anyone else run into this situation?
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wannabemom - February 9

Found out today that that i have a 6 week sac that has nothing in it. Been taking progesterone shots with olive oil for weeks, been taking estrade every day and night. I thought everything was ok. I am so depressed right now. How can this happen? Now they say that I either wait for a miscarriage or I can have a D&C done. Any thoughts on this?


liz - February 12

I am so sorry. I know the devestation you must be feeling right now.

I am not very familiar with it but I know there are pregnancies that just never develope which leads to the empty sac. There are also chemical pregnancies but I am not sure if there is a sac present in this instance. Did you doctor give you any kind of possible reason?

I am sorry you have to go through this. Having been through 3 miscarriages I can understand your depression. You are 100% justified. Please take care of yourself.



wannabemom - February 12

The doctor I had seemed very rushed and made both my husband and I very uncomfortable. He had us waiting in his office for 45 minutes, because he was late. Not the first time. When he got there, he went quickly over the ultrasound, told me that I could either miscarriage or do the D n C..when my husband started asking questions, his response was...your wife wants to go home and nows not the time. I was more upset at the fact that he was so callus. On the other hand, I had the D n C done this morning by my own doctor. He is very kind and explained everything to me. I feel ok. Its strange the calmness that came over me today. I know that this is only round 1, I'm ready to go for it again. April is about the time I could start thinking about it. I am upset, but I know how lucky I am to have an 8 year old beautiful girl. I think things are going to be ok.


liz - February 13

I am sorry you had such a callus doctor. Some doctors just do not seem to have very good bedside matter. Not very good when you are dealing with delicate sitautions like this.

I am happy to hear you feel a sense of peace. I hope you are recoving well and taking time to heal both physically and mentally.

I look forward to hearing of your BFP again soon.

Take care,



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