1st trimester questions about sonogram results
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hopeful2006 - March 15

Hello my name is Carrie and I am 11wks pg and went in for my genetic testing sonogram yesterday and everything was so wonderful.

we got to see the baby jumpin all around and actually got a pic of him/her waving at us. well all that was wonderful until the dr came in and told us he was worried because it looked like the baby's bladder was not emptying and there could possibly be a blockage with the urethra.

I want to know has anyone ever heard of this - dealt with this and what were the results.

Now dr said that we could go back on Friday and everything could be just fine - lil guy could just be slow to develop urethra function- but he also said it could cause damage to kidneys and other parts of baby or worst case scenario that the baby would not pee - there would not be enough amnio fluid and the baby would eventually die because of not enough amnio fluid.

I am racking my brain - surfin internet and asking anyone who has heard of this to help me - I am positive all will be ok - i have prayed on it and know that God will help us and keep our lil baby safe, but i also like to be knowledgeable of all that is happening to my baby.

thanks for anyone who can help,


baby4us - March 15

Hi Carrie... sorry to hear about your news... but as your doc said.. when you got back for another u/s.. everythign could be fine.. I was unaware that they could see kidney function at 11 weeks..

Anyway.. what if you post your question to the good doctor in the forums above? Dr Smith might be able to shed some light...

I wish I could be of more support... good luck and let us know how everything goes...


hopeful2006 - March 15

thank you so much . i am very positive and i just feel that everything is going to be fine. due to the fact that lil guy's kidneys just started producing urine in week 10 I am gonna just think positive and say that he/she has just not learned the whole process yet and the urethra has not caught up with the kidneys, but next week i have a positive feeling and I know through prayer all will be well.

I will ask Dr. Smith thank you very much .


baby4us - March 16

I'll be interested to hear.... and you are right.. it is so early at 11 weeks.. the little guy is still developing.. i am sure that is all it is!


hopeful2006 - March 16

I am just not dwelling on the negative ya know - if i do i will be a total wreck.. I need to put my baby in God's hands and let him take care of him/her and I know everything will be just fine ... after seeing my baby for so long I can't help but believe he/she is so healthy and happy and we cant wait to welcome him/her into our lives.

I can't wait till i know what it is so i don't have to say him/her anymore -- I really think it is a boy, but have no clue..

thanks for all your support,


baby4us - March 17

That is the only way to get through all this.. is to stay posiitve... as tough as that is.. but until you know for sure....... am crossing my fingers for you!


hopeful2006 - March 17

thank you so much for your support ..

we got the results back last night from the chromosone testing and all is normal. so that is some wonderful news .. now we just have to wait until the 24th to see lil guy peein and then i have to get sewn up on the 27th and we should be smooth sailin for the next 6 months..

take care - have a great day


hopeful2006 - March 22


well i jumped the gun - i misunderstood my ob's comments regarding the chromosonal testing = I guess when I asked him what he had heard and he said everything was ok according to Dr. Band he was talking about something else, because now this lady keeps calling me from the Genetic place tellin me I need to get an amnio - I do not want it - she said that my numbers are not quite high enough - but that is just from sonogram and blood work - so they could be wrong and i don't want to jeapordize the baby just to calm their nerves.

I don't think it would make a difference to us at this level of the pregnancy anyway - if my baby has down then I will just deal with it. I have left my baby's fate in God's hands and I am not going to dwell . I have my appt on Friday for the next sonogram - crossing fingers and toes .



snindy - March 22

Most of those test always come back negative and the baby is always fine at the end. If you go through with the amnio there is a small chance of miscarriage. If you feel strongly about keeping the baby no matter what is wrong, then I wouldn't go through w/ the amnio.
As for the peeing thing, I would give it time, it could change in next few weeks. The baby is still developing.



hopeful2006 - March 22


Thank you so much for your uplifting words. I truly don't want to get the amnio.

Last time I was pg I got a CVS done b/c they said I 'had to" because of my age - the baby was perfectly fine and we found out it was a little girl. Well 4 weeks later I lost her - they say I had an incompetent cervix, but i swear if I would not have had them go in and mess around maybe I would not have m/c so soon and as a matter of fact I had a dr appt the day I m/c so maybe they would have seen that my cervx was opening, but b/c i irritated things by doing that stupid test it hurriedit along.

DH is telling me that he does not know if we could handle a down baby, but I don't care - I know for a fact that down children are so sweet and loving and kind - my girlfriend has a down son and I was there whenhe was born. other than learning disabilities of course - he is absolutely fine - he is 21 years old.

As for the bladder issue I am just praying that it has resolved itself - we go friday to see, but the lady keeps calling me to make an appt for the amnio and I don't think I want it. I have my surgery to sew up my cervix on Monday and I will make my decision about things after that.

being high risk is no joke and I am not doing anything to lose my baby no matter what .. God will not put anything in my life I am not strong enough to handle.

thanks again,\


snindy - March 23

Yeah, you never know if that effected the baby or not but this time your prepared and seeing a high risk dr, so I think things will be better this time. I said the same thing, I put my body through soooo much crap and I was blessed by getting pregnant, I'll love the babies no matter what is wrong w/ them. Just put all your problems in God's hands and he will guide you through.



hopeful2006 - March 23

thank you so much,

trust me God has heard from me a whole bunch in the last 6 months - from the start of me trying to get pregnant and he apparently heard me and blessed me and I will not slap him in his face by saying "oh if my baby is not perfect I will not keep it". That is just not the type people me and DH are even though we know it will be a struggle both financially and emotionally - we also know that is "us" and it was meant to be.

I don't think I am gonna go with the amnio - just don't feel good about it - besides I am getting sewn up on Monday so what is in there is staying - ;D

take care and good luck in all your endeavors.


baby4us - March 24

Hey Carrie... for sure.. an amnio is completely up to you. Is there anyway you can sit down quietly with your doctor and go over your numbers from your genetic testing?

I know my doc had said unless the numbers were really off the scale.. he wouldn't press for an amnio... and I believe you said yours were just not quite high enough.. so sounds pretty close to "normal" to me. The amnio is completly up to you.. but just make sure you are completely informed.

I am sure you and the baby will be just fine! Good luck


hopeful2006 - March 24

thank you so much for all your prayers and kind words

;D ;D

My baby is fine -- the bladder issue completely resolved itself and they even bumped up my due date to 9/29/06 instead of 10/2/06 ..

As for the amnio me and DH did talk to the dr when he came in and he said that those "numbers" are so arbirtrary and that they don't really mean negative or positive positively and that he was not worried because i started out at 1 in 94 chance and went to 1 - 246 that is a huge difference and he said that he would not worry about it. so we are just praising God and thanking Jesus that all went well and that our baby is healthy .

We got tons of pictures today and they are really good where you can see face and arms - it is so beautiful and now me and DH are going to start concentrating on the baby room and relaxing and enjoying every moment of this pg.

thanks again for everything you said to help me through this and i pray all goes well with you ..



Monica Nicole - March 24

Hopeful2006: THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!! I have been reading your posts on this blog for the last couple of days or so, and I was very inspired by your great faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ!!! When you wrote that you had put the situation in God's hands, and actually did that.........That is when He turned everything around for you. Carrie I am Praising God with you! Congratulations to you & your DH. What an awesome testimony you have, and what a miracle!!....

Enjoy Your Pregnancy Carrie ;),
Monica from the "Ovulex VI" board


hopeful2006 - March 24


thank you so much - trust me if i was not God fearing a few months ago I am now. I put this whole process of IVF and everything in his hands and I am truly blessed with apparently a very healthy and successful pregnancy.

My pastor and family and best friends and loved ones and you guys have all shown me that God is Good and when you allow him in your heart you will be blessed.

God Bless and thank you,


snindy - March 24

I'm sooooo happy to hear the results, now you can breathe and just relax and enjoy the rest of your weeks.... Do you have to be on bed rest after the sewing process?



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