that day because once we did and the day we did the IUI, dh had a bad count. Do we bd on the day of the IUI only and then he has good counts for the IUI. Wd do the IUI 26 hours after trigger and I don't think I ever missed ov. because I am so crampy the day of IUI. The bruising is from the Lovenox. And today I was bleeding at one of the injection sites and it wouldn't stop. So I had my Dr. paged and asked if I could skip tonight and he said yes. I am going to call in the morning to make an appt with the hematologist because I think my dose is too high.


lyly14 - July 23

Just got back from the RE had my u/s and b/w. I have 2 follies that are 8 and 2 that are 6 on the left and 1 that is 8 1 at 7 and 1 at 6 on the right. He didn't tell me what dose injection to continue with. Said he needs to wait until he gets my estrodiol levels back and will call with instructions later. I also have to go back for more b/w and u/s on wed. Good idea to see the hematologist. You really need to be careful with those blood thinners. My mom is on coumadin (sp?) and bleeds like crazy when she cuts herself, I could only image with all these injections. Do you get cramping from the IUI or the actual O?. Still not sure if we are going to have the IUI my regular RE wont be back until the 30th. I have a feeling I am going to be ready before he gets back, if that is the case we will be doing the IUI for sure.


JasJulesMom - July 23


I am on shot day 15. I have PCOS and my RE has slowly upped my dosage of gonal-F. I started on 75ul and now am at 300. Yesterday I went for b/w and u/s. Follies were still too small. I was so dissappointed and ready to give up. Luckily my RE called with the results of the b/w and said my body was finally starting to react to the meds. I go for another u/s and b/w tomorrow. Hopefully we will have food results. The gonal-f is very expensive and my insurance does not cover it. Since today will be my 15th shot, I am really at the end of my rope.


amyjoy - July 23

JasJules- I also have PCOS and even though I do react to the meds, I was hoping for a better response with the gonal-f. I have 4 follies..17, 14,14.5, and 10. Hoping 10 keeps growing. But my estradiol is low. So who knows. I'm very frustrated today.

Lyly- You have a lot of follies there, you little hen! :) I get cramping with O, bit really the IUI. I think we will do the IUI some time at the end of the week. 3 follies should be ready to go by then.


lyly14 - July 23

Amjoy- got the call from my RE earlier, I may have a lot of follies but my estradoil is also low:( Only 99 today. Its also still early so who knows how many will continue to take the lead. How low is yours estradoil? They increased my gonal today and tomorrow, then I go back for more b/w and u/s on wed morning. Hopefully that will help. Three follies isn't bad for the IUI. Stay positive! Who knows maybe this will be your lucky cycle. I guess at least with a low estradoil we don't have to worry about OHSS.

JasJules- 15 days of shots without insurance coverage...ouch! My RE said they wouldn't do more than 12 days of the gonal-f. If your body is starting to react now, it's a good thing yours doesn't follow that rule. Is this your first cycle on the gonal-f? Does your insurance cover any of the injectibles?


amyjoy - July 24

Mine was 93 today. It went up from Saturday, but still low. Hoping it goes up tomorrow. Do you think they'd cancel a cycle due to low estradol? They said my lining was good at 8.3. I go back tomorrow because I have that follie that is 17. I had more follies with the clomid. May go back to that if this doesn't work. They did not increase the gonal-f. Still on the same dose.


lyly14 - July 24

I don't think they would cancel it, but if they did I would bd anyway. Have you had low estradoil in the past? I think thats whats been my problem. Even on the clomid it was only about 150 per follicle, its suppossed to be over 200 per mature follicle. I was hoping it would go up on the gonal-f. Maybe you needed a higher dose of the gonal-f or just extra days. As long as your on the cetrotide can't they just continue the gonal-f to get your body to respond better? Hope you get better news when you get your next b/w done :)


JasJulesMom - July 24

Just got the call from my RE and he said I should not take a shot tonight and use thr trigger shot tomorrow. Just a bit confused, hope not taking anything tonight does not make my follicles go backwards. Wish me luck.

Lyly and Amyjoy: Hang in there my estradiol was never over 90 after my first 12 shots. It suddenly jumped up after my 14th shot and now am almost ready for trigger. Believe me I know it gets frustrating and seems endless but continue tokeep the faith.


lyly14 - July 25

Amyjoy- Hope everything is going ok. Did you find out about your estradoil levels yet or if they would cancel due to low levels? I asked my RE about the cetrotide today and he said it wasn't necessary since I don't have a history of premature ovulation. He said only 1 in 25 women will ovulate prematurely and they really only give it to women on IVF cycles. Guess your dr. is just being extra cautious. Well I have 4 follicles between 10 and 12 now. He said I have 2 that are 8 and may catch up. I'll know more when I go for b/w and u/s on friday.

JasJules- Glad to hear things are going well now for you. Good luck with everything. I don't think your follicles will go backwards without the shot one night. The trigger shot makes the follicles go through the final maturation phase anyway. So I wouldn't worry too much. Are you doing an IUI with the shots or just the old fashioned way?


amyjoy - July 25

I think my Dr. is treating this like an ivf cycle without the ivf. I guess the E2 levels don't really matter unless your lining is thin. My lining is 10.4 and I have 5 follies over 14mm. I trigger tonight and IUI Monday.


lyly14 - July 26

Amyjoy- My RE upped my dose of gonal-f because of my low levels of E2. They more than doubles since Monday on the new dose for the past two nights, so I am staying at the same dose now. You said you are triggering tonight but your not doing the IUI until monday? Isn't that a long time to wait after the trigger? Or is that because you were taking the cetrotide? Lots of baby dust to you:) Keep me posted.


JasJulesMom - July 26

Lyly-Do not get discouraged. Your RE will eventually find a gonal-F dosage appropriate for you. That is what my RE assured me. He said it was just finding the correct dose for my body. Stay positive!!!

Amjoy-Good luck with your IUI. We are just doing things the old fashioned way. Hopefully we will both get BFP in about 15 days. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us.



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