2nd IUI With No Success -- Could REALLY Use Some Advice
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anjabelle - December 12

Hi -- this is my third post to this website and the first in this section. I haven't had much success getting feedback from anyone on this site to date, but I'm hoping someone will read my post and have some thoughts/advice/reassurance to give to me!!!

I got my blood test results back today which indicated that I am, sadly -- not pregnant. I was having some symptoms of breast tenderness and nausea up until a day ago, and then was pretty certain that today was going to come up negative. After the last IUI try (in August), I had to sit out nearly 3 months due to some remaining follicles, so I was of course very excited this month. Both times I was put on Gonal-F (which I apparently respond very well to), but to no avail.

I was told by my RE today that while they typically recommend 3 cycles we could of course meet with our doctor and consult on whether or not to move to IVF. I am nearly 40 and became pregnant once (but miscarried in May after 5 months) right before we started IUI.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on whether or not to stay the course -- especially since I may have to sit out a few months again before I can do another round of IUI -- or if my husband and I should move to IVF. Don't know much about IVF except that it is more expensive, more invasive and has higher odds.

Additionally, my husband's quality and quantity of sperm appear to be very good, but there has been NO testing on whether or not everything is working properly for me. So, I guess I'm also wondering if testing for me should have already been taken care of at this point OR if that occurs PRIOR to moving to IVF?? Any input from ANYONE would be greatly appreciated. Only thing the Dr. has commented to me on is that I will have to have a hysteroscopy IF we decide at any point to move to IVF.

THANKS for listening and PLEASE share any thoughts/advice you may have on these 2 questions. Hopefully, these feelings of being tired, sad, overwhelmed, alone and frustrated will subside soon.



Alexa - December 12

Hi Anjabelle,

I was just reading your post and I just want to say that I am sorry to hear of your loss and thought I would share with you what I had gone through and what I am deciding to do..

I am also nearing 40 my husband and I have been through every test imaginable and nothing seems to be wrong with either of us except 2nd time unexplained infertility...I think its a good idea if you had some tests done to make sure nothing is wrong.or needs to be corrected..

We have had five failed IUI's after that we took some time out and decided to continue with IVF which is expensive because our insurance doesn't cover it but covers meds, U/S and BW...for me I wished I hadn't ontinued the IUI's, typically they say if something doesn't work after 3 try's continue on to other treatments.....

I think everyone should do whats best for them and I want to wish you luck on whatever you decide to do and don't give up! God Bless



liz - December 13


I am sorry you did not revieve any respones on your other posts. Please forgive us for missing your posts. I assure you that the women here are wonderful, very supportive and understanding.

I would also like to say I am sorry for you loss in May. I like many women here can relate to the loss of our little ones that we were so anxiously awaiting their arrival.

I must say that I am alittle confused as to why your re did not preform any tests on you. Are they just "assuming that it is advanced maternal age? " Please don't take that the wrong way it is just that I hear so many people say that is what their re's or doctors told them and I find it quite horrible to just clasify women in that catagory. There are many women who at in their late 30 and early 40's still conceive and go on to have healthy children.

I had 3 miscarriages until the doctors finally decided to do some testing. I went through a ton of blood work to determine if there was anything wrong with anti bodies and much more that for me is so confusing. My husband and I also had genetic counseling. I had an hsg (sorry I can not spell the full name) but it is where they inject blue dye into your uterus and do a cat scan to see if there are any abnormablities. This test for me came back that their might be a problem with the shape of my uterus. The ob scheduled me with the re for another test in which in did a vaginal u/s while injecting sterile water into my uterus. As it turned out there is nothing wrong with the shape of my uterus and it was just a "clitch" while doing the hsg. After 4 months of testing the only thing that they could come up with was my Estrodiol was only around 50 on day 21 of my cycle. I was told that it should be over 100 and this indication was that I although I was ovulating on my own each month I was not having quality ovulations. They but me on Clomid, which did not work so well for me and then on to injections. I spent 2 months on the injections getting a blessing on my second month. I know that if they had not done the testing that they did I would still be trying to conceive. My husband was also tested and everything was excellent there. The only problem is my Estrodiol and I also did not surge at the right time they learned from my first monitored cycle. For me it is all hormonal and luckly that is often very easily altered with medications to achieve a pregnancy.

My re is not very fond of IUI's. It is just his opinion of course since there are a lot of women out there who do get pregnant with IUI. I was requesting an IUI thinking it would better our chances and he told me that in my case he just did not think it was the best way to go. He said it is often harder with IUI since the sperm do not live as long and it is really a matter of timing that can easily be off. The other thing they always told me was 3 months of one treatment and then if there is no success they like to move on. Again this is just my re's opinion so take it for what it is worth.

My best advice to you is question your re as to testing and see what they say. I became very proactive in my testing and pretty much researched and then went in asking if this could be done. I drove them crazy but I did achieve my goal. Persistance paid off for me.

So nice to see you around. How are you doing? I am happy to hear you and dh agreed to move to IVF that is wonderful. Do you know when you will begin?

Take care and good luck



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